Sunday, December 24, 2006


Well Kids, its Christmas time and I have been having fun in New York. I was with a friend of mine and he had his camera so I started taking more and more pics. And I thought it would be cool to add some private moments of me chilling and the city and of course getting some ink. What did I get??? What did I get?? Im not sharing that with ya yet. Who knows even why I got some ink???? I was dieing for a new Tat, but didnt know exactly what I wanted until I had a chance to talk to the artist. Then it came to me, and I took my pain for my art. Im not sore at all and just waiting for the tat to heal. I dont know when I will reveal it to ya mayber after the holidays I will do a Tattoo piece(I have a few of them).
Not really into a Christmas list wish thing, I got all the presents that I really wanted. My mind is set on Las Vegas(Big Time!!!!) Thats all I seem to think about nowadays. I dont know, I feel like I will be on the biggest stage of the world(not really)and I need to be ready. Im about 95 percent of my peak for this event. If it sounds like Im going into this like a battle, WELL I AM !!!!!!!

There is a New Batch of Porn Stars nowadays and they are bringing some interesting "Talents" to the table. Im such a newbie to this business, that people still ask me if I have any movies out(maybe that should worry me LOL). So this will be me breaking ground with two films out(and kicking some major ass) I notice that in person when people see me they are ususally stuck for words and thats a good thing for me. So People in Las Vegas Im coming to ur town again. But this time Im coming Bigger, Stronger and Focused. So it should lead up to a very interesting time out there. Yeah but my mind is killing me all I think of is getting there and getting there. Fuck I cant wait and Im getting pissed off that the day isnt here yet. Yeah I know I know I sound like a big kid, the kid that cant wait to show off.
Titan is showing a new game face this new year. From watching Titan over the years, they always made great movies, but thier actors/models didnt perform shows collectively. They have meet and greets and signings. Or their guys will jump on stage and handout giveaways. But to my knowledge this will be the first time that Titan performers will get on stage and perform together. Well I know the Sagat, Alex, Myself have performed on Stage before(Actual show or dancing or Performance Art) Damien will get on Stage and Sex it up. Tober Im not too sure of. I have spoken to him before but I not sure if this type of stage suits him. If U dont know who Im talking about????These are Titan Exclusive models. On the Titan Tip, they signed two new exclusives to the company. Pride tells me that these are the new guys to take my spot(after I worn out my welcome LOL)

