Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Again, I have to promote this Vid:

Its almost at 100,000 views(that is huge to Me!!) And these are signature moves I have done in movies before... Yawn Yawn!!

Okay bear with Me, my ears tend to perk up when I hear the category for Best Top!! I don't know what its judged by..

Well I do!!

Its fan votes!! I don't know how many fans I have??? or people that like reading this train wreck of a blog?? All I know is that I worked hard in my career to be that Top!! PowerTop, CockyTop, DomTop, Creative Top...

Bah Bah Bah!! I have no comment!! Just look at the pics......

And of course to beat you in the head again:

Granted!! I'm going against some Stiff competition(yea that was bad, Booo), So who knows?

If I don't Win Best Top, I won't be upset(Yeah Right LOL)

Things happen for a reason and if I don't win that is fine with Me. I still brought something New to the game and that can never be erased!! Trends may change, the look of the porn star has changed, business is different, But My performances......

Will last forever!!

Speaking of which check out SteamWorks!! Getting Levi's Johnson, and my Newest scene at www.Suite703.com with Jace Jones!!!

Got to plug away you know?? LOL

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keeprnla said...

Not sure about the feet but everything else, wow! Demonstrates strength and athleticism.