Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm watching the Ultimate Fighter on Spike, if you don't know I'm in total lust with GSP(Georges "Rush" St-Pierre)so I make sure to catch the show.

Then we have "Hoarders":

I just love Jake, he's such a cute hoarder head case. I say that lovingly though, I'm a headcase as well so... Who I am to judge??.

I feel such a connection with him, even though I have never met the kid. His story was so moving and to see how tormented he was about his situation, I wanted to wrap my arms around him and say, "Dude we are all headcases, some hide it better than others. It takes balls to document your "situation" so that others see they are not alone."

Alot of people rip on "Hoarders" and after "The Cat Lady" show seen here:

The comments came pouring on the message boards(yeah I have no life)one comment. Mean but funny...

Hoarders apparently don't know that when you have a house full of cats, you need at least one dog around to help keep the litter box perpetually clean... ~and~ you never have to feed the dog, it's a self-sustaining ecosystem!


The most powerful show of the season: Here

If you didn't see the show, all you need to do is watch the episode with Robin. I have never seen anything like this before. This is truly a mental issue!

Without going into the mental issues too deeply, I see how this is a deeply rooted thing with the "Hoarder" objects and things have a deeper meaning than just looking at it like "eye sores" that need to be thrown away.

In one of the episodes(I came in the middle of show not knowing the back story) a hoarder goes through a huge box that is filled with baby clothes. She has two children and both are grown(they are in their teens) So at first glance, I'm saying to myself, geez her kids are grown and she is holding onto to memories of her kids, alot of people do that.

It was revealed that those baby clothes were from an infant son that recently passed away suddenly. She bought so much stuff for the arrival of the baby, and her baby passed!! She couldn't bear to throw anything way, it was all she had left of the memory of her child that she lost.

This not your fake reality show!! Like some Flavor of Love of shit, or Real World, this was the real deal!!

Okay moving on......

I'm getting hooked to "The Walking Dead"

I saw the first two shows and I'm hooked, not big on the whole zombie thing(I mean I like the movies, but not zombie crazy like some people)and I'm loving the storylines and just watching the "Human Drama". The interaction between the characters(Social issues, Racism etc)while trying to survive through an epidemic(Zombies). Very interesting to watch....

It's only two shows into season, so I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes of this show.

Another show Tosh.0, I'm a huge youtube geek(What you didn't know)and this show is huge for us youtube geeks. Tosh is such an asshole!! But fucking funny!!

Hopefully one of these days, I will have my chance to get on the show. Tube stars are on the rise..

Tube stars are the future entertainers in the business. For example:

We all saw this Vid:

15 million views!!! Damn!! And then this youtube star gets to do a duet with 50 cent??? Wow!! Huge!!

50 cent is a genius!! Kathy Perry's song "Teenage Dream" was So So(You know that!!)....

When Keenan did his cover of the song, he pushed that So So single over the top!! Made it a huge hit for Kathy Perry, Basically everytime I hear that song I think of the Keenan cover...

Don't you???

50 cent recognized that and teamed up with Keenan on a cover of one of his songs. That is marketing genius!! Say what you want about the Homophobic rants of 50 cent, this guy knows how to market and promote himself. So lets see the count, the Keenan cover of 50 cent's song will be reaching 2million views.

And it was post Nov 8 Wow!!!

People wonder why Justin Bieber is a huge star, he was just a kid with some talent that started posting Vids of him singing on Youtube. He grew a fan base and the rest is history:

Short list of Youtube stars making it now:

Antoine Dodson:

40 million views are you serious????

Craigery Morgan:

Comedy. 4 million views???

People always dog me out for making my youtube Vids, all it takes is that one Vid. That one Vid that starts a chain of events.....

Dreams can happen!!

It's happening in Gay porn as well.....

It seems the future gay porn stars are Tube stars themselves:

Maverick Men started out on Xtube, now they have a website, a book deal and they are working with for scenes on "On the Hunt"

Speedo Student who also got his start on X tube, being picked up and signed to Dink Flamingo line.

I expect more popular stars from the tubesites in the future.

I watch closely the things that are happening.....

People call me a Has been, but my fanbase is growing and growing because I keep entertaining my fans. Regardless if I'm doing DVD work, web work I use the media to keep my fan base happy...

That is why I remain popular!! Because I respect my fanbase and give them entertainment in some form. Wheter they are jerking off to me, or watching a silly diss Vid on youtube.

I'm here to entertain....

You the fans!!

Thanks for the support, and I will keep entertaining you or bring a smile to your face with a funny Vid.

Because that is what I do!!


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