Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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I have always been a fan of Water sports, I have the crazy shows where I piss on the crowd/on myself/partner..

You can sort of say its my thing, now......

Some people are not into t he whole piss thing and find it degrading or disgusting well...To you disgusting, to me I find it nasty!! So how describe it?:

Its feeling the flow hit you.

The taste of it..

The strength of the flow

Color of the urine

Its the waiting time for the liquid gold to shoot out, its almost like edging yourself... While your looking at that "Nozzle" to expode, you stay focused on the dick...Waiting and waiting..


Now first order of business, now I know right off the bat, people who don't know that Diesel Washington is into water sports are going to cry foul over the cover shot of a white guy pissing on a black guy. Ummm its 2011 and its a fetish film..

Pee play, Watersports, whatever you call universal!!

THIS black man does not feel degraded or humliated by doing a scene of this type, In fact I enjoyed it alot!! I knew the image would edgy and eye catching!! That is the reason why I agreed to do this shoot. In previous Vids I played the Dom Top that pisses on everybody!! I wanted to shake up thing!!

In real life, I'm versatile when it comes to piss play(only piss play though)so I wanted to show more and really add another aspect to the Diesel character.

Now comes the cocky part, I have been involved in watersports for years..

I have done the big movies showing my skill at it, but this is the first time I get a cover shot on a DVD for doing it. I'm

I will admit at first I was kinda upset, I filmed this scene a few years ago and finally now it sees the light of day?? I had a few harsh things to say on twitter but now I'm happy with end result.

It was a messy scene!! Piss flying everywhere!!

I will take this as a classic! Truth be known Raging Stallions had a feature called "Piss Army", and I was upset at not
being asked to be apart it! Industry insiders know I'm one the best performers around that excel at the pissing fetish. Oh well you learn new things everyday...right?

Well check it out...

Literally gallons of piss was on that studio floor...

Yeah water sports is not for everybody...but is it for me


Immanuel said...

Dude, do what makes you happy as long as it's not hurting anyone.

I may actually check that movie out. Sounds kinda hot. And I have talked to my partner about watersports.

Ummm, giving me ideas!

Take care

Boutte said...

Arousal can differ just like opinions. And we all know what opinions are like. Honestly, I tried some piss play a few years ago and I like it. It happen unexpectedly, my patner and I was taking a shower after a night of drinking. He was pissing in the shower and I backed into him. The warm piss streaming down my ass checks and leg was extremely arousing and I told him to keep going and I began to piss on him. Before I knew it we were taking turns pissing on each others chest, drinkning from the shower head so we could keep going. he pissed in my mouth while I was sucking his dick and that was a little over the top. im not familiar enough with the taste to really enjoy it. After all was pissed and done I came so hard I almost passed out in the shower. That was my first and only experience with water sports. Im no longer with that guy and I haven't found anyone else to play with. I don't know why I just told you that entire story but thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

Yep two thumbs up!!!...L

Richard said...

I would give anything for Diesel to piss on me.....

Richard said...

I would give anything for Diesel to piss on me.....