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Hello people...

First up is Cybersockets:

I get to LA on Saturday around 6pm and the timing could not be any better, I was able to catch a ride with the World Famous Gio( the Ramada. I check in my stuff at hotel and then have dinner with Gio. Gio retired for the evening and headed back to hotel.

I dread being in LA, because I do not know anybody. Most of the models that live in LA I'm not connected with, I do not run with a Click or circle and this is only my opinion mind you...

I find alot of the porn models in LA are alittle stuck up, diva acting, self absorbed, and petty. In my opinion the only reason why any of models would want to hangout with Me is if I could help out their career, get them drugs, or spend money on them.

I'm no TRICK!! I like helping out models but Fuck that!! None of these models deserve my help because they are only USERS!! moving on....

I run into SuperFabrice and Donny Aldo, who were so super cool and I asked if I could hangout with them. Then it was PARTY TIME!!! I had a great time with the boys that Saturday night. I got back over to the hotel and crashed on top of the bed and I was out like a light.

Sunday comes around I make it over to the 24hour Fitness and I work out for 2hours and head back to hotel. I make plans with SuperFabrice and Donny again and I headed over to the dreaded HERE bar(something like that)

To the readers of the CAN(Crimes Against Nature)blog you will remember I got kicked out of the HERE bar for manscent. Not sure why I decided to go back there(Cause I was drunk)but I went back, no problems this time(I dressed for the evening, even non scented deodorant)We then make our way to MICKEYS(Cocktail of the Stars fame)We had some drinks and then Donny orders Me a Blond Bubble butt to go...

Long story short, Bubble and I hit up IHOP for breakfast and then go back to my hotel for some fun. It was mostly cuddle time but I did manage to throw some dick into the boy in the morning.

I even Tweeted "Im a classy whore, when done with a boy u just dont throw them out(well if bad lay u do)a good fuck u put in cab to make sure they get home.

So I put the boy in cab and sent him home...

Now its Monday, I had a couple of meetings during the day(random meetings)to talk over business and the sort. I go over to the Starbucks(WestHollywood) with Howard from Fabscout and run into a Groupie Sub.

One of the perks of being in the business, is that you have Groupies. Normally I do not sleep with Fans or Groupies(but rules are made to be broken)but I was interested in this Sub.

I made plans to meet up with the Sub, and long story short I fucked the living hell out of the boy. I probably pounded the boy for a good three hours(breaks of course)and even put in a couple of tweets on Twitter explaining the situation.

"Sitting in room and looking at this kids mongoose bmx bike SWEET!! and so is that kids ass......SWEET!! Booty breaking break rest time!!"

"Finally done fucking this was nothing but fucking him until he passed out slap him awake with dick then fuck to sleep again..LOL"

During the course of the day, I had the chance to run into some people that I wanted to run into badly.

Suite703Justin- Never met the guy before, and was surprised when I had the chance to meet him. PEOPLE you know I do not kiss ass/brown nose, the boy is cute!! I was surprised!! Big Shout Out!!

Marko Lebeau- New rising porn star with an amazing bubble butt

And a certain little blonde guy that sparked me up to some good 420 in his hotel room. There is a rumor going around that I fucked the guy, NO WE DID NOT FUCK!! I smoke some of his weed(not his cock or smoked his ass) so people kill that rumor!!

I sat in the hotel room until the start of the Cybersockets, I was tired after fucking the Groupie and wanted to have plenty of energy.

I head over to the Cybersockets awards(At the Factory)and I walk over!! Funny I see a Hummer Limo outside the Ramada with the Randy Blue models getting ready to head over to the event. It must be good to have money enough to rent a Hummer Limo to bring models to an event that is three blocks away(short walk)....

I'm not hating at all!! That is what you do as a big boy!!!

I get over to the Factory, and the line is crazy out the door!! It was kinda of strange seeing the line, the VIP line was half way down the block!! General admission was $10 and the general admission line was alot shorter than the VIP line. It was a cluster fuck trying to get into the Club, alot of people did not get in or had to wait on a huge line to get in. Work on that next time Cybersocket people.


I get to the Cybersockets and the place is packed!! My timing was bad because I had a huge Panic/Anxiety attack as soon as I got to the venue. When I have an attack I almost shut down, so if anybody was in attendance and saw Me when I first arrived I was suffering bad!. Usually before an event I get Dazed and Confused and it helps me cope with the pending Panic attacks of being in crowded rooms. It's hard to describe the feeling when you have an Panic Attack.

A Diesel panic attack:

The room tends to get smaller and smaller...
I start to feel the heat of the room and begin to sweat.
I get slightly lightheaded
Hard to focus
I feel like I'm in a dream state watching myself move around the room.
Nervous feeling like I'm about to throw up!!

