Sunday, April 09, 2006


Now we back to business now, and its good to spread ur wings I have had alot of notice from alot of companies looking to use my image and look. Thanks finally i have worked very hard so far and im glad finally im getting some notice. Well i wont give away any info yet cause i have to fly out to a couple of places soon but when i have the total update i will let ya know what is going on so for now i have added some new pics of me on the site so i hope u guys enjoy


To my fans out there... i have two things to tell ya 1. FUCK YA ASSHOLES WHO ARE HATERS AND FAKES AND JEALOUS!!!2. To the patient ones, who have supported me and asked about me and prayed for me THANK U VERY MUCH!! Well I dont know where to start but since the last blog, alot of things have changed and caused my life intense pain. This probably isnt the spot to talk but its mine so to share something personal in my life. I have been under the radar for sometime refusing to do clients and doing any shows or movies for now.. This came as a result of my Grandmothers passing. Of all the things to happen in this world i was touched and depressed for sometime cause my grandmother raised me from age 13 to18 and we talked and laughed she was a good women. Since her passing i was depressed and didnt want to focus my energy on making anything happen!! So......there u have it i was down and feeling kinda of shitty but i put back the pieces after this disaster. To those who have been patient and understanding, im with ya.
TO THE COCKSUCKER MOTHERFUCKER WHO ARE ALL ABOUT JUST GETTING UR ASS FUCKED AND USED WHEN IM DEPRESSED U GUYS MAKE ME SICK . When ur depressed about a family problem and hurting inside u dont want to fuck some asshole who wans to get off for the night no matter what he offers( and dick heads try to get me out of state for thousands when im preparing the wake and burial for my grandmother)its insane I was really pissed off. I was open and honest and told them i had a death in the family and yet they still kept talking about how they want to get fucked and used and pissed on when im like"Sorry I have a death in the family I cant make it " Thier next line is "Sorry to hear that but if u need a ass to take out ur pain on let me know" Insanity really i cant be part of that. Im venting for now but u guys kept emailing and emailing begging me to update this shit so im updating ya and venting at the same time. So whats next? my grandmother was buried and although i think of her all of the time every day....Life has to move on... She was a shining light, and God asked her back home to handle even more business. I dont dwell upon this as a sad point of my life anymore. My grandfather and grandmother created seven kids of their own in turn those seven children created 29 grandchildren and those 29 grandkids created 50 great grandchildren. We have a big family and she was well loved and worshipped as the corner stone of the family in so many ways.....I LOVE YA GRANDMOM I WILL MISS YA.........