Thursday, November 09, 2017

It's Been a Busy Year for Diversity


2017 started with my Ground Breaking scene, "Lies and Affairs" that featured its first Blk on Blk scene for

This is nothing new for me, I'm used to breaking Color barriers at this point:

First Black model to win Performer of the Year/Hottest Cock/Best Supporting Actor/Best Porn Star Blog (Grabbys)

First Black model on (Bound Gods)

First Black model on CockyBoys

First Black on Black scene on Suite703

I know I sound like a dick for listing my accomplishments...

But I don't care...

I pushed so hard for Diversity over the Years I'm tired of talking about it. This year alone I did an Interview for Instinct Magazine

Then my Appearance at the Str8upGayporn awards

Again asking for more Diversity....

So I beat this subject to the GROUND...

So it gives me pleasure seeing the explosion of Diversity in Gay porn for 2017..

Following after my Breakout scene for, I started the momentum of Diversity. Hot House puts out its first Black on Black scene, and the movement gains even more speed.

Colby Knox introduces to the audience River Wilson..

Next Door Studios, finally stops this putting Black models ONLY on Next Door Ebony crap.  Seriously I didn't understand why regulate your Models of color to only one site? I never understood why a Black model couldn't work with the regular line, and be paired with models like Markie More.  And finally Phoenix Fellington was able to make that connection and cross that Divide.  The last time they tried this was with Derek Maxum..

The first Black model I saw that was able to experiment with going over to the Flagship website was Derek Maxum back in 2015(History lesson)
But I'm glad that I see more Black models over at Next Door studios...
Moving on...
CockyBoys debuted their First Black exclusive model named Jacen Zhu, who been putting out good scenes. And then CockyBoys debuts its first ever Black on Black scene with Zacen Zhu and River Wilson..

Then the appearance of Jason Vario/Kiern Duecan over at Titan and Raging Stallion this year.

The appearance of Men of Color was VERY visible this year..


We have Helix Studios, who just debuted their first EVER Black on Black Twink scene for their site.  And I think its great..

Last month it was the debut of Marcel Tykes and his first interracial scene with Josh Brady. I'm delighted that Helix debuts Marcel Tykes BF(real) Adrian Kelley

Its great to see Young Love of a different shade, and these boys are cute adorable and very sexy.  I like how Helix captures the affection between the lovers and its showcased here Nicely..

My only drawbacks:

Man Bun
The Fade haircut not blended in

Not to throw shade, but their haircuts are Absolutely TRAGIC!!! OMG

Luckily these are Twinks, and we all know Twinks are always changing their hair color and style. And Hopefully with some tweaking these boys will find a haircut/hairstyle more fitting for their face that can showcase better their features..

I think Marcel Tykes has a great look and a hot ass..

Adrian Kelley is new to me, he has a cute face, love the shape of his eyes.  And he has nipples that are made to be sucked on.

All in all, Helix did a great job highlighting these boys and the passion between them.  I look forward to seeing more from Marcel Tykes. And waiting to see to see if Adrian Kelley puts his ass to good use..

Time will tell..

So 2017 was a good year for Diversity, I never seen as many Blk performers currently working.  Maybe things are changing...

We headed in a good direction, lets keep it up!!

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