Friday, February 11, 2011


I have some scenes coming out......

Reactions differ on my newest scene out


Manhunt Daily



It's called STACKING!!

I give you the readers a heads up before anything, you know my style of doing things....

When I was filming the scenes I told you I wanted to do HARDPOUNDING, SIGNATURE MOVES, PASSION.

It seems that Signature moves is being featured first:

I'm reading the comments the viewing audience is leaving on these posts(THANKS FOR THE LOVE FELLOW BLOGGERS)and for the most part, people like the scene.

I really need my readers/fans/supporters to show Me love on this scene. This scene is bigger than just a Signature move..

Its Black/White/Latin guys together one in scene, DIVERSITY!!!

Suite703 has opened the door to having more diverse models on their site. I was the first black model on Suite703 with my scene with Scott Alexander. It was the first BlackonBlack scene on Suite703 AND YOU THE FANS made that scene hot!!!

The scene was so popular, they put me on tap to do two more scenes on their site. One scene with Jayce Jones(Who is alive)and another scene that wind up being a solo. YOU THE FANS SUPPORTED YET AGAIN..

That show of Support opened the door to the first Interracial/Intergenerational scene which is my scene with Tucker Vaugh(HARDPOUNDING)

It's a scene of Huge Black Man fucking a tiny White boy........But Scary HARD!!


I want to say THIS IS PORN!! Porn is suppose to be fun and exciting and something different. I refuse to be locked into doing the same thing over and over!!

Some of you are probably saying "Diesel you play that Dominant character over and over...."

WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND??? IM A TOP offscreen/onscreen AND THE INDUSTRY DOES NOT PAY ENOUGH FOR ME TO BOTTOM($10,000 for me bottoming? WACK!) I do admit that I'm overaggressive in my scenes, but I rather be INTENSE!!Then a DEAD FUCK ON CAMERA....

So its strange hearing people complain about the Dominant character onscreen. He is active, into the scene, into his costar, into the action, and tries to be creative. I see other models doing 100+ scenes and it same thing over and over, low energy, no connection, stiff fucks, no facial expressions JUST DEAD PAN!!

Yet they work over and over and over!! I guess people get Picky when it comes Diesel Washington because he is Cocky/Arrogant so I have to keep stepping up my game because I'M A BIG MOUTH!!

I guess that is the price I pay when I blog about creating Signature moves/Claiming to be the Best Top bah bah bah. But that is fine......

I have very thick skin, so I can deal with it...


People complain about the Diesel character everyday....

Think about it:

I'm getting press for STACKING!! Something I came up with just to be different and interesting. So call it Crazy! Strange, Outlandish even!!

As long as my name is correctly in the posts, and I keep doing something different for the same ole positions, I'm good!!

Keep Watching!!!


James said...

"I have very thick skin, so I can deal with it..."

Yeah, right.......:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel, as I am a big fan of his work, decided to create a blog gathering your things. I hope it is happy. A big kiss from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

The links is:

Cali-P said...

I watch porn that reflects what I want to experience myself. That means cock-hungry pig bottoms and big-dicked tops who know how to lay some pipe.

A top that's just going through the motions for a paycheck will never get a crack at my ass. Neither will someone who's gay for pay and faking it. And he won't have a chance on my TV screen either.

Keep doing what you're doing Diesel.

Drill baby drill!!

Sue said...