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🙋🙋So the motherfucking heat is on!!!

We going into part two of the Dragging, of course there is a part two cause this is a never ending story that keeps going on and on....

Where should we pick up at? Lets break down some parts of his character off screen:

 Why do you go to a blog which you call Petty and Little..?  Billy Sanitation on Str8upgayporn. So why go there asshole? And pose as commentor on the site to Congrats yourself if a post is written about you. Then use that "Fake commentor" to trash other studios and models(I see you Rob/Jan out there)  That is some next level shit when you pose as someone else just to leave a favorable comment about yourself? That is some next level, laying in another universe you created for yourself.  Very Donald Trumpish..


He called himself Scott Rose at first, that truly is some desperate shit.

But you are self titled Advocate of Models....

You are so trifling it makes my head spins..


You were a manage 7yrs ago, and your hand got caught in the Cookie Jar??  TRIFLING...STR8 GRIMY....

How did this? Turn into a Porn model, I won't say Porn star because that is too generous. I will tell you how...
Its called Steroids and taking Trimix for scenes so he can make that Baby thumb hard enough to be able to use for another Snoozefest of a performance.
He goes on to say in this interview all lies and things he made up!!
" I have a personal prescription for Trimix, as I do not trust taking anything that isn’t prescribed to me"
So porn fantasy gone, you take a needle to the dick with a syringe, filled with a chemical to get your dick hard for scenes. The stupid part is he is admitting to using a needle to his dick before a Bareback scene, so now he has an open wound on his penis and he is sticking that expose tissue damage into whatever is in that Bottoms Anus, which by the way is where Fecal matter is eliminated from. He is such a Dirty Bitch.
Lastly He has already admitted to Steroid Use, so that whole Preachy line in his Interview...
Moving on...
Then he used the line I'm an Alcoholic...
Alcohol abuse is bad and those that suffer from it should get treatment, I have seen many people destroy their lives because of it. But in this case with Billy, I'm calling Bullshit!!! 
In Billy's case? This was a Blatant Cry for Attention not a Cry for Help.. Calling it like I see it..
To film yourself and go through this whole process of seeking redemption for your Alcohol problems, its nothing but contrived garbage by a porn model seeking attention. Or worst, trying to cover their tracks because of What they did when they was drunk that might have went Public. That stuff could hurt his image or career.  It was self serving and I'm offended he went the PR route to use it to clean up his Hot mess acts in public/behind closed doors abusing his Husband.  Speaking of which He was a Hot mess at Grabbys 2015 I know cause I was there. But watch his clean up act.
Billy Sanitation put this out tweet
Seth and I have decided to separate for a while. Please continue to love and respect us. He's an amazing man. Just some hard times.
— Billy Santoro (@BillySantoroXXX) May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015 That is the same time as Grabbys weekend in Chicago, and being there I heard the noise, I heard the phone call from Seth reaching to people for help...Enough said.

But to cover up things Seth puts out this tweet
Seth Santoro @SethSantoroXXX
Guys we are fine. We did not fight over porn or the grabbys. The industry is a non issue with us. We are working on our problems and healing

He is only half right, His personality and Behavior is something nobody else will respect after knowing his history and background.

Back to the Youtube

He took back everything negative he said about Lucas Entertainment, like when he crawled back Nica and IconMale.  What kills me, he gets on Youtube to talk about another models Relationship and tangle himself up in Drama between a Porn studio and a model. He was thirsty attention, he is such a savage in his attempts at staying relevant


He had to attach himself surrounding the drama between Josh Moore and M.L..  That is quite a Thirsty display for attention when you FEEL the need to brag about a FlipFlop and then get into a Twitter Beef with someone that you said infected your Husband with a STI. You would think this was some kind of Soap Opera on a terrible cable network but no,


 M.L. from LucasEntertainment is ANOTHER blog post for later.  Let's stay focused on Dragging Billy Sanitation further..

