Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Reason why Lack of Posts

Hello my friends...

I guess you can tell I haven't updated the site in a couple of days.  And the reason for that, I was in a Funk and I will explain why....

Here is Me and my New Boosted board....
Its an electric longboard and it has been my means on transportation while cruising in Manhattan. I posted a Couple of Youtubes of Me riding my Longboard through Manhattan and everything..
Check that out here....
Here is when the Boosted board arrived... Here is me skating around Manhattan..

So here is the dilemma, I registered on the waiting list for this board. Which was a 200 fee, then I of course I wanted the top of the line longboard and the extended range battery which came out to a cool $1,600. So on the waiting list for 6 months, finally got confirmation that board is in production. Wait another two weeks for them to finish production, then wait another two weeks for the board to be shipped and finally I received my board without the extended range battery.

Fast forward two months, apparently there were battery issues with the boards shipped between Sept and Nov, and of course my board was on that recall list. But I refused to send in my board because it was working properly.

Fast forward four months, now my board is having battery issues but I'm able to work with it and keep riding but for short distances. Finally the battery gave and I had to go crawling back to Boostedboard for advice.  And that advice was sending the entire board(board, charger, battery pack)back to the company. 

So currently out of $1,700 on a longboard that I don't have currently, without the extended range battery and I have nothing to show for it.

I described the waiting process for this board which was exhausting, but I didn't mention the emotional damage it caused me WAITING every single day for a confirmation letter that my board is ready.  Having to save what little money I have(LOL)and stash it away for the payment of my board.  So currently I'm so exhausted and wasted with the situation ENTIRELY....

Now what does that mean for the blog?

I'm in such a pissy mood lately I didn't think I could write a blog without it sounding mean and harsh or me lashing out at somebody for no apparent reason.  Ugh, so instead I'm pouring out my heart in a post about missing my LongBoard, and the sense of feeling used and left with nothing cause I had to return my board.

Now for the sake of REALITY, I know the board will arrive safely back at the company and they can do a check on the board and find out what the problem is.  So either I expect a refurbished board with a little wear and tear on it, or possibly a whole new board...

But I'm holding my breath on the whole new board thing, mostly likely a refurbished board or my old board back with a new battery pack.

Now I know I should be patient and wait it out, but it seems like ALL I have done is wait and wait on this board and to this day I'm still waiting on it...

Are you seeing this?? I'm obsessing over a Longboard...

And I have no shame because I paid for a product and I don't have anything to show for it.  So am sitting here not letting go the fact that my board is back at the company...

And I'm left with NOTHING....

Moving on.....

So I still owe the viewers another cooking show and that one is the Bake MacNCheese.  Which is the best one because don't we all love some MacNCheese. So I will start editing that Video soon and in the mean time, I have to keep putting content here. So expect me doing things differently and really giving you a taste of what it is like being Me(I guess). 

Retirement is not fun, and I'm still balancing on the fence if I want to do this OnlyFans thing.  OnlyFans is a media platform where people can upload sex Videos and make some money from the content they create.  So its basically model friendly and allows the model to now make his own content without having to go the route of Studio/Website work..

Now while this sounds tempting, I always get the sinking feeling that something more is coming and this is only a stepping stone to something greater.  But the porn models are running to this media and creating content...

So far the talk about OnlyFans hasn't been flattering, the biggest complaint is the low quality and bad editing for the clips.  Most of the clips are IPhone based, so they are alittle grainy and dark and of bad quality.  So the only way to Please consumers is by shooting Studio quality porn and uploading that to OnlyFans.  So far most models don't want to make the investment into creating quality porn and they rely on grainy IPhone footage.  So the question is....

Do I want to make the investment and spend the time to create my own content for Onlyfans?

Right now I don't have an answer to that, but it can done in a way that I'm comfortable with.  But give me time to sort that out.  Right now the focus is on creating content for this blog.  And branching out and doing different things. 

So basically I need to shake this Pissy mood and get back to work with myself.  Stop feeling sorry for myself and rise above the bullshit. I will get my board back, they cant hold it hostage or anything. 

Anyway I wanted to reach and have a quick talk today about what is going on with Me.

Be safe out there People!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017



Last weekend, I filmed cooking content the whole Baked MacNCheese, and Egg Plant and finally Korean BBQ with Beef and Pork..

