Thursday, November 08, 2012


Okay this post is this called "Copy Kats ptII" if you don't remember the first one. Here it goes:

Yeah I had to pull out my blogger hat tonight and let the fans know the deal!! By doing it the only way I know how to..
Lets start it!!

I Shot this 2007 for Titan

Shot 2012 
I got used to people "Borrowing"certain positions but its very Flattering to know that I got Zeb Atlas doing my shit!! HAA.. 

"Bully"shot 2007 for Titan

Here it is again 2012 by Spencer Reed, I tell you I'm so flattered that the younger performers are "Borrowing" my moves. Although I was reading the Titanblog the other day and some of the details are slightly off.

Titanmen star Diesel Washington performed the same maneuver in Telescope with Steve Ponce. He also does a rather fun video demonstration on his YouTube Channel.

Not to split hairs, but I CREATED that Move....

Get it right!!HAHA(Joking)

Imagining this astounding choreography, we can’t help but feel transported back to the humiliating days of high school gym class, when we weighed under 100 lbs and got picked on for not wanting to take showers with the football jocks. Perhaps by reclaiming the move as adults we can get some kind of personal revenge on the pimply meat-heads that terrorized us in our youth, that is, in elaborate fantasy sequences involving Diesel and Diesel only: “So far I haven’t seen the position done the way I do it,” he continues, “I have seem attempts and versions where the bottom is in same position but never in a headlock, or when the camera couldn’t get good footage of the pounding, or when they haven’t been able to hold the position for longer than a couple seconds at a time before the top tires out. So if I see it being done, that postion is now called the ‘Bully’.”

I love you guys but I have to make sure my Moves are trademarked you know?? After using my "Bully" Whats next?:

"Shot Glass"?
I don't even have a name for this one, I just bounced the bottom on a basketball and plowed him missionary style(I will think up a name)
"Camel Clutch"
I used to call this one the "FleshJack".. I think a company is using that one now...I will rename it Later...
It's kinda of like the "SuperMan", I was getting tired at this point so the bttm had to put one hand down just to steady Me..

At first I used to get a alot of "Lip Service" for doing these moves, *Sigh

Seeing how I did these moves, years ago it's kinda of cool when I see the newbies or those performers who seen something I did in the past and try to recreate it again. Only thing...

I'm not Dead yet!! Those moves were years ago I have moved onto Newer things...

Just wait and see...

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