Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Okay everybody knows there is no love loss between Diesel and Tre Xavier......

For years this model has butted heads with me, called me out many many times without regard or care. A former porn star that got attention by lashing at me, saying that I feed into the Black Mandingo character.

Constantly calls me a bad role model for the Black community.

Lashs out at Diesel, through comments he leaves on other blogs, constant name calling and parading around just trashing my name.

I told him repeatedly stop using my name, stop referring to Diesels name to push your agenda..

Press attention whore that does nothing but attack me, to gather attention for himself..

Well I give up!! If he wants attention so bad, then he gets attention on my terms!!!

My Story exposing Tre Xavier for the phony he is.....

Lets get started

I arrive to his poetry reading late(I was in no rush believe me)

How did you get your start Tre Xavier?

Next Magazine?? Oh really.....? The local NYC gay rag(in a good way of course)and u answered an ad in the back......okay such humble beginnings I guess

He read some poems(which were good I admit)but when he did Q&A(question and answer)all hell broke loose and he just went into this weird banter and starting talking about stuff he has no clue about....

He slams the "Shut your Hole PSA" which would be this. So these are all the models he slams!!

Shut your Hole PSA!!

More madness out of his mouth:

Porn companies just ask the models their HIV status....?? WTF?? He just did not say that....(Oh no he didn't..*snap) Oh geez!!

During the course of this Mess, I just stayed quiet it was not my event and I just didn't understand, how this model could be so OUT OF DATE!! Speak about stuff he knows nothing about, just stand there and act like hes this vast knowledge pool. When he is wrong wrong wrong!!

I decided it was best to pick my spot......

When the Poem reading was over, the announcer asked if there was any more questions...

I said I have a question..

I basically called him out on all the bullshit he was talking about, his constant attacks on Me and I went for blood...

He stood on stage, shocked!!! Back pedaling all the things he said about Me. I was having my day in court on his expense.



But its cool, he had his own camera recording so I def will love to see how he is going to edit out the part when I ripped into him

But according to his Twitter:


My presence was felt......

I did not bother to stick around to talk to him........

So basic points:

16 people were there at 5 bucks a piece he made 80 for two hours work!!

He is so lost about what is happening in porn nowadays, he is almost completely lost

His opinions are based on no fact and its all just ramblings

He needs to stick to poetry because his public speaking skills are terrible!!

He needs to stop using Hype and Drama to push his agenda, because people like me will call out your bullshit in a public way...

So Diesel Washington smack down in effect...

Next on the list Juicy-Go-Hoe

I'm going to expose these bitches!!


I wanted to add to this story, alot of emails came in and people are saying "Wow!! You really went in hard, gave him the whole nine yards,!!!" "I might be too harsh on him" bah bah bah...

As a blogger, I read alot of crappy blogs that are nothing but narcissistic, pretentious extensions of a blog writer that is self absorb in his own little world. Sometimes those blogs have a crude humor almost making fun of themselves, but I get it....

A blog is your creation and u can take it and make it into anything you want!!

**Tre X's blog, while it has a life of its own, gained some popularity by bashing TheSword.com/UnZipped and a few other blogs on their lack of Men of Color coverage. His debate(which has some merit)was not backed by facts and he couldn't put together an intelligent rebuttal post to illustrate any of his points he was trying to make. So he came off looking like this no name model(which is the truth)who lashed out at the Studios that wouldn't hire him in the past.

He then went on to trash a few of the Thug companies out there.......

Then he made his worst mistake, he used Diesel Washington as an example for stereotyping a type of character in gay porn. The Black Mandingo Fucker!!

I have seen Tre at a couple of events, and we would speak( Hi and Bye kind of thing)I approached him at some event and I told him "Dude I was hurt that you used Me as an example for a Stereotype in Gay porn" "A stereotype that you say is hurting the Black Community" I said "I took offense that because clearly its not true" I was so mad at this model that I tried to help way back when....

Flashback to nicer days:

In the Myspace days I had a big fan base, he contacted me on Myspace and I thought he was cool so I added him to my Top 8 friends(in fact I think he is still there)He didn't have many friends on Myspace, so I threw him some friends. His page got popular and he started to blog on myspace. I was using Blogger(Still using BTW) he would email me saying that he liked a post I wrote and he liked my blog. He would send me links to posts that he wrote on myspace and everything was cool.

Then he changed some where down the road(as described above **)

He emailed me after I approached him with my concerns, I explained my dismay for the post but he couldn't understand the anger I had, at being used as an "Bad example" for one of his blog posts. He was using the "Race card" against bloggers who he deemed didn't show enough coverage of Men of Color. I disagreed with him, and told him the more militant you are by attacking bloggers(using race card), the more the Gay porn gossip blogs won't cover your blog, or link back to any of your posts)

It was late 2007(I think)I was still a struggling model(New exclusive)so I didn't want to cause waves, I just wanted to work, get my name out there and make money. Tre X was not working or getting hired much, I told him to tone it down a bit, do not become so Militant that it becomes a turn off, he didn't listen.....

There are alot of similarities between Tre X and myself......

If u read my comments above, kind of sounds like some of things that I'm doing now!!!I will admit it!! Sounds like the Diesel Washington story now...

