Friday, May 17, 2013


Gone Gone Gone.....

Alot of of new viewers are probably reading this blog and saying who is this guy?

Hello I am Diesel Washington!!

I have been in the sex industry for a number of years, and I can say at this point I have learned alot. I have seen alot of things, done alot of people(Umm)and travel to many parts of the world.  Been there and done that.  Some people might think I come off alittle cocky and smug in my writing or even "Standing on the Soapbox" style, just pointing fingers and venting and ranting on this thing I call a blog..

Who reads blog anymore? Probably a good number of people out there in Internet space. This has always been my HOME, you come here and get all things Diesel and yet I have disappeared into the land of Twitter.

Check Me out on Twitter  I'm usually there just running the mouth and trying to make a couple of jokes here and there.  But sometimes I forget about my blog,  this thing that you're reading right now..

Anyway fast forward...

I have been lost in work and trying to rebrand myself and put together this Mega hit of a production called "Hard Wire"...

In the meantime, I was set out to be a Guest Director for a Dawgpoundusa shoot.

So I had the pleasure to work with two great models in Rio and Damien Brooks the scene is hot and I tried to play with that story of the straight laced type of guy and the sexy dancer..
I directed the scene and also did some of the editing to make sure the scene told a type of story. I am taking baby steps, I love working from the bottom and fucking your way to the top.  So please support what I'm trying to do...
I'm not sitting around doing nothing, I'm filming Men of color and telling a story! Isn't that the point of doing porn? Make a hot scene!! Tell Me what you think about the scene/preview in comment section.  Good or Bad
I also did some editing work on the

Hot scene with Phat Daddy and Angelito..

So yeah...Making my rounds behind the scenes lately....

Plus I did a quick post about the Blatino Oasis Weekend and now finally there is Video for that as well..

I know I know some many Vids,

At the same time when all of this is going on..I'm modeling and directing a working out Vid with Our Dawgpoundusa Gym Boys..

So while the event was going on, I pulled out my camera and starting filming some good footage for the Dawgpoundusa Gym Boy line..

Seriously people I'm working on alot of stuff and trying to explain everything that is happening is alittle hard. Bear with Me!!

Here is the Dawgpoundusa Gym Boys in Palm Springs at the Blatino Oasis Weekend(Say that all in one sentence HA)

I played Videographer for this one, and also did some of editing of the Vid.  I'm tired of just typing about it...

The only reason WHY I point out the fact that I did the editing/directing/Videographer work is because I'm just proud of the progress I'm making behind the camera..

And still putting together the "Hard Wire" project...

I know your saying the same slogan "When is it Coming out?? Before you get started...

Dawgpoundusa finally has Polo shirts/Tank Tops/Cum Rags/Bottles
So yeah I have been kinda of busy promoting and making sure things are right for a GIANT release.
Hmm? I'm getting side tracked, I have so much on my mind and trying to write this post, putting everything together...
Oh yeah....
I finally got back some of the pictures from my photo shoot, I will post a few for your enjoyment/viewing(Whatever)


So yeah busy doing alot of things....
On record I have to say I really enjoy working with Dawgpoundusa. They are letting Me be very creative, listening to my ideas and using them. And I'm glad I have a place to display my talents behind the scenes.
I am still active as a model, as of lately I have been working hard to push the Dawgpoundusa label.
Diesel Washington(Ha talking about myself in third person)still is pushing the brand and working hard Repping his own DIESEL brand.
That brings Me to my next subject...
What is next?
I plan on shooting a few scenes as a model, for those interested
I'm still directing/editing scenes...
Soon I will put out a casting call looking for models that want to break into the Industry.
 I'm really a casting/location finding/babysitting/stay on schedule/good time management kinda of guy...
HAHAHAH I wish..
I was forced into that role of the guy that has to be the Starter!! We all know that guy..
I'm the guy that gets on the dance floor, when everybody else is holding up a wall and just standing there(If not stoned)
So shooting my own scenes is making its way into my routine.
The weather is getting better and better and its that time for Me to do more personal appearances.  Some where in time I became a Porn personality and when that happens you have to figure yourself out and know how to really market yourself..
So in a nutshell, I'm back to that Re- invent yourself mode again..
How does JayZ do it? How does Madonna do it...
Reinventing yourself/Branding/putting yourself out there and gaining the masses??
It's hard!!
Here I am trying!!

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Anonymous said...

As a bi woman, I love gay porn especially seeing sexy men of color. Keep doing what you're doing babes. XoLh