Ahhhh I dont worry much Im enjoyng the ride and only 8 months into with Two movies out. Im so surprised that I havent talked anything about Christmas and spending time with family. Well I will go see my mother(who is doing very well)and spend some Christmas time with her. Eat and Eat nothing better than home cooked food and plenty of it esp when u have been killing the gym as hard as u can. Geez I havent even started cardio yet(LOL). From the pics I almost there. Its one thing to be big and beefy, another is to be ultra ripped. But to be Big and Ripped is fucking hard. I dont do steriods so it makes my job that much tuffer. BahBahBah. Dont I talk about anything else??? Hmmm trying to connect with people, fans, or whoever reads this. Im a Big cartoon head there I said it. Not just not any cartoons!!!! Big Fan of Tom and Jerry(who isnt)but not the talking Tom and Jerry(u know the ones I mean) the old ones. Classics. Classic Bugs Bunny, ThunderCats, Voltran, up to Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park, Teen Titans(I had to put it here)Fosters Home etc etc etc. So Pretty Much I just veg out to cartoons on my spare time.
So I guess I wrote enough today this was suppose to be short so no ending it right.
Down the Throat, Into the Lungs, Watch out Stomach here my Cum comes..............
Good Job finishing that Amazing Sucking Job Bitch.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Okay guys, Yeah I know I didnt tell ya about the Gay Erotic Expo last weekend. It slipped my mind, and sorry to the nyc fans of mine that I didnt tell ya about the personal appearance. I guess I have my reasons, nyc is my home town, I hate to make appearances in Nyc for safety, mental issues etc etc. At the event alone, people come up to ya and ask ya the strangest questions. Starting convos with "I jerk off to ur pics everyday" gets alittle old, and the perverts can take it to a new level, in those types of events. I was there to represent wear their clothing and just have some fun. Next time I will keep ya guys posted, I need to get over the performance thing in NYC(my own personal demons). But I was nice enough to provide u guys with some pics of the event and I can give a blow by blow of the action that went on.
Gay Erotic Expo Dec 16-17(past weekend) I was invited by mindfetish and modeled some gear. As u can see in the pics its more of a fetish type of clothing(I kept many pieces LOL). I did some modeling and talking to people and performers. Big Shout out to Tiger Tyson, Camron(Pitbull Productions), Rusty(, Manny Torres(Ragging Stallions), Zeb Atlas(Men Magazine who didnt want to take a pic with me I wanted to go pose for pose guess he was scared, I was ripped as hell that day and seeing him in person hes more beefy than ripped), Foxx(, Ray Starr(Lucas Entertainment) Jason Curious(, Q and his Partner(,Fredrick Ford(pornstar and musicman). Its not name dropping going on here, these are guys that I met there and was nice enough to either chat with me or hangout with me. To be honest, I didnt really care for Ben Andrews(Lucasentertainment)I was introduced to him by mutual friend. I gave him a handshake, and then he turned his back on me. After seeing that, I could have been the asshole and said some really foul shit(cameras were around, and playing the Angry Black man would have worked against me)But its okay, I dont normally trash other Pornstars in my blog. But put it this way, way too much of that gay attitude. So I guess working for Lucas makes ya think ur a star, in Nyc maybe, pull that star attitude outside of Nyc not happening. Enough about the cunt, back to Expo.
I met some really nice people(alot of weirdos too)and had a great time. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BLURRED PIC THAT I PUT ON SITE. I did a performance on stage, where I pissed into a water bottle, and then threw it into the crowd. I had my camera with me and also took pics of the people that rushed the stage. I blurred the pic cause I really dont want to put naked pics of me on this site, but i did have a camera man there to catch it on film. So I gave u guys alittle tease of me acting all nasty on stage. I even gave ya pic of me "doing double time" with Manny Torres(its Manuel I know but I call him Manny). This Blog will get alittle more personal cause Im thinking of ending it soon. After next year, I made a complete 180 from where this blog started. I just been added to Hustlaball line up as performer. To people who read this and are fans, u realize that I went to HUSTLABALL as a bodyguard and go go dancer. This Jan Im going as a Titan Exclusive, with two big budget movies under my belt and a newly created fan base. As any other Entertainment business, by close to end of year. I will create MY OWN BEST AND WORST OF 2006(should be funny, recapping this year of highest highs and lowest lows) On that note, I have another blog posting to give ya later about my NEW INK AND JUST SOME PICS RUNNING AROUND NYC.
SUCK.............aaaaah u know what im about to say. Just wet ur lips before u start

