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I know I'm bad at posting... I used to like writing post every week to keep in touch with the fans, and Yes I'm gulity of being a compete asshole. I have adapted Twitter and I'm always using that social media instead of using my bread and butter...THIS BLOG!!!

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I have traveled up and down the East coast, made friends and money along the way and times are good. But I guess most people want the pictures of Grabbys and all the behind the scene stuff. So here goes some glimpses into the life of Diesel Washington:

The road trip to the Grabbys was long and hard but We(Diesel/JoeyBoston) made it. The trip started in NYC and the first leg of the trip was Washington(my second home)from Washington it was then a bus ride to Pitts. I have been to Pitts many times so it was refreshing to go this time and take in some sites. Sites like Club Pittsburgh(Gay bathhouse) Joey Boston(The BF)has never been to a gay bathhouse so it was interesting bringing him for his first time. Now the thing about Club Pittsburgh its HUGE, I mean this place has 4 floors and roof deck that is awesome. When we arrived in Pitts it was about 1230 and the next bus to Detroit(3rd leg of trip)was not until 7am the next morning so We did what any money saving people do... We spent the night at the Bathhouse.... Yeah I figure the cost of staying at the bathhouse for a few hours was about 50bucks, every hotel in area was charging $150 bucks. Fuck that!!! I'm not spending $150bucks for 6hours worth of time and besides the bathhouse was two blocks away from the Bus station. $150 at the Westin or 50bucks at bathhouse(Duh)?? Mind you at Club Pittsburgh: Gym Sauna Roof deck where u can smoke Glory holes/Slings Do not judge Me......HAHAHAHAHA I'm a porn star and yes I can be CHEAPO sometimes... No action happening at the Bathhouse(it was a Wednesday)so wheter you believe it or not I had a good nap.

Then it was to the bus station and the next leg of the trip Detroit. We arrive in Detroit at 1pm and then needed to transfer to another Bus headed to Chicago. We had a sucky layover of 3 hours in Detroit, but again since I'm cheap, We ventured over to the YMCA, and paid mere dollars to use the center(state of the art gym equipment)and I had a good workout and then it was another bus ride to our final destination Chicago. I spent alot of time in Chicago(both for Grabbys and Escort work)so I knew the public transportation pretty well(okay decent knowledge)We booked a room in Chinatown ahead of time. Why didn't I just stay at the Hard Rock on Thursday??(Asking myself this same thing) Dummy Diesel wanted to show up on Friday and skip the preparty, I didn't expect to go to the preparty but I said FUCK IT at last minute, since I waited so long the Hard Rock was sold out for that Thursday. No big deal I booked a room in Chinatown for 80bucks(Me being cheap again)as soon as we checked into the room.

We blazed/pregamed and headed to the Preparty.. Now I don't understand why most porn stars refused to pay to get inside of the club. Well maybe not refuse per say, but insist they are on the list or with Fabscout entertainment to get out of paying a $5 cover charge. When I got to the door, I was happy to support charity(most of these events are for charity)so already I was tired of the Ego thing. The Preparty was hot!! Met alot of old friends and made some new friends....... UMMM LET ME BE HONEST... I was alittle intimidated when I entered, I haven't done a Studio gig in almost 3years. I didn't know how I would be recieved, I get on Twitter and Rant all the time so I know I pushed a few people away from Me. Who knows what would happen? I felt out of place for the first 5mins, but the nerves settled down and I was able to see the light. I'm Diesel motherfuckinig Washington(I said it in my head)Who cares what people think about you? You look good and feel good, plus you have your BF by your side giving you support. What could be better than that??? I had a great time at Pre party and its always good to see the Fabscout Family of players. I had a chance to run into the Next Door models, Rod Daly is the man(good to see you)and I ran into some more familar faces at the party. Don't get all pissed off if I don't mention your name here.. I do have to say ShoutOut to:

Fairview Sue- one of the first bloggers to do a write about DawgpoundUSA.com her link is here: http://suefairview.com/

Howard and the whole Fabscout Family

Mark and Stacy from Grabbys

Lawson Kane

TheSword.com still giving Me write ups years later.....

And to all the models that were cool with Me...What's Up?

Here are some pictures of the weekend courtesy of Fairview Sue and TheSword.com And all the models that were cool with Me.... Special Thanks!! So that was a real quick recap Hope you enjoyed!!

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Sue said...

I'm going to write so much more about you Diesel!!! Just wait and see Honey Pie! LOL!