Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello my Secret Admirers....

I just wanted to share this with the Secret Admirers, I mean they called Me a "Has Been" "Washed Up":

Its only March and I have done three scenes(Way popular)2 for

1 for

I was nominated Best Personality, Best Porn Blogger at the Cybersockets...

Nominated for Best Daddy and Best Live Performer at the Hookies
Nominated for Best and Biggest Badass at TLA awards...

GRABBYS nominations:

Best Three Way
Best Supporting Actor
Hottest Ass Eating

Now add being honored for Outstanding Achievement by the 2011 Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards.

2011 Blatino Oasis Erotica Award
Outstanding Achievement
Diesel Washington

The Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards is proud to recognize
Diesel Washington with our first ever award for "Outstanding Achievement" in the adult entertainement industry.
Hot! This is the best word to describe Diesel Washington. This mainstream adult film star is best known as a dominant top. Initially signed as a Titan Men exclusive model in 2006. Diesel has gone on to win several Grabby Awards, most recently—in 2009—as performer of the year and as author of his blog,, which combines news from the gay adult industry with personal reflections and photos, many featuring the performer himself. In 2008, the International Escort Awards or "Hookies" recognized him as the year's best fetish escort, while in 2010 he won a Hookies award for his blog. Congratulations!

This award means alot to me, since Day 1 of writing this blog I said way back in 12/12/2005 :

Firstly name change I was Giant then, Now I'm Diesel Washington same person but more focused to attain goals i have set for myself. I want to Come out full force and show their are plenty of Hot guys out there(Black, White , Latin, Asian Etc etc). Don't judge me by the color of my skin rather on ....How Hard I fuck Ya!!!!! Good Sex is good sex Topline!!!.

I have often been misunderstood, I have been called a Sell out, having Self Hatred for my own race, and some people even said I turned my back on my own community. Alot of that kind of talk pissed Me off, I brushed it off my shoulders and kept doing my thing and not listening to Secret Admirers. I don't have to explain my situation or what I'm trying to accomplish, I set goals for myself and nothing was going to stop Me from achieving them.

In the back of my mind however, I was sad and upset that people did not get or understand what I was trying to do:

I saw the lack of diversity in mainstream porn, instead of just complaining about it, I took action and became a model to change it.

I worked out hard and created my Brand from the bottom up

The key was to be signed by Big named Studio, so I could get my foot in the door.

Once there I had to put my plan into action, it was to come out of the gate Hardcore and in your face so the viewing audience could not ignore Me(Black/White/Latin/Asian)

Once I got the attention I had to make sure I did scene after scene that were ground breaking at the time. Build up a following..

From there I had to gain respect from my peers in the business, I had to show them that I was not a one hit wonder and I was a performer that could compete with the "Big" stars.

I had to walk a fine line between being outspoken, while not appearing too militant for fear of being labeled the "Angry Black Man". Most people took this as a sign that I sold out or became the "White Mans Bitch"(Sigh). Most of my Co stars were white males, alot of people did not understand that I had no control or power when it came to casting decisions(Co stars had to have the Titan look)I was lucky just to be working at the time, alot of models did not want to work with Me at first(Color preference, Height wise, Body wise, and some could not handle the dick or pounding)I was a new model finding his own path.

By 2008, Titan released "Telescope" and long story short that movie was promised to Me as my starring vehicle. Needless to say when I saw the cover of the movie I was not happy and at that moment I had enough and started speaking my mind. I finally was paired with another black model in the movie "Folsom Prison". "Double Standard" was released and finally "Playbook". By this time I had some say over scene partners but my contract ended with Titan and was not renewed.

I went Free agent by this time, and I had the option of retiring or trying to move on. I was in uncharted waters at this time, not knowing if I would work again. I had to start over again and show that I could do good work without Titan having my back so I had to adjust quickly. I got some big breaks and was able to shine on my own abilities.

By 2009 I won Performer of the Year, Best Porn Star Blog. That was the opportunity I wanted, I had a chance to break that Glass ceiling of never having a Man of Color winning Performer of the Year!! I thought my job was done, I had something to prove to myself that I could do it, AND I DID!

I retired from porn and tried to move on, I would look at the porn news from time to time and still saw the lack of Men of Color. I unretired and came back to porn to create opportunities for other Men of Color.

Step by step I worked from the inside of porn to make a change, gave me the opportunity to add diversity to their site of mostly white males and they took a big risk at first. Truth be told it was a hit or miss for the site, when I filmed my scene with Scott Alexander I asked YOU the fans to support it. AND THE FANS did not let me down(THANK YOU SO MUCH) then end result of that scene was that it out sold all the other scenes on the site. Suite 703 ordered more Black on Black scenes, so I went back to Suite703 and filmed a scene with Jace Jones and the second scene was No go(Bad situation happened). I gained more ground when Suite703 started doing interracial scenes. Since then more and more Men of Color were appearing on Suite703 and other sites, progress is being made(Slowly but still being made)

I'm not saying that change was a direct result of my pushing for Diversity, I had alot of help from people like Suite703, Fabscout entertainment, Giophotography, and alot of other people BTS(THANK YOU GUYS) During that time I stepped up my efforts on Twitter to bring awareness to adding more Diversity, HIV testing and other numerous subjects.

For my outspokenness, I was labeled a trouble maker, causing too many waves in the industry and that stands true to now.

So to receive this award from the Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards for Outstanding Achievement means alot to me!!!

Enduring all the rumors and gossip that I turned my back on my own community was hard for Me. Its not my job to stand on a Soapbox pointing fingers at people and call them Racist. My goal from the start was to prove to the mainstream industry that Men of Color can sell scenes, become Top performers and can have an impact on the industry. I didn't have to become a Thug, wear Do rags(nothing wrong with that)and talk street slang to do it.

A smart man that wants to make a change to an industry that he loves does not attack from the outside of the wall. He plays the Trojan Horse, and attacks within the walls because that always causes the most damage to an enemy.

Now maybe people will understand my methods of attack......


Rick said...

Its amazing. The points you made in the post were things I was thinking of last night for some odd reason. You're absolutely correct, someone has to blaze a trail. Though, its always difficult to find men of color in mainstream porn, I would rather see some color than none at all! Now, these studios are beginning to take notice, of pairing men of color together. A la Race Cooper & Scott Alexander. When I watched the scene with Diesel & Scott, it reinforced to me that sex between 2grown, sexy men of color is a fantastic and beutiful thing!

Rodney B. said...

Hey Man...
I'll be Palm Springs for the Blatino Awards weekend.. can't wait.. hopefully you'll be there; proves to be a HOT weekend in more ways than one..

Anonymous said...

Sorry Diesel you really aren't a trailblazer. If you were you would have brought black on black gay porn to the mainstream. Throughout recent mainstream porn history they've always thrown in a token black. The fact that you think porn is that important is laughable. The funny thing is that you're still unaware that you're the lowest paid on the shoots you're on. Ask around. They're using you and will discard you

Anonymous said...

Papithugz and Black Reign will be there at Palm Springs Diesel, so why not contact them right now and do scenes for the company. You go around talking about mainstream porn and mentioning your "token" black fucks you done.

In all serious how much longer are you going to be doing porn and thinking you run shit. You're an actor so why not work for porn companies that we the customers are actually watching.

Also I will be at Blatino Oasis, I don't care about your sexual preferences are but WE are paying to SEE YOU so hopefully you treat us with kindness and respect.

I don't want to leave Palm Springs being an ex fan. Just saying.

Congrads you deserve