Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Worst mistake

Dating a guy who had an uncle who killed himself...in my old relationship my ex had an uncle that raised him, he was attached and when that uncle killed himself my Ex took his death pretty hard.

I tried to be there but the impact was heavy. i found myself being in a Co dependent relationship.

After taking his abuse and verbal attacks we had to part ways when he started lashing out and attacking Me.

My ex doesnt want to let me go...

I wont get my closure and it hants me everyday..

Anyway Donnie if reading this

You need help!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Naz is back and his tracks are AMAZEBALLS!!!Rocking it hard!! Kanye hitting it hard with this one..... Had to slow it down...Frank Ocean. I listen to this when thinking about my Ex, it happens you know. In a strange mood where I was weak, I reached out because I wanted to hear his voice. He doesn't pick up the phone anymore when I call.. So in a short moment he answered the phone, I don't know how to explain it: I wanted to tell him that I loved him I wanted to say "Come back to Me"... I wanted to jump on bus and come running to him.. I chatted with him online, and in the third sentence he started bragging about his first Threesome.. *Sigh Yeah so after phone after phone call...I just exploded into anger and that was the end of that story... Naz again and this one is really special its amazing to see the journey some Rappers made in this Industry and it reflects in their music.

That is theme music playing in my ears...that one single line "Work Hard, Play Hard"

Hitting that shit hard...Get it Get it...

Not that big a fan of 2 Chains, but the hook is Nuts!! and it does flow so I won't hate on it....



Always will LOVE Pink.. great Vid!!

I like this song...So what!!

This bumps in the club....

HARD WIRE "The Set Up" Scene 8

Yes the series takes a dramatic twist, what will happen next?? Stay tuned in to find out!!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HARD WIRE "The Delivery Man" Scene 7

The Series takes a Dramatic turn......

The Delivery Man for Big Daddy Sarge gets Carjacked!! Who saw this coming???


Let Me tell people something...........
I do not have Grindr, so if you see my images on Grindr THAT IS NOT ME!!! The imposter's are getting even more clever.  They read my timeline and facebook and blog and actually talk to people using updated information they studied on Me.
Meaning before they impersonate Me, they actually took the time to Study Me and stay up to date with current events DIESEL!!
I still don't understand the whole "Imposter thing" why Me?? So far on this porn journey, I have people "Playing"Me online, I have models who use my methods/signature moves/style, other escorts that use my cock pics and body pics, and now more and more fans posing as Me on these Hook up sites..
It's getting annoying!! Some of you are probably saying I should be Flattered...
I see your point but....Naw!!
It's annoying!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


"HARD WIRE" Scene 5 "The StakeOut"

Dropped Scene 5 and Scene 6(by accident whoops) anyway...things are getting better and better..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting so fucking bad updating my baby boy(this blog),

Okay people here is the rundown:

NYC was buzzing of course because of Hustlaball(yeah I know I didn't promote it) I have a great relationship with Rentboy and for this years Hustlaball....

I didn't perform, I didn't conduct any interviews well...

I did one interview with Sister Roma and Mr Pam because WE are old friends, but for the most part I was playing the event low key(so I thought). Of course had to run into Tommy Defendi, Howard from Fabscout, JP Richards(I directed him on Saturday way way intense scene)Austin Wilde,

Anyway I had a good time...
Nothing really to report, I went as a regular person(Sort of)and just had a good time and just CHILLED!!
Sometimes I think I come off shady, I don't really speak to anybody unless I know them, so it seems  Anti Social. Before I go to the club I pregame, maybe two(three)blunts and I walk through the door of the club and its party time.  By rule of thumb when I'm stoned!! I speak when spoken to, I don't work a room! I'm not in the middle of the dance hall unless I'm with my boys and We are tearing up the club.
Random thought: Feeling extra Jaded lately and I hate the way I'm coming off as a downer!! I'm easily annoyed by some of the newcomers in the business and really I shouldn't be.  When I started I had that nervous energy and that GET OUT OF MY WAY attitude.  I see all the new guys running around slutting it up and having fun.  And I'm looking at them like WTF?? Just giving away the cock for free or all this fucking in front of the crowd shit. And then it dawned on Me...
That is something an Old Man does when the youngins come around, and I can not blame a newbie for wanting to have fun and experience all he can in HIS porn journey.  I lust for the old days to come back but I have to realize that those days are long gone!!
I question myself on how to adapt to the new porn business, Twitter, Promotion, maintaining the brand.
It's not a secret that I'm not Tech Man!! So I had to get used to using Twitter and learning how to branch out instead of using the thing that started it all...
This blog!!
I go on rants on Twitter and then come to blog and have no energy to write, because I spilled everything on Twitter! It's weird!! When did my life revolve around 140 characters(something like), I missed having the opportunity to let it all out and just go on Killer rant. There almost was a blog war this week, but it was handled.  Here is a good post I got off Twitter http://theluckeystar.com/2012/10/dear-luckey-everybody-hates-dieselwashxxx-diesel-washington/
Sometimes it takes someone looking from the outside to know what I'm feeling on the inside. I blogged about it before, but finally I realize that other people see the same things I see.
Promotion for the porn star, not sure when it became popular to tweet pics of your penis.? I understand the concept, people come to your timeline to see pics of your cock. I get it!! But isn't that like a Cow giving away the milk for free?? If I wanted people to see me naked they would have to buy the work to see me in action.  Nowadays its almost like a job to certain porn stars, as soon as they wake up in the morning its "Lets take a pic of the morning wood" and post to twitter. It's the easy way to get alot of followers, tweet some cock/ass pics all day and the followers will come.  I tend to take the hard way I rather have a small amount of followers that come to my timeline to read rants/tweets and just what is going on in my mind at the moment. The porn stars nowadays film jerk off Vids and load up to Xtube. Tweet cock/ass pics they are showing everything...
Not sure how you can demand people to pay for something, when you are just giving it away for free. I will end that rant there... Moving on!!
The Diesel Washington Brand(need a better name)....
I need to come up with something cool, I don't like the "Diesel Brand" "Washington Brand" sounds corny...
Ahhh..... "DW Brand"
The DW brand is doing well and about to expand yet again...(More Later)
If nobody noticed I'm single now, I think its best for the both of us to be apart, We were becoming too much alike and that started to annoy the both of Us.  I will try for love another day, right now I'm busy......
Dawgpoundusa is really pushing the limits now, We just shot an amazing scene this weekend, Picture a good car jacking/pistol whipping/Intense Hardcore scene with Rio and JP Richards
Don't want to spoil the details, also We have a secret shoot coming up in two weeks in Miami...
YES MIAMI!!! just like most cop dramas that deal with drugs(get it deal with drugs,)where does most of the coke come from(simple answer)
So we are planning a steamy hot scene(Can't give it away)
Thanks for everybody that filled out the poll, you gave me some good ideas and already confirmed what I thought the audience wanted to see in the first place.  I wanted to ask anyway because its the fans that run the site.  This porn producer ask his fans what they want to see because they are the paying audience(And I will make it worth your while)
Just a short post....

