Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Okay I have been absent......

I have to come clean with the fans about the long over due posts...

I HAVE A LIFE NOW!! period

Not trying to sound like an asshole or anything, but I went through a long long period of being alone. During that period my focus was totally on SELF PROMOTION, it was to further my career against all odds. It was to speak the truth and slay all Secret Admirers/Haters...bah bah bah

Has my direction changed??


I wanted to established my relationship with "Petey" first and then I could move back to working hard for the fans. Speaking of "Petey", We are doing well and the relationship is even stronger now!! As a couple We have our fights and disaggreements
like everybody else, but We developed the ability "To Talk about our feelings"(So glad for that)and I insist if there is a problem, that problem is handled right then and there, instead of letting it bulid into something down the road. I LIKE YOU ALOT "PETEY"...

You have brought such joy into my life, I couldn't ask for a better partner. Here is to our future together, CHEERS!!!

Things have been alittle hectic lately, "Petey" is moving into a new apartment. He will finally finish College. He is also starting a new job.......

I have to be honest!! I'm jealous as fuck right now!! In the 9 weeks of dating "Petey", I look at the life of "Petey" currently:

Finished college(Its all done baby!!)

Starting a New Job(He got a great job he enjoys)

New relationship with a caring Porn Star(So he is getting crazy sex!)who is personal trainer so basically he has a trainer bulit in.

Brand New slamming apartment(He found his dream place)

So I'm on hating on my own partner(Not really)!! HAHAHA anyway moving on.....

Things happening in the Porn news:

My article in Cybersocket Mag

Yeah Escorts need love too..

More details at the site

Blatino Erotic Awards this Weekend in Palm Springs May 13-16 I fly out tommorrow for Palm Springs and looking forward to going and Networking..


Anonymous said...

Diesel, I'll tell you the honest to goodness truth. It's wonderful to have discovered a good relationship. But we (gay men in particular) have to be so careful about avoiding the natural competitiveness that often comes when two high-potential males get together. Lately I seem to be meeting a lot of guys that I THINK have it all over me in terms of their professional and other accomplishments, but they ARE interested in me. I'm trying not to wreck things for myself by worrying to much about how I measure up. I wish you luck and love, and you can do the same for me as well. You seem to be headed on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Has Petey topped you yet ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, I am very happy because you have not write in your blog for a while, and this is because I see that you're too busy with your new married life and work. And I think this is spectacular and I'm very happy about all this is happening to you.
I admire the time you live, and I say "admire" because it is very different from saying "envy", a person, envy, what it can not have, which is why I say I admire your progress and I expect you to grow in your relationship.
Diesel I sent you a big hug from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Adrian .-