Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I know you read my blog....

Every Secret Admirer(Hater)reads my blog for some kind of ammo against Me. I wish that the Secret Admirers understand, "I post the info that I want you to know, I pull the strings..." I HAVE THE POWER!!:

And with that power comes great responsiblity.....

HAHAHAHAHAH yeah right, FUCK THAT SHIT!! Lets bring the pain:

All the traveling has been kicking my ass lately, it seems that I'm in a different city every weekend and its been fucking with my sleeping habits. I travel Friday through Monday(returning)and then its Tues-Thursday training clients and then having Clients I have been pretty busy..

Mentally tired I am...

I haven't really had the time to let the whole situation with "Petey" sink in. While it was happening I was just doing the Diesel Washington thing. Going from spot to spot and showing up having fun and meeting the FANS. It started sinking in last week and I had a chance to replay the events of everything that happened. I FUCKED UP!! Basically all I can say..

I do keep in contact with "Petey" and We are different points of our lives right now. He started a new job and the hours are crazy and he is dealing with his own "Issues" as any Capricorn... (Long Story) Capricorns and an Aries connection is a crazy thing(look it up). The good thing about the situation is that is there is no "Bad Blood"(at least on my part, after he smashed my shit LOL) but it is what it is. I guess most people think PORN STARS are cold and shallow people, who have no feelings and only treat people like they are Cattle being lead to the Slaughter. More commonly called the "Fuck and Chuck", you don't get to know the personality of a person, its all physical!! Get Your Rocks Off and Go!! But I stepped up my game and I have become very very picky(If not Tipsy, all bets are offLOL) But I'm ranting now...In nutshell I MISS YOU "PETEY"..

Back to business.....

Back to GayDays, here is Vid:

by Fabscout(of course)

So it was packed down there, and this is the last time I'm going to say this:

Brent Corrigan, nobody flipped out on you so not sure where you got that from?. I simply went inside the hotel room and grabbed my stuff because I WANTED TO LEAVE. You and "Your Buddies" can have fun.. I was not having fun and decided leave. So using the "Bipolar thing" LAME AT BEST! It wasn't a bipolar thing it was called "A BORING THING".

And Diesel Washington and Matthew Rush was not getting as much attention as you?? Dude your fan base is Old Timers(60+) and Glam Twinks BUT nothing inbetween those age ranges if you want the honest truth...

Even though YOU WERE LATE(three days in row) YOU ARE GOOD TO YOUR FANS!!

All the jealously talk and that Diesel and Matthew were plotting against you bullshit?? I don't know man, that was some made up foul shit!! It was an event for the Fans that came to see US..Some Fans wanted a picture with all three of Us. Not just You..

I guess that is the biggest problem I had with the whole thing. Being a fan of porn and having THREE huge headliners at an event you think would be AWESOME!! Granted I had a great time!! And I was picking up Fans in the air, posing for pictures and having a blast. But it would have been great to have gotten WILD!! Oh well....

Sorry for this rant, but some Gossip blog(who rides Brents dick)wrote about the story, like Matthew Rush and Diesel Washington was plotting on some helpless Brent Corrigan BULLSHIT!! The angle of the story was Douching and stupid and I didn't even bother to leave a comment. That blog has ridden the dick of Brent Corrigan for years.. And that blog just deals with IDLE GOSSIP!! Yet another blog to glance at briefly.......Briefly that is!!

Bah Bah Bah moving on...

I keep telling people that I'm going to tour.....

Everytime I get ready to leave I'm always held back by something unexpected happening(Death, Job, Family)but this time it seems that everything is now going in my favor. So We have "WHORE TOUR 2011" coming to full effect soon....VERY SOON!!

Soon like THIS WEEKEND!!

BOSTON Jun 17- 19
NYC Jun 24-26 (Pride)

So those are dates so far....

Think about it "Whore Tour 2011"(I love the name)

I really don't go much into detail about my Escorting Gigs, and there is a reason for that. I always get alittle nervous about speaking about my Whoring, with all the scandals and bullshit happening nowadays...

