Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My scene on Suite 703 "My Brothers Hot Friend" will be released Sept 2 www.Suite703.com

I'm happy to announce that my scene is here and you know what that means??? My first time ever getting rimmed will make its debut Sept 2(Funny same night I'm Headlining Cocktail with the Stars) So get ready for that and support that!!!

Not many Men of Color in this business, so I'm happy that I could shine some light on another performer making his way in the business. I'm very proud of that!!
Please go out and support the scene!!! Remember, due to the overwhelming requests for more Men of Color on the site and the success of their very first Black on Black scene(Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander)they are requesting more Men of Color on the site so again I'm very proud of that!! I'm proud that the fans went out to support Me and the "Cause" and again THANKS!!!

Another review is in on SteamWorks the Movie!!

Review by JackManly

Angelo Marconi is first seen in the open shower room getting hard as he runs the water over his bodyand keeping his eye open for hot guys. Enter Diesel Washington whose towering presence is very eye-riveting. He wastes no time reaching over and starting up the action and surprisingly there's a bit of foreplay as the two kiss passionately. After that Angelo gets on his knnes to feed on Diesel's cock who in turns eats out Angelo's bubble butt. From there the two move to fucking under the showers and against a rail. This is hard deep fucking as you might expect from Diesel but it's not mindless jackhammering, They kiss often as they fuck and there's a fair degree of passion in this scene. It's not that we haven't seen this before in a Diesel scene, it's just that we don't see it often enough. One thing you can definitely say is that both guys are really into their scene and each other. Just watch Diesel's impassioned smile as he fucks and how he licks up his own cum off of Angelo's butt.

Hey Jack, if I would get more scenes I would show more of that kind of passion. But that is another story, Thanks for the great review Jack!!! Hope to see you MICKEY'S

Moving on....

In a ironic twist, I was given this link from Victor(MOC blog) here

The ironic part it was in the Psychology Today(LOL), Highlights of the article:

But over the last three-to-five years or so there has been a lot of growth in niche markets - all-Black and all-Latino sites primarily (there are no domestic all-Asian sites) - because the demand has grown and the market can sustain them. So what does this tell you? It tells you that a new norm is establishing itself for what's hot. There is a powerful demand for these "alternative" norms of erotic arousal and as the country diversifies so, too, will the gay porn landscape. It won't have a choice if it wishes to survive.

It is interesting to note that one of the biggest Gay Porn stars in 2009 was Austin Wilde who is biracial. And he has built up his fan base by appealing to the next generation of pornsumers who clearly enjoy his otherness. Also one of the biggest sites to debut in our industry last year was Edger9.com with Race Cooper (Black), premised on interracial sex. Why? Because Race and stars like him - Diesel Washington (Black), Austin Wilde (Bi-racial) and popular website RandyBlue.com's Johnny Angel (Asian) have become a new and accepted norm of beauty in the otherwise very stratified world of Gay Porn. Their popularity attests to it."

Good article Victor, even though I have my moments in this business I'm glad that I'm helping to bring about change.

And that is only I wanted to do in the first place.

Bye Kids!!


Anonymous said...

Very pleased to see the photos of you with Jace. It looks a very hot scene and its great that Suite 703 are looking to employ more Men of Color to appear with you. Can you please ask Suite 703 to recruit Marc Willams and Matthew Rush to appear with you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

jace jones is a little chubby for porn...are chubs in style now?

Miko said...

I agree w/ the above poster. Not to be mean, but he really beens to work out a little more if he wants to thrive in the industry. Cuz I can't do the flab at his stomach.

Dre said...

Jace is one of the luckiest men in the world having the honor and privilege of kissing Diesel's ass. I am jealous lol.

Anonymous said...

The majority of fans want to see Diesel get fucked. Untill that happens Diesel's career will not progress and he will be frustrated.

thegayte-keeper said...


Anonymous said...

Diesel and rimming!! Please do not turn over...love you as a dominant top!! All those other guys like Rush, Adonis, etc all turned at some point. This is why I love you so much....power top, so rare these days!!

Dre said...

I do not want to see Diesel getting fucked because he is not into it. He has expressed this many times.

I've seen a lot of porn with guys bottoming but you can tell they are not enjoying it. It doesn't make for a good view when that happens plus the action is not good because they aren't into it and they just go through the motions.

keeprnla said...

Agree with thegayte-keeper, hot. But don't turn unless its right for you. Stay true to yourself and the strong honest man that you are.

Richard said...

Diesel, your scene in "I'm A Married Man 3" was by far the hottest Suite 703 has featured. And Angelo's extra weight makes this new scene especially appealing to me.

I wish I could have seen you dance on September 2, especially since it was my birthday! Tell David Forest to get to dance in a NYC club!

Anonymous said...

Hi T..a big yes to Jace Jones...no workout required!!..u both worked bery well together...mmmmm u have a slightly hairy ass...the right tech can turn up the "whatever" a notch or two...grin..Rgds...Laurie

Anonymous said...

glad to see you getting down with a thick dude...I mean really how many flat no ass having mafuckas do you really have to fuck? until it's like Uhm ok we seen this before.

Greg said...

Finally diesel fucks someone who ain't 98lbs and pale as hell. Keep it up and I MIGHT start watching his vids again