Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Okay lets talk....

First thing to talk about CyberSocket named its 40 most amazing Gay Porn Stars for the first half of the year of 2010 and No Men of Color!!

Am I Mad that I didn't make the List????

No, I have to be honest with Myself and the Public. I have been in only one release this year "Getting Levi's Johnson" that's it....

I wasn't upset that I didn't make the list, I was surprised!!! But not mad!!I was not visible this year. 2009 was my year, I was in about 8 or 9 releases that year. I'm only in two this year!! "Getting Levi's Johnson" by JetMen and "SteamWorks" by Raging Stallion.

I was surprised that other Men of Color performers were not present on the List. But Come On!! It clearly says this is the List so far.....

Speaking of SteamWorks the Movie!!!Here you go:

So come on People!!!! I promoting this Movie not only because I'm in it, but Look at all the Men of Color in this Movie!! Look at the Star Power in this Movie!!

Alexsander Freitas, Angelo Marconi, Austin Wilde - Man of the Year 2010, Derek Reynolds, Diesel Washington, Race Cooper, Topher Dimaggio

In General Terms 4 Black guys and 3 Latin Guys!!

Finally!!! Big Shout Out to Raging Stallions for putting together this truly Diverse Cast!! Big Shout Out to Steven Cruz and Tony DiMarco for Directing.


I asked for a More Diverse Cast!!! You got it!!! Now Show your spending power!!! If your tired of seeing nothing but The White boy Next door type(Nothing wrong with it) over and over.

There you go!!!

I want YOU PEOPLE to understand, The Industry is starting to Listen to you!! We have all complained that there wasn't enough Men of Color in Porn or Movies starring Men Of Color!! This Movie has 4 Black guys and 3 Latin guys all SOLID performers in their own right. You have Austin Wilde Raging Stallion exclusive, Grabby Winner for Best NewComer!! Angelo Marconi(One of the hottest Latin finds in a long time Raging Stallion exclusive)Diesel Washington(U know Me) Race Cooper(New Raging Stallion Exclusive) Alexsander Freitas( Brazilian Hunk with amazing body) Derek Reynolds(Coming off the Hot Black Balled series) Topher Dimaggio (Hot Latin boy)

Reasons to get SteamWorks:

I put a Power Fuck on Angelo Marconi

Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds, first time ever a Black on Black scene for Raging Stallions

Alexsander Freitas using that hot body of his to pound into Angel Marconi

Austin Wilde bottoming for Topher Dimaggio hot hot hot hot!!!

No Thug set up!! Just Hot Sex!!! All filmed in an actual SteamWorks bathhouse!! Just fucking hot sex.

Now the basic bottom line of this Story, If the movie becomes a Success!! It shows that there is an Audience for this type of Movie. All the lines "I don't buy their product because they don't use enough Black models" "I'm not going to support a Company that doesn't have more diverse casts" bah bah bah

I came into this business to make a change, I wanted to see more Men of Color. So I got into amazing shape and fought tooth and nail to reach the Top!!!

I didn't ask to be the Black Spokes model for all Black models in this business. I didn't want that title at all!!! But I came to realize if I don't open my mouth, Change doesn't happen!!

Even though I get hated on for not being Black enough by my own community!! Being "Too Real" by the Industry!! People distanced themselves from Me because I was too honest with my feelings. All the Users, Fakes, Bullshit artists that I had to deal with.

I have to be honest........... I was ready to quit!!

I didn't want to blog anymore!! Why waste my time??? I was only going to post once a week and then eventually fade away and not blog anymore!! Whats the point?? All I did was piss people off, everybody had an opinion of Me that was negative and it wasn't like I was getting Tons of work! So I wanted to Quit!!

I then took time off..

I keep saying it and I will Say it again!!! I did not appoint myself as Elder Statesmen!!

But the Race problem in Gay Porn is still here, so my work is not done!!! All the hard work I put in the last four years is not in Vain!!

So here is the Update:

SteamWorks the Movie by Raging Stallions is newest release by them and is available at the Raging Stallions site https://store.ragingstallion.com/show.php?m=3055&st=1&sid=65

People Who want to see the Industry change, purchasing the Movie will show your Spending Power!!! The Industry is changing(slowly)so the Companies are now responding to the demands of the consumers!!