Well this post is about the Egg Plant.  Fucking Egg Plant??

 That thing I first tried as a kid, and it didn't give me any flavor or spark my mouth. I wanted revisit it as an Adult.  Let's face it the older I get the more my tastes change and more importantly, the more my diet changes. I can't eat the same things when I was in my 20's, all that grease/salt/fat and the rest of that crap eating in my 40's, DEADLY...

That is the stuff that will cause Hyper Tension/High Blood Pressure, and cause people in my age range to become Diabetics..  Lets be real here..

With that said, I'm currently looking for things other than Beef/Chicken/Turkey/Tuna in my eating routine.  I find myself consuming entirely too much beef(steaks)and chicken. My taste buds get tired of eating the same thing over and over...

FUCK IT!! Egg Plant give a try...

And I must admit...


I'm not the biggest fan of having a Protein that is not actually Meat/Flesh or coming from an animal.  Now I know what you are saying.  You have all these Vegans running around, living healthy lives without having to consume Animal meat. Save me your lecture

In my opinion, that is cool for them However.

I like my meat, and nothing will change that. But I am open to the idea of trying new dishes and if they don't require having to use Meat and its still good.  I'm down for whatever.

But don't try to sell me on the idea of just being a Vegan and the evil of eating Meat.  Or using the dramatics like Vegans do by saying the meat is full of Hormones/chemicals(Delicious) The kind of person who gets mad at other people who wear leather jackets/leather belts. WTF??  Like we killing society and all that blah blah.

I will eat your dishes for a change up, BUT my teeth are biting into Flesh when I have the desire to.  I love a good steak, moist chicken and savory Turkey.  Don't fool me with fake meat, don't insult my intelligence by putting something on my plate and misrepresenting it.  I will take offense to you trying to serve me Soy anything, because Bodybuilding and Soy do not MIX

Well truthfully..

Its not my Protein of choice for bodybuilding, I like to stay to the proteins that enhance my muscle growth the most..

Anyway, I wanted to cook a different dish and I filmed it and posted it here


Now don't get it twisted...

Most of you probably come here looking for naked pictures and dick shots.  But this is a blog!! It will have all of that, but its about showing personality/humor and Entertainment.  Don't worry we are coming to the dick and ass pictures soon..

I have to keep it sexy as well right??

Monday, October 09, 2017

Korean Bulgogi Pork and Beef

Hello Kids, as I said before I'm adding content to my blog that is different.  I decided to go back to my roots and do more cooking segments.  As I'm getting older, I found that I'm going back to the things that interest me, Cooking is one of those things.  Who doesn't like a Home cooked meal?  And hopefully doing all these cooking segments will snag me a Husband in the process. Probably not, I'm bad at relationships but its a good skill to have, being able to cook.

Anyway, I wanted this first Cooking post to be about doing a Beef/Pork Korean BBQ, Bulgogi style with marinated meat and sticky rice(made in Rice Cooker).  I didn't think that filming making rice would be that exciting but I wanted to say how the rice was cooked.

Anyway if you want to make the same dish, here is the list of Ingredients:

• 1 lb pork tenderloin or 1 lb of Beef rib/Flank/Strip steak
• 3 cloves garlic minced
• 1 tbsp fresh ginger peeled and grated, about 1 inch piece
• 1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce
• 1 tbsp red chili flakes
• 1/2 pear grated
• 1 tbsp sesame oil
• 1 tbsp light brown sugar
• 2 green onions chopped for garnish
• 2 tbsp vegetable oil for cooking meat

Some quick instructions:

1.Prepare the pork tenderloin by cutting it into really thin slices. Place the meat in a ziploc bag. Set aside.

2.In a bowl add the garlic, ginger, soy sauce, chili flakes, pear, sesame oil and brown sugar. Whisk everything together well. Pour the marinade over the pork, close the ziploc bag and shake it around a bit to make sure that the all the pork meat is covered in the marinade. Let it marinate at room temperature for 30 minutes or refrigerate for up to 8 hours.

3.Add 1 tbsp of the vegetable oil to a large skillet and heat it over medium high heat. Add half of the meat to the skillet and arrange it so that it's in a single layer. Cook it for about 3 minutes without touching the meat, or until the meat starts to brown, almost char, then turn it and cook for another 3 minutes until it's browned on both sides. Remove from skillet to a bowl and set aside.