I don't want people getting the misunderstanding that I'm ALL into Billy Sanitation business.  He tweets and MAKES THIS PUBLIC so I'm allowed to gather up all the evidence and render my opinion of a person.  And so far this guy is Trash and the Biggest Hypocrite



His is a Husband beating asshole who can be cruel to animals..
Dude you threaten Violence to poor innocent cats, Animal abuse? You are like worst of the worst. And using intimidation factors on the Man you call Husband? Its so tasteless.  Here I am Single as a motherfucker and this Fool is married to a hot guy that seems to always take him back, even when he is being abused by him?

Seth got a Speed Knot on his forehand......this is domestic Abuse.  So putting everything together, you physically abuse Seth and then throw him under the bus by putting out a Apology Video to Lucas. You took back all the claims that Seth suffered/endured by Lucas, You saw the blacklisting techniques used by M.L. to keep Seth from working. And you backstab your OWN husband by going Public and claiming that it was all a Misunderstand and a Lie. Because your Husband(hopefully) Left you because he doesn't want to suffer abuse at your hands.?  That is some EVIL shit..
Currently Billy Sanitation is being creepy and preying on new models to the industry to make bootleg Videos for his Trash site
Poor Ben Batemen, he gets the double shaft, One for working with a Trashy studio, Two for allowing Billy the snake to take footage of him. Its not to help Ben's career(As Billy probably said) that footage is for Billy to show off and life off his thunder. Its like he is a Blood sucker preying on the models who don't know his reputation or character.  They see Billy Sanitation the Porn star, without knowing his checkered past and his abuse of his husband.
Now I want to Wrap this up!!  All of this dragging is based on type of person Billy is. Its a direct shot at him saying "I think you are an Opportunist/Abuser just not a Nice person or someone with integrity. I think he is low class, selfish, delusional and very Bitter in life.
His Website?
His Crappy website?? Seeing as how you were contacting exclusive models at Studios that only Feature Condom work for your website. You as a business person are like a Snakeoilsalesman, Billy Sanitation was contacting exclusive models at Studios, and trying to entice them to send him BB content knowing that would violate their Exclusive contract deals.  Then justify by doing it by saying it wasn't a violation and that Exclusive contracts means nothing in court. 
Now get this, he was enticing them with $50 bucks for 2min bareback scenes.  This Bitch got nerve!!
 When word got around got to the Studios where these models were exclusive at.  They Blacklisted him from working with their Studio for reaching out to their models with this Bullshit. Its just Low class behavior being displayed by another Sleazy Producer trying to make a bunch of wooden nickels.  Its so Low Brow...
That is why Billy Sanitation had to eat crow and work with IconMale again and Currently Lucas Entertainment. But in order for him to work with these Studios, he had to put out Apology Videos, He has no dignity or integrity and everything is about money or an opportunity to him.
Last thing I promise...
 I don't want to shit on True Love, but what is True love to Billy Sanitation??
I'm sure that Seth and Billy loved each other at one point, but that makes me think. Was the marriage out of love or was it cause it would look good For a Bareback Debut scene on a site that was formerly condom?  To break into Bareback industry, Lucas needed a Hook. I can see M.L saying:
" Lets get a real life Married couple to do a bareback scene for us. That way it will lessen the blow of being called a Hypocrite when we turn the Studio from condom to bareback. The perfect idea, but who can we find that is an actual Married couple? Hmmm"
Of course Billy Sanitation being the EVER opportunist takes his THEN BF and makes him Husband just in time for their Bareback release..
Sept 4, 2013
Two days later.....
The release date of Lucas Entertainment's First Bareback scene
Sept 6, 2013
I'm not coming up with Conspiracy theories.....
This is Merely Dragging at its FINEST.......
The moral of this dragging, Never Date/Marry/Do porn together with a guy you met off Grindr. Because then it becomes complicated...
I'm a Blogger I do my research, Now where is that Nail?  I have a coffin to nail SHUT!!
All this Dragging was brought to you by this single tweet :
I'm extremely PETTY....I am..

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