Monday, December 06, 2010


So I have those dates for you, I will be in Washington DC, Dec 8 - Dec 10. I will be in town and checking things out!!. I may added another day to that trip but I will keep you guys posted!! Also any gay porn stars in Washington!!! Hit me up on my email, I want to give the opportunity to other stars to be showcased on my blog!! If it helps with press or whatever, never selfish when it comes to promoting!! So you hear it first on looking for models who want to showcase themselves!! Don't say I didn't throw the opportunity out there for inspiring stars, porn stars working currently.

I thought I would update the blog with newer pics of myself........

Before you even say it!! Yes I'm bulking up!!! I had to give up some definition to acquire more mass!! At this point, I don't know why I'm still trying to gain more muscle?? There is something called too much muscle, but I think I have some room to gain more muscle before I get to that point. Ummm yeah...... I will keep telling myself that...


Anyway, I'm having fun before I start this tour!! I'm going to hit up the East Coast first, then make my way down South(never been)and then make my way to Cali!! I have been putting off this tour for a long time!! But this time around I'm going all out and having a blast!!! Got to get out of NYC right now, the holidays are a pain in the ass when your in NYC, the shopping and visitors makes it a pain in the ass.

I do not like the Holidays...

I do not like the Holidays at all!! I'm not a Scrooge McDuck!! I just don't like this fake holiday of buying expensive presents. The Holidays were for spending time with family/loved ones, I have only my mother to worry about this year. Momma Washington is the only one I go shopping for. Last year was horrible the recession was so bad, Momma Washington had a short list of Christmas presents that she wanted. It will probably be the same this year as well..

As you can tell from my tone, I'm less than excited for the holidays to be here!!

I know I said I wouldn't say it or bring it up again!! But I hate the holidays for the mere fact that I'm single!! Alone Alone Alone!!! I fool myself into thinking I'm fine with it but I'm not!! But at this point I really just don't have the energy emotionally to handle the dating thing. I was going out and meeting new people but I'm just over the bar scene/club scene.

I see all the guys hanging out trying to look hot, all staring at each other which is kind of confusing to me. Why stare at someone you like?? Why not go up to them and start a convo and get to know each other?? I guess I'm old school and have a throw back style, I see someone who I think is hot I approach them directly and speak. Who cares about getting shot down?? The intention is to go to them directly and not play the "Winking game" cut out the middle man and see what the deal is. The younger generation do not talk anymore, they stand around like "A pack of wolves around a water hole".

It's the "Bottom Crew"........

You have seen them:

A group of guys that always hangs out by the bar, staring at every guy that walks into the bar.

They usually have on the tight shirts(so tight you can see their heart beating)the ones without body.

Hair is all styled with product in it!!(Wind tunnel look)

The ones with body of course shirtless!!(Got to show the skin)

The group consists of mostly Vers/Bttm guys, always with that one Top that is probably fucking someone in the group (Or like in my case, fucking them all)How do I know they are bottoms in the first place??. If they use the words, Miss Thang, Bitch, My Sista, instead of "He" they use "She", instead of "Him" they use "Her" then bottoms away LOL.....

Friends are cool and all!! But when your in a group the chances of picking someone up or having a convo with them is slim to none. Gay boys are caddy!! And they all talk about each other and put each other down!! For example, one time I went out and saw this hot guy with his "Bottom Crew" I approached him and started a convo. Within 5 minutes of talking to the guy, their "Friends" spilled every bit "T" about their friend who I thought was a cute and innocent little thing. You know how "Friends" talk esp when drunk:

"Gurl, this one(Me) looks like he can plow you down!! You said you were looking for some big dick there you go"

"Don't let this one fool you, she can take a big dick and throw back that ass!!"(On their friend)

"Show him your pussy, your going to love her ass its round and she has a tight hole"(On their friend)

Umm okay??Thanks for sharing that bit of info about your friend, that will help me in my decision if I will continue to converse with him. Kind of funny that their own friends blow their cover and spill the secrets!! I couldn't hangout with people like that, I would be pissed off. But I would like to Thank your "Friends" because they confirmed what I already believed in the first place.

