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Back in June 2010

- By Friday, co-host of The Grabby Awards, Diesel Washington was already per usual angry and screaming about getting no props, no respect how there are so many users in the industry, blah blah blah… ad nauseum. This probably is in regards to our latest DV8 Casting performer @@@@@@@@ whom Diesel thought it a good idea to bring out to The Grabby Awards as his date. But when @@@@ decided to party it up with fellow twink performer @@@@@ @@@ and slept in his room for the night. Diesel felt he disrespected him so he kicked him out of his room with no place to stay. (Thankfully, @@@@ took him in.)

Jason knows nothing about Me, if he got the story right he would have said the truth. But since he is only a gossip blogger, I have to set the record str8.

First off the bat, I had two dates for the grabbys not one. I had Valentino and some "Gutterbunny". The "GutterBunny" wanted to play with the "Coke Head", I left the "Coke Head" hotel room to retire for the night with Valentino, "GutterBunny" wanted to stay. They know each other and did a few scenes together. Jason was right when he decided to "party it up" with "Coke Head". I am down with the Dazed and Confused party, I do not "SKI" "Gutterbunny" broke one of the clauses of the trip no "Skiing" he did and since he wanted to "Party It Up", "Coke Head" has his own room Stay There!!. And then Jason added all this preachy shit to the entry...*Vomit

I did not get along with "Coke Head"(for other reasons)

A twitter war broke out between "Coke Head" and Diesel which spilled into a Blog War. I attacked hard in battle, and here comes Jason to the rescue of the "Coke Head". He tweets a link back to "Coke Heads" blog defending his side of the story. Jason, you wasn't there but you want to jump in a battle that does not concern you. Okay...

That was strike 1

There was a Youtube out starring Jason where he was asked to give a two word description of certain porn stars out there. Diesel Washington was named and I was called "Incorrigible"

Definition of INCORRIGIBLE
: incapable of being corrected or amended: as a (1) : not reformable : depraved (2) : delinquent b : not manageable : unruly c : unalterable, inveterate

Okay so I called out Jason while I was in LA

Now when I called him out, I wanted him to expand on his definition of incorrigible. When U look at the footage its almost like doesn't give a fuck. Okay?? I can take a joke(Most don't know that)but it was almost like, he was repeating the word incorrigible giving Me the impression like I'm stupid or something.

Does that make sense? I felt he was smug or talking down to Me like I didn't know the definition of Incorrigible. In my nut job state, I hate people who talk down to Me like I'm a street thug or uneducated!! Who knows?? I brushed it off and moved on, but I did not forget about it.

Strike 2

You remember Cocktail with Stars?? The epic appearance

Well Jason was there when I was headlining, he came on stage and did this whole press bit. LA is not my town so instead of making a scene, I just let Jason pitch away. No big deal....but I did not forget about it!

Strike 3

At this point I just didn't care anymore, he is a gossip blogger and just wants to get the juicy story. He wants to promote, be an agent, sing, write screenplays whatever...

But then the Cybersockets come up, and out of all the bloggers nominated:
Bareback Porn, Benny Morecock, Boys For Breakfast, Chronicles of Pornia, Cockenstein
Diesel Washington XXX, Dewayne In SD, Fagalicious, Gay Fleshbot, Gay Porn Times
Jason Sechrest, Lucas Blog, Man Hunt Daily, My Bareback Blog, Nick Young XXX
Night Charm, NYC Guys, OMG Blog, Queer Click, Queer Me Now, Starr Fucker
The Sword, Tiger Tyson Blog, Vintage Bareback, XX Factor, You Love Gay Porn

Jason Wins?? Really?? Umm okay....

Finally the point of this long rant, after all these runs in. I was reading a story on

In the story, Zach(thesword) was pointing out what Rob was saying

In the settling dust of the economic shakedown which the gay adult industry had become one of its targets there is one person who in times of struggle and now becoming a free agent of his own hits the masses with a video talking about himself and more about himself. Its cute that Jason Sechrest with somewhat lacking of an original idea takes to his bed to purge for a rambling 6 minutes about himself, youtube and facebook ( i guess it beats three blogs worth of reading).

I have read Jason's blog before not really my taste but he has been blogging since 2001(HAHA)

But that line "becoming a free agent of his own" Not sure what that means? IS THE MIGHTY JASON not working for Channel 1 Releasing anymore?? Hmmm??

That can't be....

Back to sword for another comment from Rob's blog

With any “media” or self titled (insert name) blogger you need to reinvent yourself every once in a while so hopefully with now working on his own he knows a new game plan will be a welcome start

Hmm? "so hopefully with now working on his own"?? What does this all mean?? The Cybersocket winner of Best Porn Blog, is now working independently from Channel 1 releasing?? Inquiring minds want to know..

I want to play Gossip blogger now...

Look at Jason's youtube:

Coming from my bed!! LOL

Anyway I think this is a rumor, and I hate rumors!! I will just blame Zach and Rob for starting this rumor LOL

Even though I started this blog to show you all the ways "Why I wouldn't like someone" I want to bring new energy in my circle. I just hope this is a rumor!! And if its not a rumor!!

Big Shout Out to Jason and keep your head up!!

You have a modeling agency, popular award winning blog, your a promotion King!! You have alot of talent and much success in your future endeavors!!

I hate rumors!!!

But for the reasons described above, I will play Gossip Blogger in this case.

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