Thursday, August 08, 2013


There were so many things I could have added, but that is why there is a part two the subject.  I never do these talking to the camera type Vids....

Sometimes when you see a trend happening in porn you can stand back and let it happen, or you can take the bull by the horns and fight to get your opinion across

It had to be done, so far :

Models with Racist Tats, as they started putting out his picture, I don't understand how you can showcase a model that has his personal agenda inked to his body.  He fully understands what his Tattoos mean and this was a ploy to put out his message or agenda on a Wide scale.

Moving on..

Not sure how I ended up on the calendar as a Cover Man for a series I was never in?? That is the cover for Blackballed.. I posed for that shot in the movie Taken: to the Lowest Level,
I never did the series, I wasn't interested in that particular type of Fetish play involving Black models gangbanging a white model.
This scene in Drenched in Piss was from Taken as well...

Yeah so I was in TAKEN....but TAKEN to two more levels down from THAT previous lowest..

* sigh

Since We are speaking about the same company you got this:

HotRod even talked about it here:  And got this response from Chi Chi herself..

Chi Chi LaRue says:
The Thug is exactly what it is intended to be. The product is neither molded to Hot Rod’s likeness, nor represents his actual length or girth. It certainly does NOT reference his stage name. We use model pictures on many of our products. The Expeller has a picture of Brent Everett, that doesn’t mean the Expeller is Brent Everett. The Initiator features Rod Daily. We didn’t use any of Rod’s likeness to make the product. They are called promotional photographs. That is what Hot Rod posed for, and was paid for. This is a practice that is utilized industry wide for longer than I can remember, and that is a long time! The Thug is actually a very cool product that allows the user to change out a suction cup for a handle on the fly.
BTW a big Thank You to Hot Rod for all the extra press and exposure!

My two cents, Chi Chi calls it a product, which it is but I do have to point out:

It's shaped to look like an actual penis

The actual penis has veins and looks like a real life penis

The color of the sex toy that looks like an actual penis is flesh colored

The color of the sex toy that looks like an actual penis is flesh colored and that color is Brownish

The color of the sex toy that looks like an actual penis is flesh colored and the color is Brownish.

It resembles the penis of an African American

Further more

This is the Expeller for Brent Everett
It doesn't look like a penis resembling an African American

This is the Initiator, look at the shape of the Toy!! While it resembles a penis, its not flesh colored and its oddly shaped.

It doesn't look like an African American penis.

 I'm not going into this whole rant. Just stating the facts and giving the information.

Then you have this

Cybersocket didn't include one performer of color on its list.

They did the same thing back in 2010 on this list. Not one performer of color

It just keeps going and going....

Then you have this gem:

His name is David Mulatto..


The cream on top TheSword called him out a long time ago with this post :

Now We have Marc Dylan:

And then he did another Vid explaining his views yet again...

I mean...

When is it all going to end? I already see the lack of Diversity in Mainstream. The ignorance level of Gay porn seems to be increasing to the point where models/Directors can at free will state their personal agenda?

Wheter it be for the almighty dollar

Or getting to bone all the hot white guys you want without needing an explanation as to why you won't work with other "Types" "Looks". Code for RACE

I will say it like I said it before....

People with personal agendas should not bring that PERSONAL agenda into the business of porn.

Racism exists in Society

Racism exists in the Gay community

Racism exists in Gay porn.

It's like you can't even have a fantasy anymore without people pushing their personal agenda anymore.


Anonymous said...

Diesel u r a asshole. Actors have the right to turn down roles all the time. Many actors have turned down academy award winning roles. You never shut your mouth and have a opion about everything and express it. Why can't others do the same.
I think it comes down to good old fashion jealously. They are getting more work than you and more attention. And that drives you nuts.
I think you can not grasp the fact that u are ovef 40 and people do not want to see a old man fucking.You time has passed... so don't go away mad.... just go the fuck away.

everhard12321 said...

The current lack of diversity in gay porn is shocking and, as you say Diesel, reflective of the gay culture at large. Standards of beauty in gay porn have always been dictated by consumers' tastes and clearly what gay men want is pretty white boys. You are probably the last major black model to represent a major studio. Now it seems Race Cooper is holding down that spot. What is even more concerning is that if you want to see black men in gay porn right now the one area you're sure to find them is bareback porn. It's as if the porn industry is sending us a message that they are trying to kill us off. Our culture seems to be regressing in terms of race and racism (Trayvon Martin, Paula Deen, Cheerios) and it's frightening.

Anonymous said...

Diesel, you're correct to make a distinction between a porn model's private preferences and his job. This model can choose to DATE whomever he wants in his private life. But to refuse to WORK with other models solely because they are black is racist and unprofessional. That's akin to a stripper refusing to share the stage with other strippers of a different race. Porn is a job, where lifestyle preferences ( and prejudices) should be left at the door. I won't support the career of a racist porn model.

Ludoviko de Kairo said...

All this gives me a lot of embarrassment. The lack of tolerance, diversity in this 2013, is anachronistic and involucinista. Is the door to fanaticism and coexistence facilitates between the individuals and peoples. A shame!

gabriel said...

very good diesel!
kisses from brazil.