The difference between Diesel and Tre X:

He has only filmed with local Studios in NYC

Diesel has filmed with the Major studios of Mainstream porn

Diesel is a decent blogger, Tre X not on the same level of blogging. His posts are fluff, pics, and boring sex stories of hookups!!

I became a popular model in gay porn, most people say "Who is Tre Xavier???Never heard of him??"

I don't take the Diesel character seriously, I take the branding and control of the image of Diesel Washington dead serious though.....

Tre Xavier takes everything about himself serious, but when you look at his career and what he accomplished in Gay porn, you can not take him serious at all.

He is one of these bloggers who think they are witty, smart and clever. Their intellect shines over everyone, and he puts himself on a high pedestal. They are never wrong(will never admit to being wrong)and everything they do is perfect while they are surrounded by people who are not perfect.

I admit my mistakes(I make plenty)and I NEVER claimed I was perfect. In fact I share the Fuck ups, down periods, rants, disappointments, fears, the basic crazy life I lead..I have went on record as calling myself "One Big Hot Mess"

Now when that blogger, talks about you on his blog(badly), always leave neg comments about me on any story written in the gay porn press about Me, Trashs me Twitter!! Biting the hand that fed you all of these years!!

I ignored him so many times after our fallout, but I had enough!!

The way u take down a blogger who thinks he knows too much, is by exposing the truth that this model knows nothing or is so misinformed its laughable..

Hope U enjoy!!


Mr. Toddy English said...

I could not see the second video. It said you have to be invited...
Be that as it may...
How did the whole beef between you two get started, specifically?

ThaWickedOne said...

It's clear that you two got vicious hard ons for each other. You Niggaz's
need to fight till you figure out who is going to be the TOP (my bet is on you), brutally fuck the shit out of him, make lick your ass, film that shit and sell it winner take all.

Anonymous said...

It's a crying shame. Tre Xavier has an overwhemling desire to be relevant but the harder he tries the more irrelevant he becomes. Even though we only see a few short clips, it's evident that he is over his head. He totally mishandled the PSA debate and it's clear that he has no idea how HIV testing is handled on porn sets. How would he, he has not been on a porn set (thank you) in a couple of years. But rather than stating that he does not have recent, first hand knowledge of how tetsing is or is not handled, he just babbles.

Oh and he's another guy that can't pronounce the three letter word "ask." Lord, please tell me that he did not say 'ax." Sound more like he said "ashk." Damn, the word is "ASK." "ASK, ASK, ASK!"

Diesel, I admire you for showing up and shining some light on that cock roach.

Anonymous said...

I'll just say one sentence for this guy: "Who is this guy and who does he think he is?"
Sometimes people just talk because the air is free and because it has a big mouth.
Dear Diesel, people like this are insignificant beings, who try to stand out from the heap, with the glory and the name of others.
Sooner or later the mask is dropped and they are exposed for what they are, people who have no identity of its own.
You know they have too much envy.
A big hug from Buenos Aires to you.

Your great admirer .. Adrian.

S.B. said...

Tre who??

Anonymous said...

Tre Xavier possesses absolutuely no self-objectivity. Here's a guy that had a handful of minor porn roles for bottom tier studios who thinks he's some type of porn authority. Additionally, he's had no recent jobs in porn, so what ever minor knowledge he had, is now obosolete.

But what can you expect from a guy who has the balls to put up video evidence of his singing abilities believing that he actually can sing? I love how he describes himself as an actor, dancer, singer, artist, poet, and songwriter. Hell, I grow tomatoes on my terrace, I guess by Tre Xaviers definition, I'm a farmer!

Anonymous said...

writing about Tre just gives him publicity ...never heard of him before your blog ...personally i don't think he's worth the bother

PDQ said...

"16 people were there at 5 bucks a piece he made 80 for two hours work!"

I did some searching and it seems he did this at The Center. I can't imagine that they would let him charge others to attend an event using their room. In all likelihood the $$ went to The Center or whatever diversity org. he's part of that was sponsoring the event.

So he made bupkis.

Andy said...

I find Tre Xavier an interesting creature. I love following his antics because he's just so out of touch on so many levels. Here are some of my observations:

-Stunted level of emotional and intellectual maturity.
-Not much education beyond a high school. While not everyone needs to pursue higher education, but when one speaks with authority on certain topics, it would be good to have some foundation to back it up. Classic case of "he doesn't know what he doesn't know."
-Not well read.
-Not very worldly. It appears that his only exposure to culture or travel outside of NYC has been tricks that are foreign transplants and tourists visiting from overseas.
-No significant intimate or emotional relationships.
-No labor skills. At 40 years old, he has acquired no marketable skills and tolls at entry level, low wage jobs.
-Suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
-Seeks acceptance via random hook ups with strangers and near strangers.
-Clings to his porn past because he was able to achieve a sliver of noteriety until "The Industry" branded him as insignificant.

I may view him as an Entertainer, but he is certainly entertaining.

Waldorf said...

I really dislike him a lot. Good for you, that bitch needed to be put in his place. He just wants to be you.

Waldorf said...

Sorry I'm Back, but I really hate him. He's so average...intellectually and physically. He has this ego about him.

Know why Diesel is legit? Because Diesel GETS SHIT DONE INSTEAD OF CRYING.

He's a individual whos been in porn, not a star like some other black men we love.