Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Just posted some more pics from the Dallas Photo Shoot and wanted to touch with the people out there. 

A lot of things are happening in a few short days:

I will be attending Gay Days in Orlando this year and expect to have a good time representing www.Dawgpoundusa.com  while I'm down there..

I have to make sure that I balance between the two worlds(Mainstream/Urban) I started out a Mainstream Porn Star turned Urban Market Director...Last time I will say this..
Black or White or Latin in any case I shoot GAY porn...But I do say there is a difference between the Urban market and the Mainstream market. But the difference is so small...

So in the last month, I was busy filming for "Hard Wire" and filming for Dawgpoundusa updates and then editing Dawgpoundusa footage and www.PapiThugz.com footage.  So I have been busy and even more busy.

Another direction that Dawgpoundusa is heading is creating a new line called Dawgpoundusa GymBoys..

Dawgpoundusa Gym Boys is a new movement of Fitness, Health, Beauty for ALL Men of color and We will be expanding the idea of what it means to be a Gym Boy(Stay tuned)

I felt bad that I missed Grabbys this year..

But I was busy as Hell coming up with a new plan of attack..

Oh before I forget, I just did a new update for www.Dawgpoundusa.blogspot.com it has all the scenes for Hard Wire and some juicy gossip about the series and the direction that it is heading in.

Another post coming soon...

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Larry Nibblins said...

It's a lovely time to represent, in the hear and now, (Smile) be well, Always, LARRY NIBBLINS!