Monday, March 28, 2011

I have to keep the promotion train running, so just another update about the current scenes out featuring Diesel Washington. A good model has to keep promoting and promoting...

I have some opportunities coming up that I need to take care of and I'm excited about it because it will be a "Change" for Me. I have to start getting groomed and cleaned up for the role.

Take in the pictures first and then We can move on...

It's reinvention time!!!

As far as grooming goes the most I do is cut my hair and shave. I never been that high maintenance kind of guy, I think its a waste of money doing all that upkeep. But there is a time when u need to reinvent yourself and change direction.

I take pride in my bushy pubes, Diesel Funk, and my comic book T shirts. It's a part of the Diesel character and shows my personal taste and style with some nerdy/geek thrown in for good measure. Currently that is my look, its comfortable and easy and I feel that I'm not dressing up to play some "Porn Star". Some models go through that daily ritual of getting porn star ready:

Go Tan

Do MakeUp

Hair(styling, adding product)

Gym maintenance


Shaving and grooming..
I'm kind of limited when it comes to changing my looks, its either clean shave, moustache, goatee, or beard. I shave my head or keep a close cut because my hair is thinning out on the top so not much change happening there. But who knows down the road?? It's all about evolving....

One of my trademarks is my "Bush" nappy pubes, it's not trimmed or maintained I just let it run wild!! Alot of people like it like that, but I have some opportunities coming up that require Me to trim it and make it look neater. Don't worry I'm not shaving it off or trimming it into some bullshit landing strip, YUCK!! Basic trim job people!!

Ever wonder why I don't smile in many pictures?? First I think that toothy smile look is just overdone and fake, if I saw a pic of a guy and he had that big wide smile on his face I would be like "Who is this Douche bag" "And what the fuck is he smiling about?" It's almost like he is trying to hard to impress!! Right?? Or is it just Me??

I give the "Smirk" it's cocky/arrogant and gives the viewer the impression of "Yeah look at Me, its all there!!" It's called my sneaky look, that look of "Oh yeah I going to fuck the shit out of you" And then the "Snarl"

The "Snarl" is the facial expression I give when I'm fucking!! It makes Me look mean or I'm mad at something. When I snarl I'm not being mean but merely focused, when I'm fucking an ass. I grip the hips(when fucking doggy style)and drive my body full steam into my Co Star, I flare the nostrils and lower my eye brow(I breathe through nose and lower my brow to get rid of worry lines on forehead) I look over old footage and IT DOES seem like I'm angry or mad in my scenes. So I want to clear the air for once, I fuck with PASSION!!

I rather look mean and intense in a scene, where I'm fucking the bottom well. Over a scene where I'm looking around the room or staring off in the distance. You ever see that top that has his eyes closed when fucking?? Why the fuck is his eyes closed?? I would be staring down and looking at my cock going into this hot ass that is right in front of Me. If he is laying on his back I would be staring right into his eyes with every down stroke, just so I can see his "Fuck face". Yeah I'm that kind of top, I like to have some eye contact with my Co star. That eye contact lets me know if I'm hurting co star or I need to switch up my rhyme and Flat out I love to see the pleasure on their face when I'm working out their ass right!!

Anyway I'm off track, another reason why I don't smile is that I want my teeth whiter. I take care of my teeth but since most porn is shot in HD, the camera picks up every small detail so its upgrade time. So I decided to set up an appointment to get my teeth whitened!! So expect Me to smile alittle more in pics, I have a "Cute" smile so I think its time to be "Friendly" with the lens. My god, in alot of my earlier pictures it looked like I wanted to grab the cameraman and kick his ass.

So in Diesel fashion, I will record every step of the way on becoming a "Pretty Boy" it's a Win/Win for Me!! It's time for an upgrade and I think I clean up nicely.

Moving on....

Spent another weekend with "Petey" and things are going great! Its strange to write a post now because "Petey" reads my blog, he is becoming more important in my life so I have to find a way to include him in my posts. There is a positive change in my life and I have to write about him because.....

He is throwing off my blogging and my Tweets on Twitter. Its the curse!!

The curse of the blogger is that your writing goes into the "Crapper" when your dating. It happens all the time, when your a single blogger your view of the world is harsh and cynical. You make observations about life from the single perspective, it's black/white or its right/wrong. How to describe it?? Some of the most powerful posts on this blog was when I was single and lonely, its almost like my best writing is done when I'm miserable. Bloggers are crazy bunch, aside from other bloggers( Glam/Promotion/Studio) We are kind of selfish in a way:

A blog is a tool for self expression

The posts are written from Our perspective

Posts can be self absorbed, shallow and somewhat Narcissistic(some downright)

A blog or Twitter page is something that invites the viewers into the Users world.

