Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello my Secret Admirers....

I just wanted to share this with the Secret Admirers, I mean they called Me a "Has Been" "Washed Up":

Its only March and I have done three scenes(Way popular)2 for www.suite703.com

1 for www.ExtraBigDicks.com

I was nominated Best Personality, Best Porn Blogger at the Cybersockets...

Nominated for Best Daddy and Best Live Performer at the Hookies

Nominated for Best and Biggest Badass at TLA awards...

Now add GRABBYS:

Best Three Way
Getting Levi's Johnson
Jesse Santana, Diesel Washington and Casey Monroe
Jet Set Men

Best Supporting Actor
Diesel Washington/Getting Levi's Johnson-Jet Set Men

Hottest Ass Eating
Getting Levi's Johnson
Jesse Santana, Casey Monroe and Diesel Washington
Jet Set Men

Proud of this Movie in alot of ways, I promoted the Hell out of this Movie with so much energy seen here:


I also met Marcus Mojo for the first time, and I want to work with him so badly!!I even wrote a post declaring my interest in working with Marcus/Landon see here:

I then wrote a blog about the GayVns, where I declared that Dylan Roberts/McLovin and Landon/Marcus Mojo were the two hottest power bottoms working today.

I wrote: Dylan Roberts and Landon Mycles, yummy!! I keep my distance around you guys!!I want to chill and blaze and kick the shit!! But in doing so, we would be homies!!I want to fuck you guys!!LOL So I like keeping that distance, because I could see Us laying back, blazing, acting goofy and that is where the friendship comes in. In my mind, I need that tension there, so when We fuck(On camera)that shit is going to be Banging. Then afterwards, We can be Homies!! Business bitches!! Business!! Two Hot power bottoms!! Damn!!

Since then, I had the chance to work with Dylan Roberts seen here:

So that leaves Marcus Mojo, and just recently I watched an interview with Marcus Mojo saying that he wants to work with Me. And I'm high on his list of people to work with. Seen here:


I tell you people its the power of the blog, if you dream it and write it will happen down the road......I waited a long time to be partnered up in scenes that I wanted to see happen. So who knows if this will happen or not??? We put it out there so lets see...

Movies up for awards that I was in, Getting Levis Johnson(Jet Set), SteamWorks(Raging Stallions)

Best Movie
Getting Levi's Johnson/Jet Set Men

Best Ethnic
SteamWorks/Raging Stallion Studios

Best Comedy
Getting Levi's Johnson/Jet Set Men

Best Box Cover
Getting Levi's Johnson/Jet Set Men

Now alittle about the movie SteamWorks by Raging Stallions:


I'm glad the Grabby people, push for change in this business. Men of color models are showing that We can sell DVDs by getting this nomination for best Ethnic film. So We are pushing the limits in this business and We are making change(slow but moving)for that I'm extremely proud and just having this film nominated is an honor!!

So to the Secret Admirers out there, you bitch and moan and call Me a Has Been and Washed Up!! Yet!!!

I keep on moving up and the movies that I'm apart of still have an impact on the business. I see the role that I have in this business and I will continue to push the limits on adding more diversity into the business.

Alot of good news happening!!!

But be ready Secret Admirers I have a Round 5 coming soon as well...

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Sue said...

Congratulations on all of your nominations!!!