Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Check my scene on www.Suite703.com

I love the Trailer seen here

Now watch the scene for yourself, I get rimmed in the scene and I make it look like I enjoy it(Maybe I did or Not LOL)Watch it for yourself!! And you be the judge!!

Moving on.....

The next Blonde haired blue eyed bottom is UP!! Jeremy Jordan to Mason Wyler to Landon Mycles!!

And since its Landon Mycles!!! And I couldn't be more happier!!! Finally!! I love when good things happen to good people!! I had a chance to hangout with Landon while filming for "Getting Levi's Johnson" and the Kid is a dream!!! I spent alot of time with Landon and I fell for him myself!! Great guy and full of potential!! Let me take you back with some Old Vids back in Dec 2009:

Great Kid and I can't say it anymore...

I love when good things happen to good people!! I wrote about Landon way back in Dec... And I knew He would make it Big!!! Check here

There I go predicting the future again....Landon my friend you are a Star!!

So what I'm jumping on the Bandwagon!! I was doing that Last year before everybody else was...

Speaking of which Congrats to Rusty Stevens, I did this interview Dec of 2009 and now he is a Raging Stallion exclusive:

And Congrats to Tommy Defendi, Raging Stallion exclusive as well... Good job boys!!:

I have never been selfish with promotion...

Good things happen to Good People point blank!!

And big shout out to Jason from http://www.gaydailyhot.com I love your interviews!!Reminds Me of interviews I was doing a while back.... When I wearing many hats in this business. Always have to give a shout out to other bloggers who interview the Porn stars and give them a voice to be heard...

Remember the Interview I did with Jake Lyons:

Now if I had this big ego like some people think, Why would I do Interviews with other Porn Stars?? I would want all the attention for myself...

My blog would be nothing but pictures of myself, all stories about Me. Nothing but glossy pictures from all the photo sessions just Me Me Me!!

Well I just wanted to write a post about my favorite Porn stars .....

Again I love when Good things happen to Good People!!

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