When a single blogger starts to date someone or gets into a relationship, that world is now changed. The thinking goes from ME ME ME to We and the writing starts to tank, there is no need to spit the venom anymore. No more rants about the little things in life because our attention is on something else now. Nobody wants to read about a porn star that has a Bf or is dating someone. The public likes its porn stars single and out and about, slutting it up and just showing off. Nobody wants to hear about the stories of Bf's or where you went on a date. They want to see the sex between you guys, see if you do threesomes or orgies. And then complain that you are not in a "Real" relationship because you have an open relationship and sleep with other people.

My experience with "Petey" is that We have separate lives, he works and goes to school. I work and do the "Porn Star" thing, its way too earlier to talk about anything further. I just want to spend "Quality" time with someone I enjoy being around. Truth be told, I spoil "Petey" like a motherfucker, and it makes Me happy to see him happy. In the past, I think I came off too needy and didn't have an independence of my own, I was looking for someone to mold into what I wanted. This time around I'm taking my time and just enjoying the company. No expectations no pressure just enjoy the time I get to spend with him.

Okay I have to do the one mushy paragraph....

I enjoy the time We spend together "Petey" and I look forward to this weekend coming up to spend even more time. Yeah I'm putting myself on blast, I will be cooking/baking for "Petey" this weekend. Yeah I have to show off the cooking skills, little things like cooking for a person brings Me alot of joy. When you cook a good meal, and then sit back get Dazed and Confused with good company, Whew!! THAT IS A GOOD NIGHT!!

The little things excite Me, a simple text saying "I miss you" goes a long way for Me. Knowing that "Petey" is handling business and furthering his career is so super sexy. Seeing that drive in a person to succeed in life instead of just laying around wasting time and making excuses, is so Seductive. It makes Me want to work harder and go further with my own career.

Let's put the shallow things on table, he is cute, hot ass, love his skin discoloration(Vitiligo), his low hanging ear lobes and the simple fact that he can STAND being around Me, even after We have sex.

How cool is that?? I can be annoying sometimes I can admit it!! But He just lays in my arms and falls asleep every time and it just feels right. Enough of the mushy stuff!!

This is was a funny post, I start off with refreshing the Fans on my latest scenes to date, and then go into talking about someone I'm dating...

Still nut job Diesel...I guess!!

Miss you "Petey"!!


Sue said...

I thought your smile was blinding white in my photo, but hey, whatever.

Its really cute the way you are just gone over Petey! Head over heels gone! Too cute!!! Gush, gush, gush! I dig it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, first I congratulate you for having someone he can share with you the simple things in life.
A tip: take it slow, enjoying every minute with the person who loves you, but above all, you do not let the opinions of others ruin your relationship.
With respect to each of those who write and put on a blog, I do not believe what a person is cynical to be alone and be nice to be in couples (all depends if the person is ugly inside and constantly he or she envies what he or she does not get by idiocy, then if cynical), I do believe that everything changes when you're with someone, but not one that just pulls you flatter flowers, everything changes when the person which share a few hours of your life to you makes you appreciate the simple things in life together.
Another thing that at least I think you're wrong is that the public is only interested in the star is porn or not, only when he or she is alone.
Only the person who is selfish and can not get someone to contain it physically and emotionally can only find it, and in the case of a porn star, only those who are die-hard wankers they will seek only that and nothing more.
In my case, I stopped reading your blog and I continue to read in a while, because I do not see shell of a person who writes nonsense.
I see a human being, a person who has feelings, that expresses them and has no hair on the tongue to speak clearly on issues that are worth trying.
Those are the qualities of your blog, you do not focus only on the pornographic environment, you give a vision to those who read your blog from the point of view of a porn actor and a human being hung up on different topics and everyday.
That's what attracts me to your blog, I see a person with a brain, I see through your writings a person who expresses what they feel and often express many of my feelings on different topics.
Tu profesión puede ser la de actor porno y puedes tener otros trabajos alternativos muy diferentes además, pero cuando escribes, yo no se que verán los demás, pero yo veo a Diesel (el ser humano) expresandose, mostrando a los demás su punto de vista sobre el tema que expone.
Y tú lo haces (escribes) con algo, que no todos poseen, y eso es: expresarse con sentido común.
Bueno, Diesel, no me extenderé más por que yo voy a cansar a tí con tanta palabrería.
Yo te envio un abrazo grande desde Buenos Aires.


Anonymous said... nice you found someone...hope it works out!!

Ray Avito said...

I was surprised but not surprised by the cooking/baking that you like doing. A new dimension I'm finding out about!

Anonymous said...

Would you believe that a guy in Africa(me) is reading your blog??LOL
You are deep, very deep, like your perspective on some stuff though i might not necessarily agree with you; it shows a whole other side of this macho porn star who has this cheesy look while banging some guy.
It's impressive, kudos.
About you n "Petey", it's cool you have someone to share n make memories together, all i can say is all the very best of luck.