Thursday, May 19, 2011


So I have been alittle quiet lately......

Well since the start of this new relationship, I have been under the radar and working to keep my connection strong with my partner "Petey". We had some ups and downs lately, but it seems that We talk over things(which really helps)and We came to the conclusion.....

That We are falling in love with each other.

Yuck!! I know nobody wants to hear that, "Porn stars having relationships, how could they??" Well it is possible and it seems to be working very well, its a relationship like any other. I have learned to compromise and remain patient when being with my better half(I finally learned the secret)so things are going EXTREMELY WELL!!

Thanks for the love, My Supporters!! I spent alot of years alone and keeping my nose to the grind, I deserve this!! I wanted to be loved for ME, and not this character of Diesel Washington and that dream came true. Finding a partner that doesn't watch porn, has no clue who I am in the porn circle. None of that jealous behavior with scene partners, or working my side job of escorting. We Cool!!

Enough Mushy Shit!! Back to business!!

I went to the NYC Auto Show and had a good time. Seen here:

Moving on to Porn Biz..

Back with another model looking to get into the porn business, I TEST DROVE IT!! It runs well...So here We go!!

Live from New Jersey!!!


I searched for a download of "JoeinJersey" in action, so you can see a sneak peek of one of his shows. Although.......Firsthand knowledge is always the best, so basically any boy that can handle a "Diesel Washington Slamming" is porn gold(To Me at least)

One of his downloaded Cam shows here:

From watching the Vid above, I had to meet this Kid. And here he is Live in the Flesh:

I tell you.....the kids that want to do porn nowadays. Eager, hungry and can take a "Diesel Plowing". These little guys future 'POWER BOTTOMS' in porn...

Anyway check out his Cam show.

I went to see FAST AND FURIOUS 5

I was surprised!! I thought I was going to see a train wreck of a movie...

But it was good!! I loved the action scenes and anything that has Dwayne(The Rock)Johnson and Vin Diesel ding ding ding I'M THERE!!!

It was a good fight scene between the two, but YOU know who has the biggest billing in this movie(considering he is the Franchise)so the battle was alittle rigged in favor of Vin Diesels character(not complaining)but in real life WE all know that Dwayne would have wiped the floor with Vin Diesel.

Can We make that happen?? Naked of course!! Dicks out....moving on.

Now We go to Thor

Okay I went into this movie ready to hate it!! The movie gave me what I thought it would, Good Action, Weak storyline, Hot bodies, and over the top special effects. It had all these elements and plus alittle side humor..

Overall without going into full geek mode, I wished it stayed closer to the comic book. It needed more character development(use more stories from the comic)and if they gave more back stories it would have helped understand the relationship between Thor and Loki.

Oh well you can't have everything, it was a quick movie to add to the setup of the Avengers coming soon. Next Up X men: First Class, Green Lantern, Captain America and so on!!

A quick update of what I have been up to in the past couple of weeks...

Next post Blatino Erotic Awards!!

Stay tuned!!

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bobbymo51 said...

VERY happy for you and P!
Weird thing is, I'm going through the same thing now - with a guy that is amazing!
Haven't been in love for a LONG time.
It feels good!
All the best to you guys - I know you can do it!!!!!