Monday, February 21, 2011


Sometimes I get so sick and tired of people, Thinking they know me.......

It's almost like a slap in the face sometimes, I want to scream "You have no clue what my personality is, or what I'm about..." The simple fact that some people read words typed on a screen is not a indicator/insight into their personality. I will say this on record(Copy and Paste and saved it!):

I have an online personality(Diesel, Dexter, Editor mixture)he is in your face. Boldly honest and prefers to get to the point rather then have witty banter or play the teasing game online esp when its about Business, Sex, and the Truth.

I'm a Porn star, Escort, Personality and as soon as I click on the computer I have to wade through a sea of fan email(Fuck Me letters), showing support(good ones), family stories and the like. Then have to go through and delete all the Secret Admirer emails and comments on the blog. I then go to my book marks on the computer and read each update and story(leave a comment or two)I then of course go for the mass google search for my characters name Diesel Washington(just good business)YES I'M THAT SHALLOW!!LOL
At the end of the day I play a character on film and I play a character online.

Moving on....

People seem to ask Me the same questions over and over!! So again I will answer the SAME questions everybody asks Me over and over


Are you into Black guys?

How come your not doing more any movies and doing only web now?

Hot House rarely works with a black guy, I was already an exclusive with Titan, Falcon/Mustang..Eric Rhodes and Diesel do not get along, Raging Stallions they already have black exclusive. Colt I'm not sure they still film that much content anymore. Jet Set ummm not sure I wonder myself(stab at Chris/Rob LOL). Plus I'm an established star so scene rate is higher than newbie. I'm alot older then some of the models working(yet my body is better than most)the porn industry runs on fresh faces, and new talent..I'm blessed that I'm still going and my fan base keeps growing as well....(I smell website, LOL) But more importantly I was getting tired of putting my health at risk. The websites I work for all test now, so I feel alittle more comfortable working with models that are screened and tested for scenes. That is real reason...

Why do you go so "HARD" on the bloggers/porn stars who criticize you?

I find it all a game, in some ways I hate giving the opponent that extra shine or attention(that helps their popularity)but sometimes you have to weigh your options. Some of my battles were merely PR work to get people to see a scene or to help sell a DVD of mine(I have admitted to that)And sometimes I lose focus on handling my work and a Gutterbunny see post

will come along looking to make a name for themselves, they come out and blindly attack you. At first I tried to ignore the fleas, but I was seeing them gain popularity at my expense. So instead of ignoring the bastards my aim is to bury them!! What people fail to realize, I played the DL game, coming out to parents, having my Mother support me at events so the truth is out there. I have nothing to hide or feel ashamed about. I go at the secret admirers HARD because they have something to hide, they have to attack because they have insecurities, they have things to hide(feelings, emotions, their real life problems)I put my insecurities online(this blog)which in turn empowers Me. So when someone attacks I go "HARD" yes but I use only the truth!! When you shine the light on these secret admirers they get scared and run like bitches!! So I'm done ignoring...I'm burying these cockroaches..

Your biggest pet peevee??
I hate Liars, gamers, ass kissers, brown nosers and I'm not a fan of followers(those people who do not have an opinion)I have seen alot of stuff in this business. Porn stars giving sexual favors for people in the hopes of getting a role. Just giving away sexual favors in the hopes for advancement or that one big break in the industry. God...I rather stand tall and get work here and there then be on my knees sucking cock in the hopes of getting a role. I'm a grown man with an opinion and a very strong will. And I hate when you tell people the truth they think your saying something hurtful because the truth hurts sometimes.. I'm not a liar

You seem to attack all the younger performers out there when they cross you, why even bother with the younger crowd?? Your in your 40's?? Dammit man!!

I'm having a midlife crisis, HAHAHA so what I fuck younger.... No but seriously I go hard on the younger generation because they are the future of porn. Even before the recession I was warning models that screen rates were taking nose dives. I wanted to stress to the younger models hold out for more money. The companies are making a killing off your image so don't sell yourself short. I kind of used the twinks as scapegoats because when they get older and worked out they are the next breed of porn stars.

People flipped out when they saw the interview, but I was speaking the truth. On the flip side you had producers like M.L. who were saying this...

MM: Hello, Michael. How's the economy treating you? Between the plunging market and the amateur-porn explosion, aren't you all losing your shirts along with your pants? ML: Porn is not recession-proof. Whoever says it is lying. But because of the recession, everyone wants to be a porn star now. To balance things, I pay them less and I pay less for renting locations. Everybody's making a deal now.