Speaking of which, that brings Me to my next subject. I'm flying to Fort Lauderdale to shoot two New scenes for Suite 703. As you all remember I shot a scene for Suite 703 with Scott Alexander. You the Fans and Supporters made that scene the most watched scene on their site for that month.

To be honest, I was shocked at the outcome. That scene got so many hits and so many views the Site was forced to include more Men of Color!!

For the hard to understand, you wanted to see more Men of Color on the site and you got your wish.

Now I'm shooting two New scenes with two Newcomers to the Business. Here you go:

Redmond Fox and Jace Jones these are Models from Fabscout Entertainment!! I will have Interviews with each model just to give them press(of course You get to see these models up close) Big Shout Out to Fabscout Entertainment for constantly being a Equal Opportunity employer. www.FabScout.com

Both are NewCummers to the Business, working with Newbies is never easy! Both guys are Hot and I'm sure I will show them the ropes!! This is a great opportunity for these models and I couldn't be more Happier that I'm helping more Men of Color in the business.

Speaking of bringing More Men of Color into the business We have some of the Contestants of America's Next Black Bottom on Hand!! Here you go:

You have Jeremy, Autymn I will be releasing more model pictures in the next coming days....

I have to take matters in my own hands, I need to see each model Up Close and Personal. The Contest is taking a long time because I want to meet each model, See their bodies, Feel the passion(if any) for the business and that is something that takes time.

Moving on......

Did I say I was ready to Quit??? Yeah its true!! I didn't want the pressure of competing for Jobs when I'm told either I'm too old., too exposed, or certain parts was not right for my Character....

The words Has Been, Washed Up were being thrown around alot

I took time off to decide what I really want, and what I want is Equal Opportunity!!! I'm not Old! Washed Up!! Or a Has Been!!! I had to realize that the hard way and I did alot of Soul searching...

And I came back Stronger than Ever!!! While everybody sits back and complains about the Race problem. I'm trying to make a difference!! I'm using all the tools at my disposal that I can!!

I'm trying to give back to "My Community" the best way I know how.

True Story People!!!

More Later!!!


Miko said...

First, I want to thank you for answering my letter.

Now to the meat:

While I'm very excited about the new fabscout models, especially Redmond Fox.

But I can't say the same for the contestant models. IMHO, they look like any ole black bottom that the run down black thug sites recruit. Nothing new. IDK, perhaps my expectations were a bit high. I hopes you'd find someone like an Black Erik Rhodes or Roman Heart (if that is exactly his name), the one you represent for the more built bottoms, which are quite prevalent. But thank you for pushing this initiative so much and that people seem to be listening, but I have to see more of what you've got.

But Steamworks looks soo hot and I hope it's a big hit for raging stallion.

Anonymous said...

Hi T....well I disagree with Mike...I like the new bloke/s.(?)...so that makes it 50/50 I guess..and I didn't think it was a "Thug" thing for the bloke on the left with the footballs..more regular looking bloke...Rgds...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Diesel ..i think the main reason you should stay in porn is to change your bank account..start your own company,paid website,etc.

Anonymous said...

Are Redmond and Jace versatile ? Hope so as that may encourage the Studios to give them more work, as the Big Studios should employ more Black performers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wash,

Even if You quit the blog YOU STILL IN MY DREAMS...

Wagner / São Paulo - Brasil

Anonymous said...

Hope you Top Redmond Fox in your coming scene with him. He looks perfect for you.

Ray Avito said...

Certainly wouldn't mind seeing more of Jace Jones. He's got a great look about him.

Anonymous said...

If Redmond and Jace are versatile then that helps you with your search for hot new Black performers that can bottom, as the porn world needs that. LOL.

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

I like the humor in your title ANBB. Are you going to do videos with contests (where black bottoms have to endure bottom tests) compete.... live in a house together, have to be evaluated by a panel of experts. You would definitely be 'tyra!' now you need to find your Nigel, Jay emmanuel and Janice D. Looking forward to seeing how your contest progresses.

MOC Blogger said...

You were no less deserving a spot on that 'Top 40' list than half the other people there. And, if not you, than certainly there are plenty of others. But I'm glad you've accepted that more graciously than some others...namely me!

radbear67 said...

