Thursday, January 19, 2012


Now I remember another blogger saying my blog is bimonthly...

It was almost like a slap in the face......

There once was a blog called GAYPORNSHIT..something like that, it used to write about the industry and then it disappeared....

How can a blog that was so INFAMOUS FOR ITS REMARKS ON THE INDUSTRY(Companies/models/studios/sites) just dry up that fast? Maybe somebody from the top said Shut that shit down. Who knows? Who cares right?? It was a fucking train wreck anyway....

Back to the important stuff all things Diesel...that is why you keep coming here right????

Update number one...I'm currently in a relationship with Joey Boston (8 months and counting)

I really don't speak about my relationship, I figure if I talk about it I will jinx it(read some old posts)I got to the point in my life where I started living out all my relationships online and it started to get creepy. I do share alot on my blog and that is one of the reasons why the public seems to like Me. Call it the human drama or train wreck which ever you prefer, while it is entertaining to the writer its like all my insecurities are written in print, floating in outer space and out of my mind, freeing the space in my head... To think.

Does that make sense???

Probably not, when I look through past posts and read the entries, I feel the passion/anger/sadness
in the writing, I'm not the best writer, I sort of dumb down my English skills. This is a blog a place where you get out your thoughts wheter Right or Wrong. I hate when people think they can judge you by your writing skills. If I was writing a school project/presentation or something formal, I would edit the fuck out of it. THIS IS A BLOG, Grammar Nazis, if I have to review each sentence for structure/run ons/fragmented I would never get out a post, relax and have a "I know what he means" attitude.. Okay?? Thanks..

Anyway I'm ranting yet again...

Update number two.

I was at Boardwalk this past weekend and I had a blast there. Big shout out to all the people at Boardwalk, they showed Me a good time(as always) good turn out as well.

Thanks to all the fans that came out to show support, I'm sure there will be pics posted. Back in the days I would go with my own camera to make sure I capture all the action. After seven years of capturing footage in clubs I'll leave that to other sources, its kinda hard to blog/direct/model/write/make youtubes/write scripts I have alot on my table.

Which leads to Me Update number three.

So far I shot with I was waiting for this experience for a long time. I'm here to spread DIVERSITY. I'm that guy that is working hard to touch every site and add Flavor/Swag IE a Man of Color, I'm tired of complaining about the lack of color on some sites. So with the help of my "Family" I'm hitting every site I can to show Men of Color can be profitable in every genre of Gay porn not just "Stand Ins" in a white boy gangbang...

I jumped on the scene with Titanmen and brought a new energy to their line, and the pressure to not only standout as a model, but a model that is African American was intense. At first I would get comments calling Me the Token Black bah bah...I took it on the chin and kept it moving..

With the release of Telescope(and drama surrounding it) I pushed that title to be Multi nominated.. Awarding winning and that opened all the doors...

Since moving on from Titan I had several keys roles in my career.

1. Being the first African American featured by, regardless if I'm cocky or not. I opened that door.
2. Being first African American to win Hottest cock award at Grabbys.
3. First ever blogger to win Best Porn Star blog at Grabbys
4. FIRST EVER African American to win Performer of the Year award at Grabbys
5. First African American to win Best Supporting Actor at Grabbys
6. First African American to be featured on Suite 703 and that opened the door again....

I know it sounds like the usual bragging...I'm this and that but truth is I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!! I'M PROUD!!

I'm pleased to let everybody know that I'm now filming with I'm bringing the fire yet again!!! I was made for this!!! I waited on the sideline forever!! To be honest I was working on the next phase of my career in this business...but I was itching to show off a couple more times just to show to the Newbies "This is the way it needs to be done"... Ego alert..

Sometimes I like to stroke my ego, and the fun part is you get to see it....... Right?? I talk Mad shit(I talk a big game) might as well watch it and judge for yourself. ..

Thank you to for extending another 5mins to my 15mins of fame....

To the fans, you can expect the "Classic Diesel"and then some new stuff....

Working on another position, but I'm not going to do the whole Circus act thing. I'm going back to the drawing board and show connection and passion in my scenes. I'm open to doing other things....You will see ...

Look forward to that!!!

Strong connection with scene partners so far.. My two scenes for in the can(More on that later)and they are fucking hot!!! Very proud of that work.

I also shot with it was about time that I embrace being a Daddy I have been running from it but I decided to finally accept it and what a Hot Daddy I grew up to be. Haha

Anyway this blog was full of too many rants about Race..

Sometimes I have to spell it out to people who do not understand what I'm trying to do.

Spreading Diversity.

Even if you don't like Me, I'm doing something to correct the problem, not sitting online writing comments about the lack of Diversity in gay porn on some comment board. I'm being active, and still knocking down doors.

Instead of Bitching about it, I'm NOW doing something about it.


Flying Cocks said...

I'll wait your photos @ Paragon Men.

Anonymous said...

Love everything you said about being the first and opening doors. It's great that you are putting yourself out there like that. Fuck the Haters let them be your Motivaters. We need more Men of Color to step out there and do it like you.