Friday, January 10, 2014


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So if you been under a rock, then you would not know that I have a new scene released on Check out the trailer here : Alot of people has asked Me about this scene, We all know Diesel is the guy that comes in and Wrecks an ass. So I wanted to do something different for a change. Most people think I just walk into the scene and start throwing around the boys, which is true. So for this project I wanted to do something different and have something that leads up to the hardcore fucking. The result? Jake Jaxson has put together an interesting story of Human nature. That Man that cant take anymore abuse from evil men that are plotting against him. I'm pushed to the limits in this story, and the resulting actions are Diesel taking his revenge for years of service to a Government head who is corrupt and mean. Its being dubbed the Best Hate fuck of the Year!! I mean I have Power/Rough/Hardcore/Rape/Creative/Revenge FUCK!! Whatever you want to call it...Now add the new term Hate Fuck!! Early reviews are in

: Couple of new interviews on the Porn Actors Studio I also speak about Diversity in gay porn yet again and you can catch that Podcast here : I know I know, I keep beating the topic of Diversity in the head with the shovel. I might as well use my Porn star celebrity for something good right? I'm doing alot of work with and GaySoulcast lately... One of the goals this year is to show alot of personality for the people. Porn has changed twice fold lately so i think newer porn stars are going to have to learn to show a personality along with Body/face/ass/dick. Speaking of which I wanted to include some new pics of Me lately because I have not been posting enough body and face pics for you.

So I had a chance to update my blog with some pictures and I reached out to fans to help support Me and my scenes. Not sure if Cockyboys Answered Prayers is my last porn role, Who knows?? But everybody tells Me that this is my best scene to date so not sure what to do..... Anyway another post coming up shortly


Thom Robinson said...

Glad for the update. I hope this isn't the last. You are absolutely my favorite. If you ever get to honolulu :) Enjoyed some porn on my cable TV with you. Just awesome. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Huge Huge Fan!

jgazelle@gmail said...

Diesel, you are my favorite as well. I saw in one of your posts that you don't know how much longer you will be in the porn business because of the direction things are heading. I would hate to see you go, but I sure understand your feelings on the matter. Whatever you do, you will remain my fantasy. Oh yeah, and if you ever get to Houston ...:)