Monday, March 11, 2013


I know that was a weird start to a post, well let's talk: I have been so what busy and then I had to book something.. I will be doing a Photo Shoot for "Hard Wire", I have always wanted to stay behind the scenes and not get my hands that involved from a models stand point. But then again... I have been hitting the gym hard lately and really really showing it off and doing the photo shoot come in perfect timing for everything. March will be a very busy month for We have alot in store and I just have to put everything together. I may even do a scene in my own series... Now here comes the selfish part, if I'm the one directing and editing and modeling in the scene, shouldn't I go all out and do the best of the Best!! Who knows?? Just a thought..

But if I was going to do a scene, besides the whole "Angry Black Man" role. I want to go in a completly opposite direction, but I want the scene of all scenes!!

Thank God, I know how to light it!! Film it!! Edit It and Promote It!! TOTAL CONTROL!!

Anyway enough about creating a hot scene....

March is a long month for Me, I tend to hangout with my Buds and get infected by March Madness. For all those who may not know what March Madness is..

Basically a bunch of Basketball fans that watch College Basketball and have money on the game either in a "Pool", online betting...An excuse to sit around and watch TV and yell at the screen when your team is not doing so well..

People take March Madness series, I played alot of basket ball growing up yes I get a case of it every once and a while

Besides the Knicks suck!!(Sorry NYC) its been more than 40years since We were champs in Basketball! Love you anyway Knicks will still keep repping ya!!

This post is kinda of sloppy due to the fact that I blaze before writing this, so now I might make sense why the thoughts are rambled and confused sounding. I thought I would take the time to reach out to the fans and just say Hello..

This post is getting strange, I think I'm in a confused state..

Another Porn star killed himself....

It gets you to wondering sometimes, I have faced my own demons and I have went through my own hard times..

This is not the lifestyle for some....

Just a confused post...


Anonymous said...

Confused or not it's vintage you :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure how much longer you should stay in the porn made your're still a beauty..maybe a 9 to 5 job..nice relationship..would be better