Monday, February 13, 2012


Finally I get a chance to write a decent post....

Well Well People out there...

Let Us get started:


First Off a Big Fuck You to the Haters...Reading through and I see Press time. I must admit, I haven't hit the Press like I used to. And I'm not Mad at that. Now that doesn't change the fact, that I can be a Press Whore at times..Anyway moving on.... Now I always wait for the Haters(Secret Lovers haha) to come out and say the Dumb shit

I don't find him Attractive(Then Why watch the scene?)

I don't see the "Big Hype" over this guy.

Diesel is not my type...

Bah Bah

First off the Bat, I never said that I was God's Gift to Gay Porn and a weaker Man would have taken that Bitchiness that was in the form of a Comment and probably had an "Issue" or something come out.

What People fail to realize is that We are Most Vulerable when on the screen. Naked We stand performing sexual acts and Every imperfection is there for the Whole World to see, every bump, red mark, scar, birthmark.. There is only so much that MakeUp can do. This business is for the Strong Willed person that can overlook the Drama, Cunty, Bitch, BackStabbing, things that happen in this business. I have seen People crack under the Pressure(Drugs, Risky Play, Mental problems)


I stand strong because I believe in my craft and my abilities. Who gives a fuck if I'm not your Type(Why commenting then?)and lastly Pick Out Your Type.

I will grab him up and Fuck Him..

Then you will probably want to watch right??....Yeah Thought so

My role is clear..

I'm Intense, Rough, Mean, and alot of people are Stuck in the Middle of "He's not my Type, but I love to watch Him FUCK!!

And I'm Happy with that..My Job is done!!

Anyway my scene with Jessie Cotler is Alive and doing well and Making the rounds as We speak so make sure You Check that out!!!!

Okay another post with some Humor for you.

I have other scenes coming out Stay Tuned!!!

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