Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I'm not going into this again...

Here is what David writes Back:
Come on folks...this is so silly. I'm being fired after giving Diesel a great L.A. debut. Only flaw was him being late to arrive at Micky's and not communicating with us about his whereabouts. I mentioned that in a "wrap up" memo about the night. He hated me talking about it. AND, there's been NO offers or interest from any clubs or studios, he just decided to fire me. When I signed Washington I told him I could put him on the opening night of my "Cocktails in the Forest" series, Sept. 2 at Micky's. I made it crystal clear that, unfortunately, he'd have to provide his own transp to LA, his own ground transp. to Micky's, his own lodging, etc. He absolutely wanted to do the appearance. It was a great way to show off in L.A., where he hadn't appeared. He knew that there were NOT any club dates available in the So.Calif. area...nor San Diego or elsewhere on the West Coast. The Micky's gig IS a major deal when it's promoted like I've done. I expressly asked Diesel to phone me when he arrived in L.A....which he didn't. He was also told, in writing, that his "report time" was 7:45pm. My production man phoned him about 7:30, since we hadn't heard anything from him. He told us that he WOULD be there by 7:45pm. He showed up at 8:15pm. We were running early, so we were really ready for him at 8:00pm. We put him on at 8:20pm and he did great. I told Micky's that the NO COMP DRINKS policy was going to come back to hurt them. But, it's just not my place to tell them how to run their bar.

I'm not going to get into a pissing war with Diesel. He said he would be on time. I trusted him. He goofed up. I called him on it. To put a spin on things..."he fired me"... Oh well . There wasn't any demand for him (clubs, privates, studios). Then, he messed up the pacing of my 1st Cocktails. Sorry, just doesn't work for me


That is the fake B.S. Im talking about....

"Wrap Up Memo" you mean the email that you sent out to people, that pointed to Me being Late 4 to 5times and that you lost 50 audience members because of Me. Which was a flat out Lie, that place wasnt packed. Your promotion was done poorly and most people didn't find out about Cocktails with Stars until TheSword posted an article about it. I did not promote it on my site(until a couple of days before).... I was waiting for disaster to happen, so it didn't receive the Big press it should have gotten and that was your job.

And no Free drinks??? Shit!!! A good agent would have bought four bottles of Champagne, one for each one of his guests, if there was no Free drinks!! That would be the Classy thing to do. Screw this place, We have our own drinks kind of thing.

I was told afterwards that you even told the crowd that I might be "A Potential No Show" what kind of agent tells the crowd that the Headliner may not come??

Your "Production Man"?? You mean Chris G?? He doesn't work for you!!! I said over the phone I will be there in 10- 15mins when He called Me. You didn't call Me once while I was in LA, even to see if I landed okay. But its my Duty to Call you???? Are you fucking crazy? To say what?? The flight I paid for landed safely, I'm taking the Bus to meet up with Wolf, call you when I got to Wolf's house??? Call to say I got safely to the lodging that I arranged for myself. Let you know I'm heading on the bus to the event(I'm Ghetto like that)when your driving Brittany Coxx there, who is also staying with you??? Bullshit!!

Your report time was 745 granted!!But my written email says my set starts at 8:15

7:30 – Scotty B returns and brings on Brittany

8:00 – BREAK

8:15 – Scotty B returns and brings on Diesel

So according to you, 8pm to 8:20 was a break!! I got there at 8:15, YOU were the one that was running early...My set started at 8:15 and I was there at 8:15!! I caught some backlash for the "Only showing up on Time if it was a paying Gig thing" I paid all the expenses on this trip people, and the only reason I came out to LA was to make good for not showing up last time at MICKEY'S cause I was filming. So get off my back because I wanted to show up late, the trip was on my dime, so I can take my time!!

If there is no demand for Me then why did you take Me on as a Client??? Please answer that?? THATS YOUR JOB!!! YOUR THE AGENT THAT IS SUPPOSE TO GET THE JOBS!!

Studios not wanting to hire Me.....Ummmm this is something I already knew..... I complain almost everyday that I don't work as much as other stars. DUH!!! That is why I took you on as a agent, I figured I was too outspoken and didn't want to drag Friends(Howard)into my Mess. God knows I don't get along with Jason S. I even had one agent hook me up with a scene partner, who used faked results and wind up HIV+ when He was tested for our scene. So my list of agents to use was very small in the first place, I thought you might have that fire and passion like you used to have, but you lost your touch years ago!!

I scored most of the Studio deals myself without an agent, But Back to You!!

