Wednesday, July 03, 2013


As a blogger...You can get "Bloggers Block"

"Bloggers Block" is when you think you have exhausted all your resources and writing blog posts becomes difficult.  Well I can always put up a Fluffer post just to post something but after nine years(almost)of writing this blog, Fluffer posts kind of sucks. Sure I can pull from the Radio and list some tunes that I'm listening to now:

But that would be to easy.....

I could post some Glossy Pics of myself from a photo shoot:

Yeah but anybody can post Glossy pics of themselves...Photo shop is a Motherfucker nowadays!!! So every time I see glossy pics of a model, I always look for pics of them in a natural state or camera phone pictures. Wouldn't you if you thought a guy was hot?? Yeah you would:

Yeah but putting up what songs you listen to and pictures of yourself is so.....

2009 You know?

I always thought I was one of those bloggers that opened up his life for his readers and gave you some insight into my life.  When I look back at some posts on this blog I see a whole bunch of relationships that crashed and burned and although I feel embarrassed reading some of the posts.  It was my life at the time,  Very Raw blogging without Filter, exposing so much of myself but at the same time it shows that the So called Sex God(hahah)can get Emotional...

I think a lot of the porn stars only want to show the Ups and Ups of the porn industry, which is fine.  I happen to like to show the extreme highs but at the same time I like to expose the extreme lows of this business.  Sometimes people think the "Grass is greener, on the other side".

Let Me be real with some of the readers of this blog, as with all jobs there is Occupational Hazards. Occupational Hazards in Condom porn:

Lip sores
Common cold

Granted the transmission of the HIV virus is harder to get in condom porn. Hmmm? I don't know if I could say that will a straight face on anymore. We have some porn stars claiming they contracted the the HIV virus while working on set.

 As a porn star you don't talk about these hazards it comes with the Territory. I mark it down like a War wound, but sometimes you expect these things to happen cause your sleeping with Sluts.  I know that sounds harsh, but the majority of the porn stars today consider themselves Sluts/Whores/Pig.  So if you know your working with another slut, expect the unexpected.....

Back to Bloggers block.....

Sorry folks I will get over it soon


Anonymous said...

Your thoughts/blog are fine. No need to apologize. By nature a blog will have some informal, random, chatty, inappropriate thoughts, but that's to be accepted as part of the blog turf.
Loss of topics? How about examples of which famous man you would like to meet, or who in the USA is the most self promoting guy? Who do you respect? What is one of the hardest jobs in this country?
What else have you learned about people who follow your blog / publicity trail?

Anonymous said...

Now..with all your years of porn and other sex are you saying that sex even with condoms isn't really totally safe..wondering what you might of caught?