Clients are nervous!! This WeinerGate bullshit is out of control!! You can't Tweet harmless pictures nowadays. Tweeting a picture of yourself naked or barely wearing any clothes is about the NORM today(for Porn Stars). Let's be real I can go on Twitter right now and look up any Porn Star, and there will be a link to a naked picture or Vid or some link to watch a scene of the performer. That is what social networking has come to....Not to get too deep into the lack of social interaction between people, but...

Back to "Whore Tour" I first came up with the idea of going on tour way back. There is money on the road, even though I'm a Porn Star I'm still an entertainer!! Entertainers make their money on the road by doing appearances/private shows DUH!! Regardless of the state of my Porn career, I always make money on the road. I make more money on the road than I make by doing the porn movies. Traveling is a pain in the ass but TOURING IS THE SHIT!!

I HAD a partner that was to come on this trip with Me, but He turned into a PUNK BITCH!! Punk Bitch meaning that he bailed at last moment, well he didn't bail at the last moment. It was more like I CURSED HIM THE FUCK OUT!!!

I always help these LITTLE WHORES try to put money in their pockets. Always lending a helping hand to a Whore that doesn't know how to write an appealing profile, use proper pics, sometimes these 'LITTLE WHORES' do not know proper pricing and often "Sell Themselves Short" literally. I mean I could go old school and start pimping these "Whores" I mean I could pull out the Heavy Pimp hand and make some real money. Taking some broke ass twinks on the road to make money off them would probably drive Me crazy!! I could see myself in some dusty Hotel having to pull out a coat hanger and wrapping a towel around it(as to not leave marks)and working the shit out of some Twinks. WHACK!! MAKE THAT MONEY WHACK!!


Nowadays I use a different approach, just pay your HALF!! If I was to go on tour with someone We could share Hotel and travel costs down the middle and make BANK!!The Punk Bitch was a cheapo, if you can not make enough money just to make it to NYC!! Then I don't know what to tell you, $250 is not alot of money to make it to NYC esp when you were going to make money(10x as much) while in NYC. The sad Punk Bitch came up with the story "They have alot going on right now"..

Excuse Me?? I helped with a simple wording on his profile and the response to that simple change was HUGE! I gave the Punk Bitch a sample of what I can do, and they shitted it away!! I won awards for my performances in Porn and you know what??

I won Awards for being a Good Whore!!! Best Fetish Escort/Best Blogger/Writer all in the field of Whoring. Big Shout Out to RentBoy.com!! So I know my Hustle game!! I know how people think and I know what people like!! Sex sells and I know what people want!! I know how to promote myself and I know how to promote other people..

But the Punk Bitch got cold feet, and it doesn't bother Me I will keep making my money WHILE they search for ways to increase their income. Its all about Marketing!! and these "Little Whores" do not know how to market themselves!! They make it hard to be a "Good Guy"

My Pimp game is strong!! Meaning that the "Little Whores" actually come up to Me looking for ways to make money. Almost screaming at Me "Teach Me How to Be a Good Whore" and the pimp wants to come out of Me and say "Get your little ass over here, Daddy is going to make money off you" I know the drill, I will be used as the scapegoat for these "Little Whores" to act out or become sluts. Since by appearance I'm this intimidating, scary, strong figure of a person the "Little Whores" feel safe with Me. For example if any of these little guys get into any trouble or someone refuses to pay. Ding Ding they will just call up BIG DADDY DIESEL to come collect the money!! Likewise if anybody puts their hands on any of my boys, I will break their arm!!

But then again.....

I'm not a pimp!! But if I was....

I would take care of my Whores/Hoes!!



Anonymous said...

"Dude your fan base is Old Timers(60+) and Glam Twinks BUT nothing in between those age ranges if you want the honest truth..."

I am so glad you put Brent Corrigan in his place. he is not attractive to me in any way, shape, or form. Sometimes I thin grown ass men who salivate or sugar-twinks just have problems dealing with real MEN like Diesel and Matt!

Anonymous said...

What happened with Brent Corrigan? Why did you and Matthew Rush even give him the time of day? By the time he's 30 he'll look 60, and nobody will even give him the time of day.

I know you love the white twinkz, Diesel, but you got to stop letting them get to you. Be black, proud and strong. Come on, now!

BTW what ever happened to that cute little Asian American guy who worked for you? Were you banging him out? Vice versa?