Monday, November 15, 2010


At this point of the game...

I don't give a fuck!!! Really I'm tired of it! Everybody is shooting scenes lately and I'm not asked to be a part of the productions and I'm even being lied to right to my face. I talked to one Porn producer and asked him why haven't I been casted on their site lately. I was given the excuse "Diesel we don't fly in our models anymore". Ummm do you forget I work in this business and I know other models working right now, and you flew them in. If you don't want to hire me then say so, rather hear the truth then a bold faced lie told right to my face. I'm calling you out BoundGods that bold faced lie really hurt. I was the first African American model on that site(Jan 8 2009), and fast forward to now. Diesel Washington and Race Cooper are currently the only black models on their site. I even contacted about doing their Naked Combat site, and I was given the response that I might be too old to keep up with some of the models, and their shoots are alot harder and more intense than they appear.

Are you fucking serious??? I'm in better shape than some of models on that site but okay, I will give you proof

Are you serious???

I know Nick Moretti is older than Me, and continually gets casted!! So those excuses are bullshit to me. This is starting to be like high school to me.

I mean you don't have to lie to me, I'm upfront about everything! I can handle rejection but to lie right to my face not is only insulting but kinda of childish.

Lets talk about the bigger problem, it seems the only African Americans in mainstream nowadays is Diesel Washington and Race Cooper....


Come on people!! I'm not working as much as I used to, and Race Cooper is exclusive for Raging Stallions, so there is plenty of room for more talent.

I'm tired of the bullshit excuses, and I hear them all. Studios don't cast more Men of color because its core audience mostly wants to see white models. So they are scared to change the format for fear of losing their audience(its a recession) The bullshit excuse that Black models don't sell as well as white models. I'm the living example that is all bullshit and lies. My movies and scenes sell very well, so using that excuse is bullshit!! Its not the 1990's anymore, things have changed and audiences want to see that change reflected in porn. Get with it people!!

What the fuck is the problem???

There are productions left and right going on, and yet there is no casting of Men of Color??? Fuck that!!! I'm tired of the bullshit!!! I call it like I see it and I'm tired of being nice.

There is a myth that "That there can only be one or two African Americans at the same time in main stream porn" I thought that was a bullshit myth, but after sitting on the sidelines this year, I'm starting to doubt that its a myth.

I'm calling you out people..

Active Duty, Come on guys!! You guys really need to step up your game. If your reading this Dink Flamingo, we talked about this already. I'm waiting and watching from the sidelines, you said you were going to make some changes I'm still waiting for them. Enough said...

Hot House your letting me down, I used to like your work. But movie after movie, Backhouse scene after Backhouse scene no African Americans. The last Black model Hot House had was Damien Holt and that was like a year or two ago. Come on guys really???? Really??

CockSure Men, you guys are in the same ball park. I sent you my application and I didn't hear anything back from you guys. It's okay looking at the track record you guys have, let me see you had Robert Axel period then end. You guys have scene after scene and cast people left and right. One African American since you guys started the site. Geez Really????

Colt Studios, you had Adam Dexter in your stable and your not using him anymore so whats the deal??? Thats it?? Your not going to hire any more African Americans??? Done deal??

Next Door Studios, OMG!! You guys are a trip!!! Looking over all the sites(Next Door Hookups, NextDoor Buddies, NextDoor Twinks, and your exclusive Model sites) you guys had Wolf Hudson, and Austin Wilde. You gave Austin Wilde his own website, but come on guys!!! If you think by hiring Austin Wilde that is giving you guys COLOR, then your wrong. Now hopefully you will prove me wrong, but the way I see it and the track record of your company it seems you guys don't hire any black models at all. Now with Austin Wilde there, I expect to see Austin paired with some black models in the near future. Hopefully Austin Wilde will open the door to more Men of Color and get the ball rolling over there. If Next Door only casts Austin Wilde with white models(no Men of color) then you guys will prove my point. I have the biggest problem with this Site, you guys are on blast!!, you guys are alittle better I have seen some flavor(Men of color) on your site. Stay true to the name of your site, I know alot of African Americans in college right now, so step up your game alittle more and represent all types, Please.

Men at Play, you guys need to step up your game as well, Going through your site you have all types of Men(mostly Latin or White)and only one African American Eddie Diaz. You guys can do way better.... Come on!!

On the Hunt, you guys are getting better as well. Marc Williams and Marcus and one other model(from ATL)but you guys can do much better. Step it up!!!

U.K. Naked Men, you guys are not bad! The site is filled with models of all types I can't complain, add a dash more color and you guys will rock!!

Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, Randy Blue all you guys have stepped up your game this year. I had my complaints with each of these sites, but these sites are starting to listen to their fans and include a wider range of models. Finally they see by switching up the types of models they use they are bringing higher traffic to their sites. What took you so long to see that??? LOL

Dominic Ford, you guys are a newer site, and I see alot of different models on your site. You guys are doing some big things over there, and I'm glad that you showcase models of all types.

Falcon made some huge changes this year, by including a Black model onto its exclusive roster, Robert Axel. That is huge!! And I hope Falcon continues on its path to displaying a wider range of models to their features.

Titan has always had a wide range of models in their features, and I hope they continue on that path

JetSet Men offers different types of models in its features, I wish they would add alittle more color at times, but they are doing much better than some of the Studios/Sites out there right now!!

Raging Stallions, they really respond to their fans, and they cast all types, sizes and ages in their features. I'm hoping due to the response of the SteamWorks movie, that Raging Stallion show by example how to use Diverse casts to sell movies. Big props to Raging Stallions.

I'm not only a porn star but I'm a consumer as well. I'm not going to spend my money anymore on sites that don't show a wider range of models. All the Studios/Sites above can get mad at Me, not cast me(like you already have been doing) I really don't give a shit anymore!!!

I'm not going to sit by and not say anything anymore. You guys don't hire me anyway so its not like needed your handouts anyway. If you have a problem with what I'm saying then challenge me, I dare you.

If your not going to hire me, then at least hire another African American just to prove me wrong. Geez!!!

I'm looking around the porn industry, and things are going right back to the way they were before I got into it. It's going to be 2011, and I have yet to see any new Men of Color breaking into mainstream porn. There has to be more than Diesel Washington and Race Cooper in this business.

There is no excuse!!! I did one feature this year so there was room for another African American model to step in.


You let me down this year, in 2011 I better see a big change!!! This shit is getting old!!

And you can't bullshit me, I work in this business. I know the Studios/Sites and I see you guys at all the events. You guys know you can better, and if you don't want to cast Men of Color then that is your right.

It's my right to call out that bullshit as well, cause I'm tired of it!!

I canceled alot of subscription this year, and I know I'm not alone.

Step up your game Studios/Sites or I will do everything I can to make sure I expose your bullshit!! Either that or just come out and say,

"We don't hire Men of Color because that our right"

The excuses and bullshit doesn't fly anymore!! You have been warned!!

Some people may call me a hater, because since these Studios/Sites are not hiring me anymore that I'm lashing out at them.

I can accept the fact that I'm not in as high demand as I used to be. But at least hire other Men of color to fill the void I left.

At least then, I can sit back and say "At least I opened the door for others to get in". Cause right now I predict Race Cooper will be the only black face left working with the Studios...

Maybe I'm wrong!! I hope I am!!

We are going into the new year and all these new web series are coming out!

Dirty Secrets from Randy Blue, I hope to see some diversity

Coconut Cove from Dominic Ford I see the cute Latin boy on the series(hope they continue to add more Color)

Golden Gate from Naked Sword looks very hot, but I hope Race Cooper is not the only Man of color they use for the second season. Its the "Gold Gate" and I have been to San Fran, they have a huge Asian community out there I better see some Asians casted!! That is a no brainer!!

Raising the Bar from Channel 1 Releasing, I hope the ongoing series includes some Men of color. I'm watching you Chi Chi. Black guys can be casted more than just to appear in the Blackballed series....

Just being honest is all!!

This post is only my opinion....

And you know what they say about opinions, "They are like assholes, everybody has one."

Just hoping I don't come off as one.....


Sue said...

Everything you say is absolutely true Diesel! I feel you on this issue!

I would love to see you at Men at Play! You would be too hot in a suit! Then peel it off! WOOF!

J. Sterning said...

You sound like Jay-Z when he wanted to release Reasonable Doubt. No major label wanted to distribute the album. He went with a smaller player who wanted to take a chance. Look at him now.

My point is dude that if you want something and it isn't being handed to you, go out there and make it yourself. I'm not sure if you brought this up but look at the dudes on MaverickMen. I personally don't think they're attractive but they started releasing scenes themselves and look where they are now.

You can only complain and cry for so long that these studios aren't giving you (or any man of color) any real shots or time. Make it yourself. I'm sure you've been in this a long time and know a ton of people behind the scene who can help you. The only one stopping you Diesel really is you.

Anonymous said...