And then you have that Hating Bottom bitch crew:

They don't talk to anybody, they sit around the bar all night "Talking About" people. You know that group, they all have their cell phones out texting and checking emails.

Why call someone on the phone when your in a club??? I never understood that?? You can not hear them on the phone and the music is too loud!! So why bother?? Is that you want to call your other friends and let them hear the music in the background??? Show them your out and having a good time?? I know guys that Twitter/Text their friends when they are in the same club standing next to each other....

People behave like this I had to post this commerical because this is how people are nowadays:

Not to get off subject but...

They send out these Tweets/texts saying the worst stuff!! But can't even look you in the eyes when saying it. Or worse, they talk all this shit on Twitter, on blogs, Facebook and when you meet them in person, they have nothing to say. Quiet!! Then you confront them.....they don't know why your upset.. Its only Twitter!! Its only Faceboook no big deal right....???

Wrong!!! You want to talk shit online but in person they are cowards!! If you can write about it online, be sure to back up everything you said online when your confronted one on one.

Remember that!! I will be that one that confronts you every time!! So don't be shocked or act surprised when I step up to you! And that goes Vice Versa if you have something to say to me, because I said some things about you on my blog, go right ahead!!


I lost my train of thought.......

Anyway I'm going on tour to Washington first, I hate the Holidays, I'm lonely!!!

There you have it!!


Dre said...

Pics are awesome my dude.

You never know who Santa might send your way.

James said...

"The younger generation do not talk anymore, they stand around like "A pack of wolves around a water hole."

OMFG. This nothing by old man bs. And I'm older than you! Stop it. Stop it. Sweet Jesus stop. LOL

Warlock said...

Dear Diesel, first, your fitness, exquisite, your looks, superb. Now on to what you say, about, the, celebrations, I understand is that the meaning of the holidays is to be with our loved ones, I know that behind the holidays is the commercial of the time, that happens there and everywhere.
I also understand that for many people is a happy time and sometimes not, because some have no family.
I know you feel alone because now, you do not have that special someone that makes your heart explode when you see it, especially at this time.
Diesel, I understand, and you know because I understand you? Because after having HIV, I could not have a partner again, nobody wants to be with me because of that, I had many rejections, I am direct, I'm not going to lie, I do not like lies, my ex-boyfriend lied to me and because of his lies I caught HIV, but I'm not going to lie to others with my condition, but because of this I can not have a partner.
My grandmother once told me: "Adrian, bad for many, the consolation of fools", and guess what? She was right, I can not spend my life regretting what I don´t have, because I lose to enjoy the things that I have.
So with this I say to you, I understand your feelings of loneliness and understand how difficult it is to meet someone you like, that is not only sex, that is not only for your appearance, your physical size, to connect two words into one sentence, I understand all that, and besides being a famous person that this will catapult you have difficulty to interact with someone in a sincere way.
Diesel, Thursday 6 December I turned 41 years old, I have HIV, I have no partner and the times I've wanted to meet someone they have rejected me, you believe that I will not understand you?
But you know what?, Despite all this, I rise above all this, I stick to what I do I have, with tooth and nail to what I have, the life I have.
And you know this is partly because often inspired me your stories of how you overcame the difficulties you had.
Diesel, That you do not have something right now does not mean you're not worthy of that and less, that does not mean that you are not worthy of meeting a good person who loves you.
Dear Diesel, sometimes one must be patient and keep hope, that, tells you a person who was about to die, and that maintaining hope is writing you at this time and not because I do not have a partner, I will stop living.
Diesel, I sincerely hope you will soon find a good person who loved you so that your heart burst with joy, that is my wish for you in these upcoming holidays. I know it will, because you deserve it.
Do not worry, everything will change.
A big hug from someone who likes you and admires you.

Adrian, of Buenos Aires.