Friday, October 05, 2012

Thursday, October 04, 2012


"Hard Wire" Scene 1:

"Hard Wire" Scene 2:

"Hard Wire" Scene 3:

"Hard Wire" Scene 4:

"Hard Wire" is Cop drama set in NYC, the series was created to the explore the world of Cop vs Thug.  I know what your saying "Another Cop drama"added to the market of the Cop themed gay porn that is already out there. We will take it to the next step..

 Being a big fan of cop shows on TV(Hill Street Blues, NCIS, Law&Order, Criminal Minds etc) the storyline is constantly changing, you have your chase scenes, arrest scenes, the gathering of DNA, so many different types of scenes that you can put together.  The Thugs/Villains/criminals can be colorful characters, and in a Cop series you can have a revolving door of characters that come into the story as well as have a "Central cast" that is in place that helps tell the story.  It's a Win Win..

I get it, some people hate story lines and rather get to the sex scenes.  With the "Hard Wire" series you get strong sex and good acting(working on it)I want to create a product that people can sit down to watch like their favorite Sit com.  A Sitcom is what? 30mins long? take out the commercials and its about roughly 18mins of acting, telling a story, compete with plot twists and Action sequences.

 The biggest reason why We used this genre, was that it gave us the ability to create characters that you don't normally see in the Urban market. Using a cop genre, we can have:

Detectives that are dressed in suits
Action sequences(Car jacking, Chase scenes, ETC)

Besides the reasons above, this opens the door for Men of color to be displayed as they should. I know I will hear the moans of "Why the use of Thugs and the Homeboy look?" In the Urban market that is the "Classic Look" complete with Do rag, wearing your gold chains and rings and things.  But "Hard Wire" mixes it up, while you have that "Thug look" I make sure to throw in plenty of suits and ties, formal wear, Doctor scrubs, nurse uniforms, Cop uniforms..because in Reality

There are plenty of Men of color who are Doctors, Lawyers out there, its 2012 for God sakes.  In my opinion there are not enough porn scenes featuring Men of Color as Doctors or Lawyers..

The "Hard Wire" project gets big and bigger everyday, so it has led to some delays:

We want to add more models to the project, We started out only filming 3 scenes which led to 5 and then to 6 scenes(more planned)so We are expanding the project.

For the fans, I release small scenes from "Hard Wire" and its all for free!! I want you to see the characters, get familiar with the characters and have you begging for more.  I haven't released one sex scene yet, but I'm giving you the complete story for free.. Cause I want you to watch..

At the same time, We are working on a new site that will allow you to view the content DIRECTLY.  Pay per View, Pay by Minute, Pay by Scene... This is where the biggest delay comes from.  How to display the footage in a way that customers find the easiest.

"HARD WIRE" is created for the fans..  And We want to hear from you...

Doing oral scenes(if anybody watches them) How long does an oral scene hold your attention?

How long can you watch guys making out? For 5mins, 10mins??
How important is that the bottom be hard while getting fucked?
When watching two guys fuck, What is more important??
Sometimes porn is predictable, usually its: The guys meet Kiss, make out Oral&Rimming They Fuck, Cum shots.. As a porn producer I think these rules are too rigid, I feel that sometimes guys just go down on each other, and then fuck. I have had a hookup or two, in most cases I never really kiss the guy(Kissing is passionate to some people)I get blown and then fuck some ass. In making porn, you want to show off your models, but sometimes in the situation that is not realistic. So... Do porn fans like to see their porn have that "Porn Sequence" or is that Flexible?
I want to make sure when I'm editing scenes, that I give the fans what they want. The story is directed by me so when it comes to editing I have a clear story that I am telling. But when it comes to the sex, I know what is hot!! But I'm always open to suggestions from fans.

More later...