Sunday, February 09, 2014


Well I cleaned out some bugs, and now I'm able to go back to blogging like I used to......

As life changes some things stay the same, I know It sounds so cliche ooh but its so true sometimes.  I really let myself go with filming. At one point, I was filming segments every single day and was in the motion of making something special happen...

And then ran alittle crazy and I had to hold back.

But that has all changed right now, I have picked up the camera again and starting shooting my own content for a change instead of waiting on people to do it. Again something that I have done for myself but I wanted the challenge of shaking things up and making it happen.

Don't forget people my newest scene is on Cockyboys right now and its called the Answer Prayers 2 "The Healer"

Last week I attended Chris Harder Birthday GangBang at Berlin and We had a great time...Take the time to check out his blog.

I got a birthday card for him

The reviews have been great, so I'm just figuring out my next move with things.  I like being able to shoot my own content but at the same time I am an Actor and I like working with people to create something new and  different. I said Cockyboys was my last stop....

But who knows? This role was really intense and I enjoyed being back in front of the camera, I enjoy behind the camera as much or even more...

Decisions...Geez Who knows?

 Added to my schedule I started my own show called Getting Real with Diesel

GETTING REAL WITH DIESEL from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

Now this was a really old thing I filmed last year at the height of all the scandals that was going down. I never got around to posting it...But then recently I decided to post and Bam

People seemed to like so I'm pleased to announce I will be going ahead and filming segments for my own show..

More detail to come....

I will write more but I'm in the middle of filming another Getting Real with Diesel show.

So let me get back to this...

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