Sunday, July 28, 2013


So We had Jay Black on the Dawgpoundusa set, he is a great model to work with and You will see a lot more of Jay Black on Dawgpoundusa in the coming few months, a true professional.

Sarge and Jay Black only on  CHECK IT OUT!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Whoa^^ killahh. You can say alot about diesel, he can be opinionated and a bit abrasive but he's creative and tries things people haven't done yet. Id take originality over ratings anyday. Hes real. Hes black and yes he is over 10 inches and thick. And no I did not pay lmfao. Sounds like you've reduced yourself to being a raw model from your comments. Be proud I guess. Ina few years you'll be handing out medicine for HIV victims that you made through your fellowship of the raw dick clan. Let your fingers and ass rest and don't talk shit unless you know the real deal. Keep it up diesel. Didnt always agree with your choices but I told you I'd always have your back. Still stands to be true. Hope all is well, tell DJ I said whuddddap!