Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Look who is back on the scene.. Due to technical difflicities... I had a hard time logging in with my server, so I couldn't access anything, but I'm back sort of... So lets jump right into it. I have to write out a quick message for the fans and let them know my upcoming plans. I will be working with CockyBoys and I'm nervous as Hell!! But this is what I wanted... Not to kiss ass or anything but I like the direction they are going and I'm super excited to work with them. Now the scene and story is quite complex so I wont go into detail but its a role I never attempted before and I think its time for a change to the Diesel character... The name of the Scene is called "The Bully and the Healer" and guess what role I'm playing??? So I had to go into the Office for the First "Fitting", anytime the director has an idea that he wants to showcase I'm down... I have to try to not over think the scene but at the same time I have to stay true to the Diesel Brand and go from there. But other than that I like to be a Blank Canvas for a director to use so he can over the scene and tell me some pointers or a better director that the character needs to Be. So I'm doing the regular routine Hitting the gym hard and maintaining, I got a nice muscles mass going and I have about two weeks to get into Ripped shape. To think I will be the oldest model in this movie so I have to go into the scene RIGHT AS HELL!!! Now around the blogs I'm reading that after CockyBoys I might retire..... There is some truth to that statement, I have been working hard on a project for months and it kills Me that I have to play the guessing game with things... Enough said So taking the time to invest in this role is real important to Me, It may sound corny but I want to put on a Great performance.You never know when it will be my last role... Never know... Now within the last few months, Next Door Studios went bareback, GuysinSweatpants went bareback, M.L Entertainment went bareback, The playing field is about EVEN when it comes to the Condom Studios/sites and the ones that went bareback. I just dont know what to tell you??? The climate around the industry is alittle strange right now... Between Porn stars killing themselves, turning up HIV+, statements from models saying that mostly all the bare back models are HIV+....Shit is crazy right now.. I made the statement that Gay Porn was Dead.... I don't know what more to say???? I really want to share the opinions of the bloggers about the situation that is happening right now.. Speaking of which Zach is no longer at theSword.com. Now He is writing for ManHunt Daily and I think its great and its almost like he hasn't lost a beat and he is coming and coming after the bullshit he sees in the industry. Alot of people don't know... This business runs on Smoke and Mirrors.... Big Shoutout to the rest of the gang over there at Manhunt Daily... The Future of Diesel is known... But since 2005, I have BEEN RIDING THIS BITCH till the wheels fall off.. Peace people

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