Saturday, February 25, 2012


Life is funny sometimes...

I have been in this business for about 7years now, I have enjoyed the traveling and meeting new people thingy..


I have had my extreme highs and then extreme lows(get it Bi polar? LOL)and I have come to terms with certain things:

I'm a Brand(marketable model)and I CAN move from just a model base to something greater..

Golden Era of Porn is over, and everybody is tightening their belts when it comes to production costs.

The Look of the Model has changed dramatically

Emphasis on Youth/New faces was something I underestimated..

This whole "Brand Thing" was something that I wanted badly. What is a Brand you may be asking yourself. A "Brand" in porn??

Having a "Brand" when your a porn star means that your name carries weight. Let's use Diesel Washington for instance. When Industry insiders/Fans/Supporters hear the name Diesel Washington they know what to expect and what not to expect in a scene.I created a character onscreen that is an Aggressive, Dominant Top who gives you crazy sex positions. Some might say that Diesel Washington is entertaining..(I hope)

I started blogging about my personal experiences within the Porn Industry(some people liked) Then I started doing Youtubes, just to entertain the fans between releases of my porn work. Eventually I caved in and adapted to Twitter as part of my social networking system.

Youtubes: My Youtube channel here: My favorite one:

My Twitter page here:!/DieselwashXXX

I'm also on Facebook... yeah I use everything..

Well what I'm trying to explain is that having a Brand means you are marketable, recognizable and people are drawn to your Porn work/Off screen persona. When you create this fanbase, you have a loyal following of supporters that will buy your work.


Studios were the dominant force in the Gay Porn industry before 2005, Fans had to wait until the next release to see their favorite porn stars in action. Studios used this power to keep their Stars mysterious and to have the fans waiting more. It worked for awhile.

When I entered the scene, I was looking ahead to the future. The future was Web and I knew Studios were going to have a hard time marketing their models. Fresh web scenes were going up Bi monthly(at the time), so instead of the Fans having to wait months for new releases they waited mere weeks. When your signed to a Studio(exclusive)they want to have the control over your image and persona, as they should because your their "Product". Signing exclusive for Titan was a no brainer, that is something that I wanted badly, to work for a Major Studio and turn out hits. At the same time I knew it was important to have my "Own Spot" on the Web.

My own blog..

Coming into the whole Porn Star thing, I had my character developed I knew what I wanted to do in front of the camera. I know what I'm selling to the public, that Aggressive Dominant Top that trash talks, has plenty of personality, sexy but scary at the same time. I had Character down.

But how was I going to show personality??

Ding Ding Blog

I could write posts about my life, share with the Public, and have a dialogue directly with the Fans that watch my work. At the same time I could promote up coming scenes, Industry events, even other porn stars out there. So basically my blog is written by a Porn Star, sharing his experiences as a Porn Star, and showing what the Porn Industry looks like through my eyes.

It's 2012, Now every porn star uses the same format(Twitter/Blog/Facebook/Youtube)you have what I call "Twitter Porn Stars" now. The Twitter Porn Star are those models that get on Twitter and start creating their Porn persona and reach out to other Porn Stars/Studios/Sites all looking for a start to break into the Industry. It's gotten so bad lately, models are sending out heavily Photoshopped pics of themselves and since this Industry has the motto of "Emphasis on Youth/New faces" Studios are fighting tooth and nail to have newer models/fresher faces all the time. This was exposed recently by a model named Jason Crystal(who knows what his name is now?) I really like the article had to say on subject

Emphasis on Youth/New faces

As any other Entertainment company(Music/Film/Radio)the company is always looking for newer talent/fresh faces out there. But what happens to the Porn Star after having great success as a newcomer?? In my days We had the term "Overexposed" but I think that term doesn't exist anymore. I know a few porn stars out there who have done 100+ scenes in under three months being in the business, so far the Studios keep hiring these models over and over. What about the Studio star that crossed into the Web market? In my day, you started out doing Web and then crossed over into doing Studio work. In 2012?? the lines are all blurred now. One minute a model can do Studio work and then be on a flight to film a couple of web scenes the next day. I saw one model shoot with Raging/Falcon and then was on a flight to film an Out in Public scene. I used to get criticized because I left Studio work for Web work somehow like Im on a lower level or something. That was one of the best decisions that I made.

Web scenes are filmed alot quicker than Studio work and they are released faster than Studio productions. Shooting one scene for a Studio production can last up to two days of work. A web scene can be shot in two hours, then edit and up on the site in under two weeks of time. I prefer less shooting time and a quicker release anyday(sounds sexy).. And fans feel the same way

What was I talking about?? Emphasis on Youth/Newer faces yeah... Moving on!

The look of the Porn model has changed over the years I even wrote a blog about it. See here :

No more of the models with the body of a God!! Fans went from worshipping Guys with the unattainable body to a softer jock boy look. Damn I wrote that post back in 2009 and its 2012 now....I was right!!!

It's an End to an Era:

Great article above check it out....

Anyway just some random thoughts written on the internet brought to you by Diesel Washington


Immanuel said...

Very well written and thoughtful blog.

Yep, times are a changing in porn but it seems you are aware fo the trends and are preparing for it.

Everybody has to brand themselves now, not just porn stars. Folks in the legit world better have a good presence be on LinkedIn and Facebook because that is what employers look for.

You are also right about the changing preferred body type of porn stars. I think we are in a great age now...go online, click the mouse a few times and get porn in whatever size, shape or flavor you like.

Good luck in the business


Anonymous said...

Diesel, I could go back a couple of years and you are still talking about the same thing on your blog. Studio vs WEB, youth vs mature models, I'm bipolar, muscle heads vs fit, "stars" vs models who just work and the whole "back in the day when i was...blah, blah, blah."

My question is what are you going to be doing two years from now? You're getting older, more muscle is not going to get you more work, and companies aren't really into your "brand." So what's next? How do you survive? How will you eat? Pay rent? Afford heath insurance? Put clothes on your back? Just wondering how you see your future?

Diesel Washington said...

To the comment below,

I have talked about the problems in the past and has anything changed yet. More so I was predicting for the future what was going to happen. If you notice I wrote the same posts back in 2009 and its 2012 and those same things are coming to light.

My future is bright because I was prepared the changing of the tide. I was ahead of the game years and Im still riding the wave of success and moving forward. I'm directing scenes and writing scripts and plan of opening my own business very very shortly. You come off as a hater Anonymous get ur shit together

Anonymous said...

is the business you're opening also porn related?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Diesel Washington is a great sex star--the Poitier of Porn. True stars don't follow trends;they set them. It's about time for you to start your own production company. How about Casanova Pictures, or WashDie Productions. Maybe Horndog Film Studios. BadAss Film Production. Diversity Films. Hotdamn Studios.

Note: Why don't you write a novel or autobiography of your experienes in the gay porn world. I would imagine you would be more interesting than Bobby Blake. (You write almost everyday anyway. You might as well get paid for it.)