Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Keeping that eye to the blogging world...

TheSword.com just unpublished a story running on David Forest!!!!


Images replaced

and now the David Forest Story gone!!!Very interesting......

I bet I know what is going on BTS on that David Forest story. Egos got smashed and hammered! People scared about lawyers, people scared of the press. Pissed off bloggers having to unpublish a story. Alot of phone calls and emails going back and forth!! Some angry and down right rude exchanges between people....

These last few weeks have been highly entertaining in the blogging world, the battles are endless....

I have been through a ton of those battles(back in the day), it really just drains all your energy sometimes. What blogger wants to write a story with handcuffs on??? The whole creative process is lost and then every time you write a post, you have to worry about who your going to piss off this time???

Been there and done that.......

Speaking of which, how come when you go to alot of these Studio/Site MODEL pages, you know when they ask if you want to be a model???

On all the forms they say EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER, yet when you look over the years of productions released, the only models casted are Young, White, Jockish??? Out of twenty productions, there is only one scene(or two)either featuring a lite skinned latino, or black guy.

So are you telling the Men of Color models "Yeah we say we are Equal Opportunity Employer, but we really hire only white models" I mean.... Instead of implying it, might as well just put it in jump street. Just say we are looking for white models between the ages of whatever and whatever, and call it a day. I mean lets be real, anyone can look over your track record, and see all your productions.

I mean it kinda of insults the intelligence of people "To say one thing, but do another..."


I have one more thing to say.

I see alot of companies coming up with newer promotion tactics to drive more people to their sites. Coming up with newer ways to put out scenes, all the hype of "Running that Machine"..

Could I suggest something....

You have huge communities of Men of Color(Black, Asian, Latin, Indian)who have been feeling ignored and under exposed in the gay porn industry(for years). Those guys have money as well, but do not want to spend it on a company/site that does not represent them and at this point of time.....

Don't even respect them.

Society has changed so much, yet Gay porn seems to be standing still. I say it this way because I get emails, comments everyday from fans tired of seeing what is going on time after time. Technology is coming so fast that communication is in nano seconds now!! While on set you send pics via Twitter about scenes, people are editing quicker and putting out the footage alot faster, Sites have weekly updates. And the gossip blogs are almost real time now, when someone hears some juicy gossip its put up online before the person spilling the "T" can finish the sentence coming out of their mouth.

Fans can read tweets, fans can read status updates, read your blog, read your website. So its easy to chart a trend, and study the casting process that people use. Cast people and reflect what is happening in society today. Alot of the scenes, being filmed.

Hmmm I guess no black, latin, asian(whatever)go to college???

There are no Men of Color doctors, lawyers, construction workers.......the list is endless.

Well that was my insightful blog for the day.....

More later


Anonymous said...

Diesel, Diesel, Diesel

1. When are you going to stop with the "gay porn racist" rant? We know it, they know it and all of your ranting is not going to change it. But, the saddest part is that you have given control of your destiny to them. There is a simple solution. START YOUR OWN! Take that annoying little video cam of yours, shoot some porn, post it on xtube, charge a fee, then move on to something to complain about. It's like this...you can continue to be like Tre Xavier and bitch, bitch, bitch. Or you can do something.

2. I love The Sword. I hope they grow a set of balls and let Sire do what he does. Unfortunately, the porn world is so incestuous they can't handle the truth. I hope Sire gets an editor that will take an active role in his development. There are plenty of blogs that put out the daily fluff, but how some balance? The good, the bad and the ugly. Of course we want the latest Austin Wilde news, but it also time that someone finally tell some of the behind the scenes stories that make gay porn what it is. David Forest is a perfect example. Everyone in Los Angeles knows that he is a scammer, but he's allowed a pass over and over again.

The Sword could be the Huffington Post of porn, but maybe they just sren't ready.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the first poster on this topic (START YOUR OWN!), one man starting his own production company with single consumer grade camera is not a "simple" solution to the problem of systemic racism in the porn industry.

It's really not that simple at all. I don't know a whole lot about the porn industry, but it seems to me that there is a lot of capital intensive "machinery," behind the success of large industry players; not to mention the distribution channels that anyone who intends to make a splash must have access to.

Minority owned enterprises are a great and necessary idea, but the mainstream companies still needs to open their doors to more minority participants.

I think Diesel should try to do his own thing, but he should never stop his criticism of the "big boys" who should do better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:10PM

You are so wrong. Porn CAN be that simple. Diesel could easily channel some of the energy he has into creating something for himself. He may not get rich, but most porn performers make little money as it is. But by doing something on xtube, he could at least make enough to pay a few bills, maybe pay the rent?

It's very easy to say why things CAN'T be done, but it takes a person with courage and conviction to make changes.

It's clear that Diesel has a more than a few fans and many of them would pay to see whether it was on xtube or Raging Stallion. Diesel can also continue to say that "THEY" do this this and "THEY" do that or he can say "I got mine."

The choice is his. So far, Diesel has shown that he's much more comfortable letting someone else drive the bus.

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