Tuesday, June 07, 2011


When I was first asked to do Gay Days I was like....

Whats Gay Days???

I mean I heard about the circuit party and all the happenings in town everything, but I didn't know to what extent.


Being paired with Matthew Rush and Brent Corrigan.....that is fucking huge!! I went on this trip with HIGH EXPECTATIONS when you work with Other Stars of big caliber it could be hit or miss..


More about that later...

Okay fast forward all the traveling and getting to hotel and checking in stuff. I get to the event and I see they have the table set up for autographs and giving out the swag(DVDs, Signed autographs). When I looked at that table I instantly had a flashback from the movie "The Wrestler"

Where Mickey Rourke looks over at the "Fallen" wrestlers who have been in the Wrestling business for years. They are all banged up and wore out but the "Old Guys" are still around....

Cue the Music:

This meeting of Matthew Rush, Brent Corrigan and Diesel Washington was very important to Me. I was a fan of both of these gentleman's work, and that is no secret. Matthew made the blueprint for all future porn stars coming into the business, He has that level of fame WE all want!!

Matthew Rush - Battle Veteran of this business, Hall of Famer...and like Me an "Old Man" in this business.. HAHAHA

Brent Corrigan - Twink sensation he set the bar for all the Twinks performers of today. They all want his level of fame and exposure and opportunities!! He set the bar for Twinks. And again...another veteran of this business, who has seen it all and done it all..

Diesel Washington - Battle blogger, Self promoter, who sets the bar in his performances and known for his outlandish outspoken views. And YES another "Old Guy" in this business..

This meeting of the minds was important for Me, I wanted to interview each performer and get his views on how the industry has changed. The future of porn and where We are heading. Just important stuff that We can talk about openly and maybe bring some things to light that some people may not know.

Wishful thinking....Back to Story

So I don't want to sit at the table yet because Matthew and Brent have not arrived yet. I was early(Yes on time!!)so I walked around and groped some of the "Baby porn stars" and when I say "Baby" porn stars I mean it in a cute way. I mean I have to call a spade a spade the "Baby" porn stars looked just like that..

Okay I will be fair...they looked like little boys(cute but little)that is all I'm saying..

Mike Rivers, Gabe Weston, Tristan Sterling Had fun guys.....

Big Shout Out to Cuddle buddy...J.T. Knightley(Yeah I can sleep in a bed with a boy and not fuck him, I was "Cum Tired" anyway)

Let me not forget I was promoting Suite703(Recent Grabby winner)and my newest DVD out!!:

Look for that out in stores now!!! If you need a Flashback of that scene here you go:


Here is Alex looking sexy again....Big Shout to Steven P as well(Miss ya boy)

Well fast forward to the story, finally Matthew Rush arrives. We talk about the last time We worked together at Parliament House as seen here:


Has it been that long??.....Damn!!

Anyway finally Brent Corrigan arrives and We were able to catch this photo:

This is the only picture of Diesel/Brent/Matthew taken at the event together....

Yeah out of all the pictures taken the entire weekend this was the only picture We took together.. Sad!!

Anyway I will explain more later...

So its the first night, and everybody is feeling great(Drunk and stoned)I grab a model named "Tanner" and head back to his room and PLOW THE HELL OUT OF HIM!! Beforehand I thought I was smooth, I grabbed up one boy named "Jordan" who likes to tease. I pulled him to the side and face fucked him in a back room. It so happens that "Tanner" is in the room and watching and licking his lips in the background. "Tanner" ruins the cock sucking experience saying that he wants to get fucked by a "Saint" which then leaves Me to saying "If you like him, then why are you blowing Me then?" I pull my dick out of his mouth, and give "Tanner" the look like "Yo u want to finish what he started?" I guess the kid is good at reading eye signals, cause he quietly makes his way out of room and heads to his own room. While the other models are talking and stuff I too make my way quietly out of the room. So I'm in full chase mode, and "Tanner" leads Me to his room. Two seconds into going into his room, We are butt naked and he is deepthroating my dick. I can not lie, the kid gives good head. After that its all downhill for the boy, I start fucking him(safe of course)and I bring him to "Plow City" with Me.

Now I thought I was smooth enough to get away with sneaking into this models room without the attention from the other models. Wrong!!! You know how Sluts are, We all want to know who is Fucking Who?? So of course came the knocks on the door, people walking into the room unexpected(His roomie)so that was a done deal!! I fucked the kid well(he came twice, Me no)and at one point it gets funny. Some of the other 'Baby" porn stars are right outside of the hotel room singing "Ebony and Ivory"...

Yeah it was one of those nights...

I get back to my Hotel alone, and crash out and fall asleep..

Day 2 I decide to go to the Doubletree Booth at Adult Expo and the place was packed. Brent Corrigan arrives at the DoubleTree and We decide to hangout together. Its cool the usual small talk bah bah bah. A couple of interviews later(Big Shout out to Jordan)its decompressing time.

