Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Seems like Fleshbot still likes Me(Thank you guys)

I was voted The Best In The Business: Their Favorite Pornstar Tops

Diesel Washington is a Creative Top, I like the ring of that it sounds good. I have finally gotten away from that "Tear Your Asshole" Characterisation. It's not easy being known as that Top that always plow the living daylights out a bottom.

Awww Fleshbot...

"...... accidentally tear you in half first"

That probably would happen to Brian O Brian if I ever fucked him!! Not you Calamitous I'm sure you could take every bit of it, with a smile on your face from ear to ear LOL.

And moving on.....

If people haven't noticed I never asked any of my fans/readers/supporters to vote for Me for the CyberSocket Awards. There is a reason for that:

As I said on the CAN blog I'm deeply honored and moved that I was nominated for Best Porn blog/Best Personality, that is good enough for Me.

I don't want to win at all, I'm being truthful when I say this


I know some people have already voted for Me and I thank you! Thanks for the support and thanks for constantly having my back. We won all the awards already, We got all the nominations already......

And you fans helped Me get the Biggest nomination ever!!! Best Personality!!! I look at that list of people nominated and I keep shaking my head going "Wow!!"

Anyway enough showboating.........

A driving force for creating my own work has been QueerClick, yes QueerClick!! There was a post written about one of my Skits on Youtube(The Naked Pornstar) this one:

The post was called Diesel Washington Is The Poor Man's Francois Sagat, OUCH!!

If pure craziness was our only criteria, our freaky arty French porn pal Francois Sagat would find a good match in controversial porn documentarian Diesel Washington. Like Sagat, Washington likes exposure and doesn't mind doing outrageous things (like raping twinks■ and making up new sex moves■) to get it. But unlike Sagat, Washington's art resume is less accomplished with much lower production values. Exhibit A: the video above.

We like Nelly Furtado's Say It RIght too, but it holds a mere candle to the lo-fi weirdness of Sagat's Crocodile Tears■—starring in an indie music video is totally pimp. Also, we're down for Diesel's subtle couch dancing (especially when he not-so-subtly begins stroking the neck of the guitar and starts fingering its music hole) but how about a little more dramatic flair, Diesel? Watch Sagat sell European currency■ if you need inspiration.

This isn't to slam Diesel. Hell, we want him to get better exposure and production value! You live in Los Angeles, don't you Diesel? Save up some cash from raping twinks and hire someone to produce a video that will be the art equivalent of your amazing porn.

That post hurt!! "Art resume is less accomplished with much lower production values" yikes!! I thought about that post for a couple days...

I want to Thank QueerClick for the plug, but that review was rough!! It opened my eyes to alot of things, if people are going to judge my Youtubes as some kind of art(which it is) then I have to set up my game!! I'm not mad at the reviewers at Queerclick it is what it is...

It was an honest opinion, just being compared to Francois Sagat in the Artistic sense is a compliment to Me. I never claimed to be a "artsy type" but I do think I have an absract way of looking at things.

Needless to say, that review bothered me alot!! I take my work serious!!!Even if it's Youtube!! So I remixed the Vid and made it more artistic seen here:

After I posted that Vid, Fleshbot gave me a good review, http://gay.fleshbot.com/5640968/take-a-trip-to-the-magically-nonsensical-world-of-diesel-washington

Chip Tanner and Reese Rideout would have you believe that they're the only somewhat mentally unstable gay pornstars making YouTube videos these days, but they're not. He may not be bananas, but Diesel Washington has a logic all his own.

In this clip, pornstar stud and certified demolisher of twink buttholes Diesel Washington takes on the nature of duality throughout the history of human thought. Making subtle references to Jacques Lacan's early theories about the Other, Diesel begins his video decked out in angel wings, face obscured by shadow. Before we know it Washington has fallen back to earth, chilling out on a leather couch wearing nothing but a pair of aviators (PS – goddamn, you're looking good Mr. Washington) and fornicating with a six-string guitar. We don't know what he's trying to say here, exactly. We do know that we'd give just about anything to be that guitar.

This is what I'm about......

I want to create something that people like, and if I don't hit the mark the first time. I go back to the drawing board, fix all the bugs and come back harder!! So this is just a glimpse into the way I think.

Always trying to do better!!

Anyway I still love you QueerClick.....

Aren't We nominated for the same category of Best Porn Blog at the CyberSocket awards??? That's right We are!!!

Hmmmm?? I guess I have good exposure and higher production values when it comes to Blog writing I guess?? HAHAHA See you at CyberSockets.


Sue said...

I dunno Diesel, I see the Diesel humor behind it all! I am just LMAO at these people who take everything you do so seriously! BTW - I thought Black Rock Star was seriously sexy! Woof!


Ray Avito said...

I get a thrill every time you start grooving with that guitar...

Anonymous said...

The idea is pretty good and the entire concept too . Few suggestions :
1. You should take off the white socks
2. The idea of the black leather sofa is great . The background should be white without those boxes in the back . A white wall would do better .
3. Better dubbing of the song of nelly furtado