4.Add the remaining tbsp of vegetable oil and remaining meat along with remaining marinade. Repeat cooking the same as above.

5.Serve over cooked rice or noodles and garnish with chopped green onions.

Eat it up Yummy....

Now I ate my Korean BBQ in a Lettuce wrap with a bedding of Sticky rice. Any Lettuce will do, whatever is more your flavor(Iceberg, Romaine etc).  You can do it over a bed of just rice/pasta whatever is your flavor.

I have two more shows to edit and upload. 

This one is Korean BBQ

The next two cooking shows are on Egg Plant Parm, and Baked MacNCheese, working on those shows as we speak...

Enjoy the food people...

Now you might be wondering, "Why the Fuck is Diesel doing a Cooking show?"

 Well like I said before I'm trying more to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking.  I'm usually your Steak/Chicken/Turkey guy, and I switched it up with Eggplant and Seafood this time.  But another porn model doing a Cooking show? It has been done before over and over.  Well I'm trying to set up the Quality how Porn models do Cooking segments..

I'm getting there...

Another post coming shortly

Sunday, October 08, 2017

I'm Here Kids

What up People,

I've been quiet cause I'm filming content for the blog. So don't worry..

This time I'm making content for my cooking show, something just for the fans. I wanted to put out this fast note to say,  I'm still working to add content to this thing.  Don't go anywhere people I got more in store.

I do my MacNCheese and EggPlant and Korean BBQ with beef and pork.

I know I know..
I hate little posts like this as well. It's almost like a cheater post, when you want that post that is deep, entertaining or just dragging the hell out of people.  I will make it up to you out there.

Another post coming real quick

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Times are Crazy...

Okay, unless you been living under a rock you got to know things are fucked up!!!

I don't know where to start, with the crazy weather patterns happening right now. Shit is fucked up!! Texas/Florida and more recently Puerto Rico, this weather is FUCKED.

Texas...from Hurricane Harvey

Florida/Southern States
 Clean up
Puerto Rico Clean up
And now We have the Largest Mass Shooting in America which happened in Las Vegas
I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore, its been Drama after Drama.  Reality is getting harder to understand.  How can a Madman go on a Rampage and kill so many people without a care or worry??  It's tragic!! I hope a speedy recovery to those affected by this incident, I'm sorry..
That is all you CAN say, the whole "We are spending out Our Thoughts and Prayers" line is so played out and overused, and its not even sincere anymore. Its like the standard thing you say when you have nothing else to say.  And as far as Politicians using the "Thoughts and Prayers" its shallow and fake and not real. I'm not going to vent on the whole political system, just on that one point with the fake sympathy bullshit. And maybe....
.  It's sad that this Country has weak Gun control and no Universal Health care at its disposal.  I don't want to rant/vent about issues that are so political in nature, but every time there is a Mass shooting (Club Pulse) like this We get all PC and start talking about Gun control laws.  Then a few days pass and We go back to ignoring the problem.  Not so much ignoring it, but feeling almost powerless to do anything because the NRA has Trump in their pocket. What can you do when the current administration is funded by members of the NRA.? There is no doubt that the NRA was a Huge benefactor in Trump's campaign, and they make money off situations like this, the scare causes people to run out and arm themselves, which just makes the problem worse. Blah Blah. Let me get off the Gun control soapbox now.
  I really don't know what I'm writing about, I'm just tired of these senseless killings with Automatic weapons that have no place in our society.
Our Churches are not safe, Movie theaters are not safe, you can't go to a Music Concert without fear of being shot.  Its just very scary times we live in right now.
Racial insensitivity is at an all time high, having Latin/MiddleEastern/Asian friends they often relate stories to Me of Hate Crimes towards them and rude comments said to them from Ignorant people. Especially my Latin/Asian friends who were born in this country, just another raised level ignorance being fueled by this administration.  Sigh
 Its just been very bleak these last couple weeks.  A lot to absorb in such a little time...
Speaking of little time, all good things come to an end.  I want to shout out some Legends that passed away who impacted my life in a Profound way.
Hugh Hefner
Editor in Chief of Playboy magazine, he took the Smut business to a new level.  People can say what they want, but he was a smart businessman, an Innovator and a friend to the Gay community.  Playbook magazine pushed writers with radical ideas, and gave platforms to people with different sexual orientations to speak about their issues.  A true Legend, Icon, Pop culture Mogul...
Adam West
I was a fan of Batman as a little kid, it was campy and classic. I just remember times I would get nervous whenever Batman/Robin was tied up in every episode and you thought it was OVER! Who are they going to escape this time?  Yeah I was that corny kid watching a Black/White TV(remember those?) as a kid and just getting into the fantasy of Batman just kicking butt and saving the world.
Tom Petty
Some of my faves below:

Another Legend and Icon gone...

