Monday, May 21, 2012


Pleased to announce........ I have been shooting content for I'm getting so tired about the problem I see in porn nowadays.. ESP for Men for Men of color Instead of the crazy rants and crying foul..I will let my footage speak for itself. So the cat is out of the bag now... Finally consumers will see Men of color filmed Raging Stallion like but with a cast of Men of color. , Its 2012, I'm very proud to add my experience and knowledge of the industry to help create a project that was long over due..Its going to be good!! The door is open to all Men of color....All YES EVEN WHITE BOYS If anybody is interested in becoming a model fill out application


Sue said...

Anonymous said...

I wish you all success with your new Dawgpoundusa venture. We need to see high quality Gay Black videos with hot performers and I hope you break new ground in producing these very much neeed videos. I see on your twitter that you filmed Lawson Kane who is very hot and I hope you get him to do more than he has to date and even bottom for you. Speaking of which I've always wondered why you've never topped Marc Williams as his hot muscle butt is perfect for you and maybe you can do that. Also it would be more than hot if you film Soulja and Lawson Kane in a flip-flop. I hope your new DPUSA videos are shown very soon. LOL, Jack :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this as dawgpound/taggaz/papithigz vids have been shit. I'm tired of these scenes where the top does nothing except fuck. At least suck a dick! Also tired of the same faces week after week that can't even stay hard. Taggaz used to say they were getting every top to bottom but haven't seen that in a long time. Soldier needs his ass fucked! Itd be cool to see your cherry popped on film Diesel 😜

Anonymous said...

Diesel it's fantastic news that you are now involved in helping Dawgpound reach its true potential.

Along with its associate studio Papithugz, DP is unique in bringing us sexy masculine Black performers in hot versatile sex and it will be awesome if you can continue with this macho versatility and increase DP's production standards to equal or be better than Raging Stallions & Titanmen.

Recently macho Dante Ferraro bottomed on screen for the first time for Randblue and hot Cuban Papi Angel Rock likewise bottomed frst time on Collegedudes. But with you at the directing helm, it would be fitting for leading Men of Color performers to now choose DPUSA for their on screen "first" etc. Who knows you may finally get Tiger Tyson to give up his cakes for you.

I'm eager to see your first shoot with Lawson Kane and hope that it and and other videos will suitably raise DPUSA's quality standards and provide us with hot surprises and unexpected flip-flops!

Plus as a long time DPUSA member I'm also hoping it can revert again to being once weekly.
Regards, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Been seeing your twitter updates today on you directing Dawgpound mini series with Lawson Kane and Sarge. See Lawson calls you Sir! Have you poked his butt?

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous at 11.22am actually means Soulja that needs his ass fucked, as everyone is wanting that to happen on Dawgpound for the longest. Now if Diesel can have Soulja bottom it will make all the DP fans esctatic !!!!