Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So what is a Performer to do in his down time???

Promote Promote Promote!!

STEAMWORKS THE MOVIE is out and available on the Raging Stallion site https://store.ragingstallion.com/show.php?m=3055&st=1&sid=256 So make sure you go out and order that thing. Hot Cast!!Men of Color!!Austin Wilde bottoming, Diesel giving it to Angelo alot of stuff to see!! It stars a racially diverse cast!! Enough Said!!

Get that!!!

GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSON by JetSet Men http://www.jetsetmen.com/movie_559_Getting-Levis-Johnson.html

Get that!!

So that is what Studio work I have out now!! That is the most current!!

Web Work!!

I'm A MARRIED MAN!! Suite 703 http://tour.suite703.com/scenes/diesel-washington-and-scott-alexander/9361/?


Diesel Washington and Ridge Michaels

So that is the most current work out...........

I complain alot on this blog, I complain about not getting enough work, not being able to work with Performers that I want to work with, bah bah bah

Complain Complain Bitch Bitch!!

Everybody says "Well Diesel, you know what you need to do. Start your own Studio" I hear you loud and clear!!

That is the goal!! Do I have the money?? Yes!! Do I have the start up Cash!! Yes!! Do I have the desire? Yes!! I have the ideas, the models, the scripts, I have everything I need or I can get it!! So what am I waiting for???


The Market is not right yet, I keep close track of the trends and what sells in this business. Consumers are still sorting through a huge selection of Fetish sites, Studio sites, X tubes, Dudetubes, pirate downloads.....there is alot of porn out there.

Some good and some bad!! I'm such a perfectionist!! The models have to be right!! The scene has to constructed well.. Tight script, Models that are into each other!! I want things solid!!

I look at some sites and no offense it looks like scenes from a bad Xtube clip. The lighting is all wrong, and the models look like some Joe Blow from the gym(Not Hot), I'm not impressed!! Sure you HAVE a site up and running!!! But I'm glad YOUR name is on that train wreck and not MINE!!

Yeah I'm talking shit, when I have nothing up and running and at least they are working on SOMETHING!!True!! True!! I agree maybe I'm hating on them alittle bit(I will admit it). But I have been in Gay porn for four years and change, I have been a part of some of the Biggest Movies in this Business. I have won numerous awards for Performing, Blogging, My Cock, Acting. bah bah bah

The expectations from my Fans, Industry and myself is Huge!!!When I put my project together and put it out, People will be like DAMN!!!

So bear with Me!!

I could be that model that puts something quick together and throws it on X tube to make a few bucks!! But that is not my style!! Diesel Washington is about style, so I want to go through the whole launching thing!! Do it up Big!!! Release Party!! I want to bring back the days when Porn Stars were almost like Movie Stars!!

I want to show by example, how porn stars can take the Industry back to the days when people thought Porn Stars were Gods. How We sold out clubs to perform in, Being a True Rock Star!!!

Timing!! Its all about timing!!!

When the audience gets tired of seeing these "The Boy Next Door types" that are attainable. When they want to see "The Man of Their Dreams" who is unattainable. When the audience gets tired of the Gay for Pay models that don't perform and not into the action. When they want to see guys that are into each other and fucking like animals. When people get tired of the X tubes and what to see a porn with good lighting and insertion scenes without a shaky cam.. When people get tired of these bareback movies that do nothing but put a spotlight on how many loads an ass can take. When the audience is ready to see a Hot fucking scene or Art!! I will be ready!!

Until then....

I will keep working on the Diesel Washington Brand, I will keep putting out the youtubes entertaining the Fans and Supporters. I will keep interviewing models and promoting and I will keep touring and putting my name out there.

I will be a working model until I launch my project!!

Recap of my Most recent Youtubes:



I know I know, I can put out a youtube vid and in a week it can get more than thousand views(And your not even naked) just imagine when your site is up and running and your fucking and putting scenes together.....

Thanks to the supporters for pointing that out to Me, but I know....LOL

Timing is everything!!!

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Anonymous said...

I read your post and two expressions came to mind:

1. There is no time like the present.

2. All style, no substance.

Diesel, you are a trip.