Its depressing....

I don't want to make this post on such a depressing note, but these are times that we live in. 

Anyway another post coming...

Hopefully one with a BRIGHTER NOTE...

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Crimes Against Nature the Reboot

Watch Me first

So I haven't formally made the announcement of restarting the blog again.  I sort of came out of Left field with guns blazing, Dragging Bitches...

Straight Dragging Bitches from the start, No introduction just saying what is in my head and going for it.  Causing scandals to say the least,  I'm getting back into writing form by just posting whatever the fuck is inside of my head. 

But let's take a step back, I think before I said what I wanted to accomplish this time round. Right?

But if not, and it got lost in Youtubes/Dragging and you are just going back years on the blog and reading old posts. I'm going to go for it, the reason why I started a blog in the first place?

I wanted to chart my journey rising through the ranks of a porn model on my way to becoming a Porn Star. Mission was achieved years ago, and I sort of lost the drive/passion for writing and ventured out into other opportunities.  Which is code for I got Burnt out, there is no other way to describe the feeling, you sit in front of a keyboard not knowing what to write. Nothing was coming and I was hitting that wall constantly, so I decided to concentrate my thoughts into Tweets instead. I was very successful..

Almost too successful...

All my ideas/concepts had to be smashed into that 140 characters thing. The perception people have of you is based on condensed ideas crammed into a 140 limit.  Very restricting after a while, so I floated around some ideas and I wanted another Venue or an added one.  I've been so focused on providing content for other blogs its time to focus on me a little, I have MY own blog. So I gave it a facelift and its back to making content for it.

I wanted to write a Mission Statement for my blog, but then I got to thinking..

Get the fuck out of Here

What can you say? I'm trying different concepts, News of the Industry/Dragging/Humor/Youtubes/ Perspectives on Life.  If I feel like I want do cooking shows/dancing videos/rapping Videos, I'm going to do it.  I really want to expand on the whole Personality concept.  But don't worry even though I'm ramming personality at you.  I will make the time to post those simple Selfies/Photoshoots and just pictures for people to see. I'm cool with you only here for the pictures..

Some people just want to come here for the pictures, so I have to find that healthy balance of Personality and Sexuality through pictures. So I'm kicking myself at knowing I have to do Photoshoots, just to keep the Visual people happy. When there are too many words on the screen and not enough pictures, people tend to get bored easily.  That is the new attention span of this generation for you. So as an Entertainer I have to accommodate, but there are some readers(Hoping/praying people do) out there, so sit back and have a good read.

Who knows? This might be a crash and burn idea to reboot the blog again.  But in the scopes of Porn blogs, I think I have a lot to contribute to this Industry in way of being a blogger. So the Reboot is in order because beside it being Self serving, I can use it in good ways.  So you really have to bear with me, Reboots are not easy and I have to keep pushing the limit with content.  Some posts you will love and others you will Hate.  But my job is only to entertain/Enlighten/Drag/Give some humor..

So We all on the same page now? Good. Now lets see how deep this rabbits hole goes....

Another post later...

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Another Youtube Black Hole

As I saying in a previous post, I go through Youtube Black Holes...

A Youtube Black Hole is when you subscribe to a new channel and then get stuck on that channel looking at previous episodes over and over.  Its sort of like binge watching Netflix, but its without the formality of an actual movie and production qualities...

Sometimes these Youtubes are basic of the basic, no special effects or fancy editing your basic Crude Youtube.  Anyway I think the last post was about Hot Ones, the food and interview show.

This one is about Screw Attack and its series called Death Battle.

Death Battle pits Anime/Comics/Film/Movie characters together and the character battle to the death.  Its that simple..

I'm posting some of my faves below:

There are many other Videos, so take your time and relax. Roll em if you got them, if not then have a glass of wine, the action is good.

Welcome to another YouTube Black Hole..