Thursday, September 16, 2010


Model from

Kieron is half Chinese half Polish. He got all that gorgeous Asian skin tone and facial structure from his Chinese side, and his 6'2" body and 8.5" cock from his Polish side!

I have never been selfish with promotion, so here is another model spotlight!!

Kieron with his strong Asian features, and big dick between his legs was a eye catcher as soon as I saw his pictures. I have never met this person, I'm giving him a spotlight on my blog because finding Men of Color in this industry is hard. Its twice as hard finding an Asian model that is willing to jump on camera, and that has the looks and dick to jump into the industry.

I hope to see more of this model, and other Men of Color come into this business.

More Asians, Latinos, Black, Indians please....


keeprnla said...

Admire your crusade. Hot has no color, race, or nationality . Body, fire and passion.

Anonymous said...

he's hot...i'll take him

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you D. There are not really any men of color in the main stream industry. Kind'a sad.