It takes alittle time for Me to adjust to the new settings, I usually need a drink or two to loosen up. My panic/anxiety attacks do not last long, I just have to relax and ride through it. So there you have it folks, if you ever see me acting strange at events now you know why.

Moving on.....

I go to get interviewed by Sister Roma and Tim V(Naked Sword) and then get interviewed by the Cybersocket people.

Quick interview by Zach Sire here:

You see the drink in my hand?? Thorn(cool peeps)ran to get me a drink and that shit was nice and strong, which def helped me get over my "Little Attack"

I check the time and I have to go backstage to present, here is some quick Vid of Backstage at the Cybersockets:

I go on stage and present:

When I got off stage someone alerted that some guy named Robert was talking shit about Me on Twitter. Some dude from Realguyssomething said "Diesel is about present, I hope he doesn't smell"....

You know what?? Tired of these bitches talking shit about Me so FUCK YOU ROBERT!!!

Moving on.....

I get a couple of drinks in Me, and at this point I'm feeling good. A good friend of mine Kyler Coy introduces Me to Kieron Ryan such a cutie and from that moment on We were glued at the hip.

Pictures by Mike Dreyden, Tommywee(something like that, that is another story) And I stole pics from that asshole Robert!

About the Awards??

What can you say?? I think the judges were on Crack! Not sure who paid for their awards but they must have paid out of their ass.

Put it this way....

JasonCurious won Best Porn blog.

That speaks volumes about the awards show, that crappy blog won Best Porn Blog over so many other blogs that were more deserving. I didn't want to win, in fact I told people do not vote for Me because there was other bloggers that report porn news way way better than I can.

Anyway moving on....

Somethings that I wanted to point out:

Surfer’s Choice: Best Asian Theme Site

This Asian model was so hot!!! When he took off his shirt some people in the crowd dropped their jaw!! So glad to see a hot asian guy representing, that is what its all about Diversity!! Speaking of which..

Surfer’s Choice: Best Black Theme Site

I was kinda of confused by this one, so many other deserving Men of Color sites and won??? The porn industry is getting more and more crazy!!! It was kinda of sad to see this site win. So many things need to change in this business, but I'm only one person...


I had a good time at the awards and I got a chance to meet alot of models who showed me love.

John Magnum - he was so sexy at the awards, growing out his chest hair and everything!! He was looking great!!

Dayton O'Connor- this guy is so real and hot!!! Whew!! I had a long time fantasy about Dayton.....I always wanted to suck on his ears. I love guys with large ears(as you all know)so I asked Dayton for a small favor..."Could I suck on your ears?" To which he said "Sure Diesel whatever you want" Oh man!! I think I popped a boner on the spot. If your reading this Dayton....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Mike Dreyden- sorry I did not make it to your farewell party in NYC, but I still love you bro, thanks for letting me go with you to the Cybersockets awards

Thorn- my Brother in Arms We need to connect and show these porn stars and players how to do things.

Krys Perez- such a sexy boy, I wanted to bang him right there on the spot!! Thanks for the love

Brice Carson- I met him in FTL and then run into him again at Cybersockets. Another cute boy who showed me love.

Damien Rios- Wow he looked great at the Cybersockets!! Bubble ass and super sexy!!

Marcus Mojo- What more could I say??? You all know I like this kid alot, speaking of which we need your help:

Dylan Roberts- my partner from coming soon)such a sweetheart

Trevor Knight- what up player?? Thanks for showing love

Samuel O'Toole- what up homie?? Thanks for the love

Rod Daly- you crazy Mofo!! thanks for the love

Scotty B- glad your not apart of the Weho mafia or I would have to kick your ass

Travis James- I'm so glad you introduced yourself to Me. I knew who you were but I do not like to invade peoples space, I guess you saw Me checking you out. Fucking hot guy!!

Resse Rideout- good to run into you again, love your Youtubes. I should have gotten Vid of you saying FUCK YOU to Eric Rhodes for his comments about our Youtubes oh well next time...

Wolf Hudson- you know your my Homie bro, wish I was in town longer(not really)I will see you next time and We have alot to discuss.....

Lex Sabre- bro your looking good, I love the fact that your working out and putting on size!! Next time I'm on my knees blowing you with that big dick of yours.

Big Shout out to everybody else who I missed......

At the end of the awards, I take Kieron Ryan to the pizza place and get some food. Was looking for the Afterparty....

Word around town was that the Afterparty was at WEHO MAFIA COMPOUND.

Fuck that!!! I do not do Coke!! So why bother going.....

I rather go back to the hotel and cuddle with Kieron Ryan, and that is what I did!!

Another post coming...



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well WOW! i was like damn... i dont remember half the shit that went down at cybersocket! listen, you said you dont know anybody in LA... well, now you do bro! mi casa es su casa! any time any day! see you in chicago if no sooner! ~xxoo ~MD