Nobody wanted to hire Me because of YOU!!! Truth be told!! The day I said you were my manager, I got tons of emails warning Me about you, and people cutting ties with Me because of you!! And that was my mistake for not listening, I guess I have a good heart and want to see the good in people. I never pay attention to rumors or gossip!! So Who am I to judge you??? Well I tried you out!! And you suck at being an Agent!! There I said it(Hi Wolf)!!

If I remember correctly, I asked what kind of pull you have in the Clubs in general?? Howard has all the Clubs in Florida, Weho doesn't want ya. And the only reason you got the MICKEY'S gig is because they are giving you a second chance and its about the Stars you can possibly bring, Its Not About You.

You have no pull in San Fran, I asked about Washington(no pull), Boston(no pull) Philly(no pull), Atlanta(no pull), Nobody knows you in NYC(I know that for a fact)So what Gigs could you get Me in the first place??? You have no pull, and just jerking my chain instead..

Privates???? You mean escorting??? I have my own clients Thank You very much!!! If you haven't noticed I'm getting Escort Awards(LOL)Via So I pretty much have that handled....I took a break from escorting anyway. I do clients here and there...

And as far as work goes...

I did two scenes for Suite703. And what agent got Me those jobs with Suite703??????

Come on David you should know who got Me those jobs????


So you can say that there was no demand!!! The way I see it, you just don't measure up to Howard. Your time is over David!!!

When people think of Diesel Washington they think Loud mouth, Outspoken, Nut Job....

When people think of David Forest??Here goes some comments:

Do you know how to tell when David Forest is lying? His lips are moving!

The only "work" you'll get from DF is as a escort. No one uses DF to cast for film anymore. Everyone in the industry knows what a lying batshit crazy piece of shit he is and no one will work with him. Well, no one other then scary old men looking for hookers that is...

You just put the final nail in the coffin of your "career"....

Diesel before signing up with David Forest you should have first spoken with Matthew Rush and Marc Williams. As now it you are definitely going to bottom as David Forest will surely fuck you and your career.

Oh no Diesel !!

Why did you do such a sad thing as sign up with David Forest. He is the poor man's Don King of Gay Porn, but just as dangerous for he will exploit you, screw you and then drop you when you are of no further use.

Hey Diesel,

I congratulate you on showing your fans comments to the news of your agreement with David Forest, even though most if not all, are unhappy wiith your news.

It appears your fans do have your best interests to heart LOL, Jason


Like I said before David, you don't want to get into a Pissing contest with Me. Because people will pull up track records, and your track record looks pretty bad there buddy boy!!!

I'm no saint, but David you make Me look like Mother Teresa.....


Now that would have been my old response!!!

Lets put the cards on the table, We are both alike in many ways. Technology has changed, and gone are the days when you sent out promotional pics for blogs and websites to use, now you can twitter pic a shot of the set and the action going on, and that shit is up in seconds. Everybody uses the update and then updates their blogs/sites/News feeds..

To be ahead of the game, you have to move faster then the path of communication currently in use(Twitter, Facebook) Blogging...

Blogging is a useful tool, and I like it..... I like it ALOT!!

So while you were pulling away in your Nissan Sentra(I think it had Lexus rims??LOL)I was saying to myself "What the Fuck is Wrong with Me?"

How did I end up here?????

And I finally figured it out!!! I'M A DUMBASS!!!!

I thought I was making steps forward, and I was moving backward like a motherfucker!!

Enough about DF..moving on..

To the readers, who came on this ride with Me for years!! I will lay it on the line for you, I FREAKED OUT!!!

Freaked out, I retired and then unretired and it was alot to take in, and just ride that wave one more time, I craved it! The energy on the set(any) was intense!! It was like YES!! Making movies!! The interviews, Vids, the reaction from the viewers was a fucking drug to Me......

That is what I loved about making movies, that pure form of making Movies that people busted huge loads to.... or were so amazed that they kept rewinding the scene over and over....

I like the fact when I walk into a room, the bottoms(wheter they like Me or Not)know I have a big dick and know how to fuck!!!And most important, THAT I FUCK REALLY HARD!! That is just being real!! Call it D list status and the D stands for Dick.!!

Then reality kicks in, Diesel your 40+, Times have changed!! The recession has tapped out many Studios, Sites. There is always New Talent emerging, and trends change, the faces change, stars burn bright while others fade away, that is just the nature of Beast.

I can accept that and fade away...........


keeprnla said...

Chuckling, there you go again.

Fire and passion, bring it on. Wouldn't want to get on your bad side.

keeprnla said...

Just breath. Good air in; bad air out.

keeprnla said...

Just breath. Good air in; bad air out.