Anyway..I hangout with him and "His Friends" ummm....its a wrap!! Without going into a story, I wanted to leave right then and there. I jumped in a car and went back to hotel to get ready for the night. I have a hard time dealing with Egos, so when I hangout with somebody who has one of those, things get alittle difficult. Its one thing to be "ON" around fans and people you do not know. But to be "ON" constantly is alittle annoying.

Moving on...

I get to the Parliament House(On time)and get ready for Saturday night, which has been billed the biggest nights of the weekend. Yikes I put on my War face!! Matthew shows up later and Brent is missing in action. Not sure Why?? When We are all staying in the same hotel...

So at Brents expense We have alittle fun with him:

That was made by an EX fan...who waited for 2hours to see Brent(No lie)

So yeah when "Things Happened" there was no connection at all with Brent. Diesel and Matthew however had a great time meeting fans and interacting together and just having a blast. No one can plan these things, but I expected that putting together Big Stars would be fun for the Fans and almost an Epic moment.

How many times in Porn History are you going to have Diesel Washington, Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush all on the same card. Parliament House went all out to bring Us out to Orlando and We as Porn StarS should have put on ONE HELL OF A SHOW. All egos aside it was for the Fans...

Alittle awkward when fans want to take a picture with all of Us and there is a person missing. Things happen and people run late I know, but WE WERE ALL IN THE SAME HOTEL!! No excuse!! Not to put him on blast but as a Porn Star who admires other Porn Stars for the hard work they put in. I was sadden that We couldn't be on the same page and put on something WILD for the fans.

Another Fan made this on Day 3(Late again)for Brent:

So I'm not bashing Brent, in fact when He was at the booth he was very good to his Fans. I do have to say, when Brent is "On" his fans love him. I was just tired of his fans asking when will Brent arrive to sign autographs?? He is not my problem and after this weekend I have a whole different view of Brent(*sigh not good one). Oh well...

More pics from Parliment House:

Judging Model contest:

Eating out with Jordan(Fort Lauderdale Johnnys bartender)who is also working on a film project. Wish you the best on that, and I knew you would get back with BF. Glad I got the chance "To Hangout with Ya" before you went back into that relationship thingy(Sorry I'm bitter, LOL). Sorry I have to say it, Your a Hottie yummy!!

So I had a great Trip, regardless of what happened out there. This trip was for the fans, THE FANS!!!

Thanks to all that came out to see Me(hands tired from signing autographs for hours)and even though I think I lost some sight in my eyes(too many camera flashs)My main goal was to give the Fans a great showing....

And I did that!!

Big Shout to Fabscout Family they are always looking out for Me!! Pics above by Fabscout Howard.

When the drama started, I didnt want to pull out my camera for anything. Sad that other porn stars can not leave their ego baggage home and just have fun at an event with your Co Headliners. *sucks

Also Saturday night was huge because SaltNPepa was performing at Parliment House as well...

Yes that is right!!!


Next post up.... Hip Hops Queens(rim shot) SALTNPEPA


Anonymous said...

to your fan-art collection

Anonymous said...

So wish you and Matthew Rush would do a flip-flop video. It would be so well received by all fans and be a sensational hot scene. Go for it !

Anonymous said...

I've been to Parliament House a couple of times while visiting Disney World. It's MUCH more fun when people check their egos and attitudes at the front gate! Professionalism aside, I would not have missed Brent Corrigan, if that's how he was acting. I'm glad you were able to connect with Matthew Rush. Hopefully, you can convince him to get even raunchier in his post-Catalina era!

Anonymous said...

Of course you’re jealous! Exactly! Brent has 47,500 followers on Twitter, and how many have you? I’m sure this proportion of fans was in PH too. His delay – it’s only occasion for you and Mr Rush to have revenge. He’s young, smart, beautiful, he starts his career in mainstream, he has tons of fans everywhere in the world. And who are you? If you’re not jealous, why you started all that shit? If his fans were angry, why don’t they complain? It’s only you (and Mr Rush of course) who are angry, and we all know why!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I barely know who Brent Corrigan is. Perhaps because I'm an urban, black male? Corrigan only hit my radar screen when his name became associated with that murder case. Now Diesel Washington and Matt Rush! Those names are familiar to me!

Anonymous said...

Yes a Diesel and Matthew Rush Flip-Flop does indeed make a lot of sense with all the many fans that want to see. But because it's the right thing to do, I doubt if it would happen.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so in admitting my lack of familiarity with Brent Corrigan (and the twink circuit), I visited his "official" web site.

Seeing all those ridiculous, silly, effected poses and (dumb doe-eyed) facial expressions told me everything else I needed to know about the "man!" Diesel, you deserve better associations . But at least you and Matt Russ "hung" together and did your jobs!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't let Matthew Rush bang you out. That would be worth watching.