Thursday, February 24, 2011


I think too much......

That is my major flaw, and when I think my mind tends to race and then its all over the place. When that happens, I pull out my computer and start to write out my thoughts(Some make sense, Some do not)anyway....

This is one of those moments...... Am I ready to accept the fact that I'm a "DADDY"??

I think I am.

My impression of a Daddy:

Beefy, Older, Grey haired, Wrinkles, Experienced, Mature, Gentleman

My impression of a Leather Daddy:

Beefy, Older, Grey haired, Wrinkles, Experienced, Mature, Dominate, Calculated, Well Trained, a Teacher, Mentor,

I considered myself a Jock, that good looking guy that is worked out loves sports and lives an active lifestyle. But lets face it, gay porn is ran nowadays with the emphasis on youth. The newer models are 18-27yrs, jockish, and very cookie cutter. The one iconic look that is missing in today's porn is the Daddy look. Gone are the days that beefy top/bottom got on set that "MAN" older, rugged, burly, coach type.

Another reason why I wanted to do the Signature Moves

And Hardpounding

The Coaching scene gave me the opportunity to play a character that was older(in a sense)I wanted to see if I could play that older "Coach" type and according to reviews...It was a fit for Me!!

Hardpounding, that scene was strictly an ego boost, age was not an issue in that scene. That was a personal ego check seeing if I can wear out a 19yr old Porn Power bottom. What made the scene even hotter was that Tucker Vaughn talks back!!

The first scene in my career that my co star is talking dirty to Me. Not porn talk like "Yeah fuck my ass" "U like this ass?" But actual communication between partners having sex, describing how it feels and what needs improvement. AAAAh that was a very very fun scene,

Mind you I'm 20+ years older than Tucker Vaughn, so I'm bringing back the Daddy look.

I'm declaring myself the new breed of "Daddy"

New breed of Daddy:

No longer that beefy, stocky kind of body(which is hot too)but We are leaner, tighter and more jock type.

Little to no wrinkles nowadays(Botox free)

More hip with a touch of flair, but We always stay with the classics(Music, clothes, cars bah bah)

Still experienced, well trained, knowledgeable....

And the best part??

Mature....but current with Technology, Pop culture, and all that good stuff. Spontaneous and can still party hard and dance all night(Without the use of drugs) And lets face it....

With all the drugs on the market, you can be 70yrs and still pop a boner and wear out some ass...

In short, I will take that role of Daddy.

I'm the new breed of Daddy.....



Ray Avito said...

Most of the most popular models around today are in the 35-50 range...if my eyes are correct. Just because they don't identify their ages, doesn't mean they aren't in that range. I don't see why age is a factor. The really young ones are in that "Okay, I've been told he's cute, so he's cute" range. I'm totally saying that there is that sheep mentality. As soon as a person is christened "IT" then he's all over the place...this has become a rambling...but anyhow, Frackers, I'm it out, Diesel...

Ray Avito said...

One statement though...I never understood why you got upset about anybody revealing your actual name when your actual name is on both of your Facebook tags displayed visibly on your blog.

On a side note, I would love to give you head. *giggles*

Life On The Island of Misfit Toyz said...

Thanks for kicking the industry in the ass and showing us something other than mass produced pretty boys, showing us something we could run into in our favorite hang out.
If only we were so lucky ;)