Redmond and Jace are very hot. I hope they both want to have the D.W. experience. Don't go away. We need you. You are unique!

Anonymous said...

There are so many Black " Tops" already in the porn industry. Whats needed now is more quality versatile Black performers with great bodies like Matthew Rush and Race Cooper. Then the Industry would be open to Black performers and be more equal opportunity.

RaspberryDaze said...

those guys are hot

id like to give them the benefit of a doubt that the reason there were no performers of color on the list is more complex than race. if that assumption is going to be made i usually stop paying attention. i understand your frustration though, as a black person i would like to see us more included in the things we work hard for and not be excluded or included just because of our race. i dont get bent out of shape over things like that, there are more "white boy next door" looking models than not, white folks are the majority period, and frankly, they dont have to include people of color. anyway, im proud of you for speaking up when most would keep quiet, and why not start your own company like one of the commentors said, i think you'd be successful.

Anonymous said...

I agree the others, that you should Top Remond and Jace when you shoot with them at Suite703.

Quite frankly you topping Scott Alexander is the best Suite703 video of 2010 todate and many many people would like to see you Top Redmond and Jace in the new All Black performers Suite703 scenes.

TomTom said...

Gay people in general are like a flock of sheep. They follow where ever they are lead, in this case the media. I hate to say it but porn is pretty much an anchor in the gay community. Gay porn, the media is primarily centered around these 3 main ingridients: Youth, Sex, and sadly White. The white part is taboo and never spoken. But its true. Look at the Porn industry. The gay porn industry capitalize on the "white boy next door" type all the time. Because it sells. Its almost hypnotic now, since its become standard, anything different doesnt make the cut. In this case, you.

Your role was to play the fetish and outsider. You played it well, to them your purpose was done and now you can be excused. Unlike film stars, porn stars face the worst standards of all.

BUT, I'm shocked that you are challenging this long line of standardized porn.It would be nice to see, an Asian guy top a black guy. Or a Latino top a black guy. Its always the black guy on top playing that aggressive role.

I couldn't imagine being in that kind of role. Being viewed as a piece of meat that will eventually "expire" after a short period of exposure.

So my advice. Start your own company and do things that break this cycle of nonsense. All races should be able to play whatever role they choose!

Anonymous said...

With Austin Wilde having just done his second bottoming DVD for Raging Stallion and also Bottoming for a Raging Stallion live video, it's obvious that that is the way forward too for new hot Black performers to the business, if they want the success and rewards.

Maybe that can help you with your search for new Black bottom or versatile performers. Especially as your fans want you to top muscular hot good looking versatile performers like Scott Alexander, Race Cooper, Matthew Rush, Marc Wiiliams and Brian Bodine ect and not skinny, cocodorm waif like peformers. Please get that message over to Redmond and Jace when you perform with them at Suite703. As I assume that you will be topping them and not visa versa.

Anonymous said...

another thing. The porn industry is pretty much like the record industry in that the big production models are losing money and considating. The low production high volume internet has disrupted the old model. The issue is to figure out which new model to latch onto. Your blog is your testing ground for starters so you do have a little insite (whether that's on your own or under advisement). While big industry awards are a way to value top talent a new model is fast emerging.

Anonymous said...


I don't think Suite703 will let you Top Redmond or Jace, Pity. But maybe they will Top you

thegayte-keeper said...


SibRus said...

When r u finally gonna bttm?
We have seen u top too many times already. Getting kinda boring.

Anonymous said...

You topping Redmond on Suite703 will be even hotter than your excellent scene with Scott Alexander.

gay black said...

hay gays

Anonymous said...

I happen to prefer/like black men in aggressive sexual roles (tops), but I applaud you for thinking outside of the box on this one. If being bottoms get more black models into mainstream porn then so be it, but it's not what I'm personally holding my breath for. I think the "thug porn" genre was created to offset blacks/Latinos/others form having to conform to "industry standards" in order to even exist as well as have a voice of it's own to represent "it". To that I say, to each his own and keep it moving, 'cause sometimes you have to be outside of something to ever hope to be apart of it. If that makes sense to you, LOL!!