I'm a White dude and I gotta say I share your's getting hard to find Black ACTORS in the industry these days. And man, I hope you find work soon cuz I miss you. Also, thanks for your generosity giving me names of actors to look for while I wait for your next one. Yep, you're looking good these days!!! Thanks for your dance vids.

Mr. Toddy English said...

I think you should produce your own porn movies. I think you have enough clout! You're legendary in the industry.

Anonymous said...

Dies, you ARE coming off like an asshole.

It is understandable that you are annoyed at the lack of black actors in porn, but you have to look at the ones who WANT to do it.

Black Men who would like to do porn KNOW their worth, and would like to be paid as such. Porn is a BUSINESS, and the ones who have money to shell out for $55-60 DVD's REMAIN Gay White Men, who would STILL rather look at a "Carlos" than a "Tyrone".

AND, your complaining is deep rooted. YOU want to be one who is called, who is in demand....the one to be WANTED.

I'm not attracted to you, but I am FASCINATED by you. I love reading your rants, but now its becoming very "broken record" about the lack of GBM in porn.

If Men of Color ARE used, they either leave because they are disillusioned about the BUSINESS of it all, or it's served it's purpose of getting them noticed as "Hot 'N Sexy".

I LIVE for Marc Williams, but he loves White Men in his personal life (as do you, ADMIT IT!!)but he hasn't done anything in years!

From what I'm guessing, porn served it's "purpose" for Marc (getting him noticed), and he's content with that.

...and YOU need to do the same.

Your VERY public rants only scare the Honchos at these companies, and make them NOT want to use you...or other BM, thinking they're gonna "Cut Live", as my Grandma used to say.

YES, It's your blog, YES, It's YOUR opinion...but YOU have to set an example for the Men Of Color who ARE thinking of getting into porn........BUSINESS!!!

Get Me?!

Anonymous said...

Diesel, I have to agree with what you have written; however, there is a catch. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and have enjoyed your posting. There have been some things that I have disagreed with and some I have agreed with your statements. What I find so fascinating about you is sometimes I wonder if you are in reality mode or sometimes in fantasy mode? I agree 100% of what you are saying about the porn industry. These guys will cast whomever they want, and more importantly what they think might/will sell. We all know that white gay men are dominating this industry and probably most buyers of porn prefer to see two white men together rather than 2 black men. Also, these guys/buyers of porn (most) don't want to see a black guy fuck a white guy on video. I think they still have issues with that. Please take a look at the networks; you don't see that many blacks there either. I don't think there is a "black sitcom" anymore. Tyler Perry has his shows on TNT I believe and I heard those shows are doing very well. Why not ABC, CBS, or NBC for those shows? I think we have addressed that situation already. I don't want to seem long, but I had to comment. Diesel, I asked this question before and I think you answered by saying that "the so call black porn sites don't pay enough money for you." And you are probably right. I think you should at least try one black site, just one show and see what type of response you will get. Stop trying to make the guy hire you are any other black models. And before you comment, yes the white guy(s) own those black site too! I don't think it is going to happen right now! Look at "Jovonnie" probably the #1 black model out there and yes he doesn't get work for some of the sites you mentioned. This is life. Before you respond back and curse me out, think about what I said! I will say, I am on your side. I just being realistic for now! The Champ!

Anonymous said...

Another great post. But it is now time to move on and engage your back-up plan. All porn stars have a certain shelf life and regrettably, you are nearing yours.

Regardless of what you say, these studios have the choice to hire and cast who they want. For example, Active Duty is never going cast men of color. AD is a pioneer in the porn world and in all of their years has never featured a black guy. You would think that black guys (or Asians or hispanics) don't serve in the Military, live in CA or the Carolinas or shop at WalMart. Face it, Dink Flamingo is only attracted to young white boys.

I also appreciate that fact that you are giving credit where credit is due. Companies like Sean Cody, Randy Blue continue to evolve and it's getting noticed. Lucas Entertainment has always featured a diverse cast and produces some of the hottest porn around.

Unfortunately, the stars who make the porn are often tossed aside.

Anonymous said...

I doubt this will be allowed as you only seem to allow those who agree with you, which is perhaps part of the problem? Two words I think sum up why no one is hiring you or lying to your face or whatever. Ego and drama.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely don't buy the oft repeated (and ridiculous) notion that black doesn't sell. The endless rows of white, gay porn videos at my neighborhood porn shop gather dust, while titles with MOC get snapped off the shelf in an instant! I can't catch a black all-male title in because they get sold to quick!

Yes, the porn companies make money off white titles (when that's all they offer), but they would make even MORE money if they put more dark meat out there!