Another reason why I do not like M.L. but at least he was being truthful. Alot of producers are thinking the same way. But the boys came in the business willing to work for spare change, and that threw off the whole scene rate thingy. Now it seems the average pay is about $800 to $1,200 for movie work.

Also I wanted to tell the models about the health risk they face coming into this business. Too many boys are turning up POZ and not protecting themselves. As an Elder in this business I think its my responsibility to make sure anybody who reads my blog for information get the whole truth behind the smoke and mirrors. Some thank Me for it, others think I'm just a jaded porn star who is washed up talking shit!! My skin is thicker than most so I deal with it everyday..

Every time I look at your blog your always chasing the white boys and hugged up with them in your pics...Why is that??

Hmmm kind of a racist question..but I will answer it. I'm 40+ and a porn star, I do not go out much(not into clubs or bar hopping in NYC, I don't shit where I live)most of the pictures posted is Diesel Washington at events. At most events I'm one of few black guys or men of color at these events. And when cameras are around I make sure to get my picture taken(good press)and when your a porn star top and all these bottoms are around, I snatch up one and use as a prop in a picture HAHAH. No seriously I try to be friendly at events and when people want to take pictures I try to include everybody in the pic. Lastly.. Why do I have to be the one chasing??? It might come as a shock to the Secret Admirers, but I'm a good looking guy with a hot body and big dick and know how to use if bottoms are around and they want a taste of Diesel Washington they are not allowed to flirt with Me?? Maybe in the hopes of riding the fat cock??? Come on people... I like people of all types, as long as they are nice to Me I will be nice to them.

In alot of your scenes you seem to only film with white partners, Why is that?

Contrary to what people think earlier in my career, I did not have that much choice when it came to scene my partners. I had to work with people who were willing to work with Me. I was an unknown porn model, Black 6'6 240lbs of muscle with a 10in cut cock....ummm at that time not many people wanted to work with Me. I was alittle intimidating to people. Matters got worse when my scenes started to come out, I was an aggressive fucker, most models wanted simple roles(quick Suck and Fuck easy work) So finding models who could get past the race issue, size issue(being 6'6)and fucking style was kind of hard. To this day, some models are still afraid of me and still afraid to work with Me because they can not see past the Porn persona. The simple answer?? Not many black models in mainstream porn to work with. It wasn't until 2010 when I started having control over scene partners. I was able to work with Scott Alexander, Jayce Jones and I even started a contest looking for Americas Next Black Bottom. ANBB was a nightmare I was trying to help other models into the business and I was getting red tape from producers who didn't like some of models looks(Too thug, too many Tatts, bah bah)and I was getting diva attitude from the inspiring models(wanting to work with only big names, only wanting to work with black models, bah bah)I was in the middle trying to keep the models updated on situation of contest and run my own career at the same time. Final straw came when a model pulled out of the contest at the last moment, citing that they wanted to start a modeling career instead. And I shut the door completely when a model tried to use fake HIV results and when was tested came up POZ and the scene had to be turned into a Solo instead. I was hurt, let down, and I decided to ONLY give advice to people coming into the industry.

What happened to the ANBB contest?

Read above^

You seem to know all the answers when it comes to porn. Why don't you start your own Site/Studio and stop talking about it and do it!!

Hmm why so hostile??LOL If I was a rich man, I would have started a studio already. I work hard for my money(Job, Porn, Escort)do I want to invest my money into an industry that is failing right now??? Mega studios like Titan and Channel 1 are now working together. Raging Stallions took over Falcon!! Hot House barely keeping above water. Times are tough, and its a struggle just surviving and paying rent and bills and trying take care of my mother at the same time. I do want to have my own nest egg, but right now taking care of my family is more important than becoming a Porn mogul.. Real Talk

You seem to play this Black Mandingo character in your films, Why is that?

I play the character of a Dominate male, not sure where race becomes involved with this?? I'm not referring to my co stars as White bitches or using the race card in sexual play. My in my career I played the part of a Leather man three times(Folsom Filth, Bound Gods, Taken to the lowest level)all my other roles I played the part of an aggressive top that comes in and fucks the boys hard. The role of aggressive top is my natural role off camera so there is little acting to be done in my roles. I promise you, if I was a bottom or versatile I would be getting fucked onscreen and making money. But I'm a top in real life, so sorry to burst your bubble. I will admit to adding more intensity to my roles, because I want the viewers to see that hot bottom getting fucked hard and deep. I never want to be that top that is going through the motions and turning out boring scenes. I am so sorry if I give too much energy in my roles, that is something that will not change I'm afraid. Get over it!!

