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Where to start?

This is simple post dragging Billy Santoro, that is the only time I will use his correct name.  His name for NOW ON is Billy Sanitation because Sanitation means the trash will be taken out.  And since I'm a garbage man today, is time to take out the Billy Sanitation and put it to the curb for Pickup.

Where to start with this whole Billy Sanitation thing...

Start at the beginning I guess, when I first saw Billy Sanitation I thought he was garbage but I thought his Husband was Super Hot.  So I never really paid attention to Billy, it was Seth who I had my eye on.  Before their entrance into Porn, I would watch all the workout Videos that were starring Seth and have to put up with seeing Billy who was nothing but a high pitched voice Bitch. 

Since I had a crush on Seth it bothered Me that such a hot guy would Marry a trash box like Billy. There was nothing there, he is not attractive, got a little dick and he just looks nasty.  So being an asshole I questioned their marriage, Esp when you got Billy on Twitter bragging about getting guys off craigslist to fuck his Husband raw and seed his hole.  I reached out to Billy so I can better understand how can you Whore out your Husband?  That is something you do to a Fuck buddy or some Slut you are fucking.  Sorry but If I make someone my Husband, I'm not sharing him and DAMN SURE not letting anyone fuck him raw or seed his hole.  That is MY hole, not some Random hookup to be Whored out on Craigslist.  I guess Billy didn't take too kindly to me questioning his relationship and he and Seth blocked me on Twitter.  I could careless about Billy blocking Me, who gives a fuck he is just Nasty. But I was kind of sad that Billy convinced Seth to block me as well.

Moving on....

There was all this Hype around Billy and Seth, being the first married couple on LucasEntertainment but it was ONLY hype and the Santoros got USED to Help LucasEntertainment make the conversion from Condom to Bareback.  Using a married couple helped soften the blow that Lucas Entertainment was now going bareback.  Testing the waters with a Married couple helped changed Lucas from a Condom studio to a Bareback studio, It was a good ploy to use married couples, that I have to say was smart on the studio's part.  The Santoro's being blind or just Billy being stupid they took the bait and Lucas used them as stepping stone for his site.  Of course Billy Sanitation was too stupid to see he was being used for the BIGGER PICTURE. He was a New Model all a Hungry and Thirsty Bitch for attention.  He got caught hook line and sinker like a Dumbass..

So Seth was a Lucas Exclusive and getting work, and Billy was a nasty free agent.  Not sure why Men.com made Billy Sanitation an exclusive model.  But I think the contract was only six months and then they let Billy Sanitation go.  Billy being scorned put out a Video calling Men.com messy and not liking their shitty content anyway. Also a few Tweets about their bad camera work and so on..
The biggest mess came when Billy Sanitation was backing a person like Mike Dozer and convicted Child Molester.  Billy Sanitation had Mike Dozer's back until the very end, calling him a good friend and not believing the crime was committed.  At one point Billy Sanitation blamed the Victim in the case without taking any responsibility for Backing a Child Molester.  That was the Moment Billy Sanitation added himself to Shit List by that Bullshit..
So everybody is condemning Mike Dozer for his molesting of a child, But Silly Billy just doesn't believe it. What a piece of trash! Then Billy starts trashing Hookup Apps like Jack'D making false claims..

To which he gets shut down by Jack'D itself on Twitter, Talk about a READ..!!!
He has no boundaries and is simply Trashy and a person with no character or moral compass at all.  A Troll....
But Lets move on, this Trash box is far from done being DRAGGED...
In this Post by Str8upGayporn it was confirmed that Billy Sanitation was trying to get Nica fired and have the police called to her sets.  And Billy Sanitation is trying to be an Advocate against Model abuse?  By calling local authorities and trying to get a Porn set shut down and models arrested??
Yeah Okay....
And then when the Bust happens at Rentboy.com , Billy Sanitation quickly pulls out a Apology Video for Nica
Now this was a calculated move on Billy's Sanitation part, knowing that a principle money maker is now closed. Billy has to repair all the bridges that he has burnt and quickly..
After the Fake apology Video, Billy Sanitation quickly deletes the Video as soon as he is on a IconMale porn set.  That is pure grade A asskissing at its finest, and that exposed his disgusting behavior as an AssKisser and Brown nose fuck that has no integrity and his decisions are based on financial gain.  He is not trying to help models or be some Advocate for Models, he is protecting his interests at all cost.
In 2014, Billy Sanitation made the claim on Queermennow's comment section that M.L. doesn't test its models and also made a claim that Seth Sanitation caught a STI working on Lucas Set. Oddly enough that comment that was left on Queermenow was later erased by the Editor of Queermenow cause they have an Affiliate program with Lucas Entertainment so of course the comment goes missing somehow.  But Str8upGayporn was able to get a screen capture of the comment that Billy Sanitation left which goes as follows:
Fact- Lucas didn’t pay Seth or Michael Lachlan for a fetish scene. Fact- Lucas changed his business model to BB this voiding Seth’s previous agreement. Fact- Lucas didn’t not pay Seth at the contractual time agreed upon for any scenes. Fact- proper STD testing was not conducted post bb agreement (Seth caught Chlamidia on set) Fact- Seth was sexual harassed by Lucas personally on multiple ocassional behind the scenes. Fact- employee has the right to leave a contract when unsafe work conditions are present. Fact- Lucas threatened studios but never tried to sue the model because he knows he will lose. Fact- studios are afraid of Lucas for some stupid reason. Fact- Lucas has slandered Mosel and models family to other industry participants. 
So you let your Husband work for a Studio that doesn't test its model, then cry foul when your husband comes out with a STI.  This is crazy!!
I'm still not done with Billy Sanitation, there are more stories and dirt cover but this post is already too long as it is...
The Dragging continues in another post
The Dragging of Billy Sanitation part II


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