In your film history, how come you never do more passionate scenes??

I play characters as I see fit, and truthfully I can not have a passionate scene with someone I barely know. When you do a porn scene, your working with someone you just met that day on set, there is no emotional connection its all physical. In order for Me to do a passionate scene I have to know/like the person. I can not fake passion in my scenes, it looks forced and unnatural. In the movie Double Standard by Titan, I faked passion and worked my ass off in that scene. But I had two months to prepare for that role and get my head in that mind space to work. Since then I worked with Dylan Roberts on a shoot from and I had the chance to be around Dylan and see him at events and build a friendship with him before We worked together. I felt comfortable working with him, so I let down my guard working with him..... so when the scene comes out, let me know what you think...

There is always Drama with you Diesel, why is that??

Drama Me?? Nooooo Put this way Gay boys love reading about drama. Every gay boy loves a juicy scandal or some dirt slinging. As a fighter I like to use my blog as a sword. Lets face it, I'm 6'6 240lbs of muscle if I was to go at these people in person talking shit about Me, I would be kicking these peoples ass and going to jail for it. I know these little bitches would call the cops on Me, when they were the ones to incite Me and piss Me off. So instead of fighting with fists I fight with words. I write these blogs that kick the crap out of people, because I do not want to use my hands. So I go hard at these people, using every shred of truth at my command. I'm here to hurt your feelings if you fuck with Me!! The damage my fist would have done is nasty so I make sure to have a war of words that is just as nasty!!

Your body is amazing how do you keep it in shape?

Im 40+ so I kill myself in the gym, I do cardio three times a week(45mins high intensity,treadmill, StairMaster, cross trainer)I do a two body part split(3days on, 1day off, 1 day full body)and I stick to a high protein low carb diet(Bulking stage High protein, high carb)I usually stick to the game plan of staying porn fit. I went through a difficult time in 2009 when I gained bad weigh after retiring. By 2010 I got back into porn shape and that is where I want to stay. It gets harder each year but so far I seem to be winning the battle..


So those are some FAQ, and people will still think they know Me, They will still judge my Twitter, Blog, Faceboook thinking they know...

I'm the puppet master, I tell you what I want you to know. I let you see what I want you to see...

That is what makes this all fun for Me...


James said...

"Drama Me?? Nooooo Put this way Gay boys love reading about drama. Every gay boy loves a juicy scandal or some dirt slinging."

This is your response? Really? Weak sauce. Nothing but weak sauce. Would have been nice if you actually discussed how YOU thrive on drama, but I guess it's easier to blame others. I'm done with your blog. Good luck man. Hope you get what you want.


Ray Avito said...

Great Q&A, I enjoyed it. I don't think I had seen the "twink interview" before, really funny and you looked fantastic.

Diesel Washington said...

Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Tired of you James!! I had to publish your comment because people like you do not get the tongue in cheek writing I do.

While other people write all fluff and bullshit and happy go lucky shit I tackle hard issues the way I see fit bro.

Anyway I'm sure you will be back, because your like all the others. You can't stand Me hate my attitude but you can not help yourself, you have to read my blog to see what is happening in my life. Almost 6 years of writing this blog and people come and go, but they always come back because my blog is like a reality show. People have to see what is going on in my life.

Anonymous said...

Diesel I think you are being GENEROUS with the $800-$1200 figure. I have heard it's even lower then that now. I don't know if you will answer but in your opinion how many of these guys that claim they are gay for pay or bi sexual are really closeted gay men? I have heard from other talent that a many of these guys are gay and have to closet themselves to get hired by certain studios, and some are major head cases that haven't/won't come to terms with being gay.

BTW I thought it was hysterical when you wrote about performers who called themselves G4P but had losser and more stretched out holes then the gay talent you work with!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting interview. You didn't really address any of the questions concerning your pairings with white porn actors, but that's your business. Just one small point:

Dominate = a verb. "To dominate." "Diesel dominated those white twinks."

Dominant = an adjective. "Diesel Washington usually is the dominant one in his films."

Anonymous said...

Dude you're not a fu*king actor. You're a porn prostitute. This isn't Shakespeare in the Park. Just fuck, promote and shut up.