Sunday, December 10, 2006


This is sunday and Im so worn out. I have been hitting the gym and shit and my shoulders are starting to hurt(warning sign)so i took today off. So that leaves me with some time to talk now. To answer some questions yes Im still working my side job, I just didnt go pay the bill yet. I have been running around and shit(I dont pay over computer, I pay in cash and yes I have the money the office is closed on weekends) people dont let ya breathe on this online thing. I get these emails like hey "Diesel just wanted to tell ya that ur ad is off. What happened did u retire??? bah bah bah. Im here and Im fine This is the crazy time of year!!!. I dont like Christmas yes I said it. Its not that I hate the holidays, I just hate what they stand for now.(NO RELIGION TALK one of my rules) Granted I liked my toys like no other, when growing up. But at least I believed in Santa Claus until I was like 5or 6 (such Great Times) Nowadays its like the mere thought about being in NYC during the shopping rush and the out of towners, fucking makes me sick. The streets are super packed and the trains kill me. Not to bitch and moan, but any true New Yorker can tell ya 42St is not the place to be during christmas rush. But since all my business is mainly midtown area, I have to make the trek. Yeah its worth it(DAMN STR8).
Im getting off the subject, the Real reason why I need to make this post. INTENSE!!!!!!
I have been called that word lately, and YES PEOPLE I HAVE A SOFT SIDE TO ME, I WANT TO SAY A FORMAL SORRY TO THE PEOPLE I HAVE OFFENDED(you know who u are!!!)
Now in some ways, this is a good thing, in others down right wrong!!! Im intense, there I said it. Im very aggressive when it comes to things, and have an attitude like Im going after the prize without mercy. Clearly I have issues. We all do. When it comes to sexuality, Im very strong willed and My Mind Carries my Body(not the other way around). How to explain it???,Some get horny and then let their dick do the talking. For me its different, I know I have the body, dick, and the look(meaning U would think my dick is my driving force, its not). The excitement comes from the chase!!!. Quick to the point. Lately I have guys hating me cause I talk trash(and back up every word of it)about wanting to bang them out, use as trash, spit down their throat. Some really foul shit, Is It Wrong it that I was honest with Them???? MIND YA THIS IS ALL CHAT!!! I have never met the person in real life and these conversations are happening online!! Sounds crazy yes, but I have tons of people who dont like me(nothing to do with porn industry or anything that is business related) Based on online conversations.ONLY HHHHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA I think its funny as shit. I have escorts, porn stars, go go boys, massage people, coat check people(lol) hating me. I love it. Sounds alittle twisted yes, but bear with me. I will be totally honest with my fans(or whoever reads this crap). If u have a screenname, blog, chatname, etc etc, ur on the web!! people talk to ya. So when Im rude, or pissed off, and nasty online, then Im nasty, pissed off, rude online!!! Words are evil, yes they are!!! In heated Online battles, words are going to be exchanged. Now u can take the words as Ur watching two people battling it out YA MAMMA style(love that show) Or u can take the words to heart. And all u guys take it to heart, well I had time to think about it. Im 6'6 245lbs I hit hard, can take a hit to give a hit, I have stepped in the ring a few times, Took Karate for some years, military training, I have been a bouncer, Personal Sercurity, Pick up man(long story) and been in my share of fights. U have a right to be scared and Im going to kill everybody HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. No seriously, Im intense and I noticed people reacting to me kind of different lately. And INTENSE
Intense are the common words I hear ONLINE. More like "Dude Ur So Intense Relax" or whoa "That Shit was Intense". Did I mention that I was sorry LOLOLOL. So I will only say sorry for being intense. Anything else u can Suck My Dick!! Fuck ya!!! I wouldnt piss on ya, if ur ass was on fire!!! Im big, mean looking and down right scary. But why, would I fight with ya so much????? Why would we be going back and forth online????? I dont care u have a wife, or a kid, or bf, or husband, they have nothing to do with me!!! I JUST WANT UR ASS After Im done with it, go back home to the person whom u have a emotional bond with(CORNY SOUNDING SHIT I KNOW!!) I will keep telling ya to get fucked. U keep chatting with me. I say "Get Fucked!!! U put up a hot pic and I want to fuck ur ass". U get mad cause Im talking to ya online about Fucking ur Ass. U dont hit ignore button(mind ya some of them contacted me thats key here I have chatted up people before)U say respect that im in a relationship (umm who puts naked cock pics and butt pics online in their profile, when they are in relationship??? lol)and thats it bad that Im trying to fuck them when they have someone. Eat a dick, bullshit, Thats garbage talk. Then comes the N word, or comments that Im not educated, or a hooker, or even nastier shit(yes it gets worse than N word). Now the world is small, very small. And I will see these individuals face to face, some sooner than others. Now I can kill ya or I can just smack ya around or I can beat ya down or I can give ya a Big Hug which u prefer????
Everybody talks a big game online cause they believe that they will never see the person in real life. Wrong WrongWrong. SO THE WORD IS OUT DIESEL IS OUT AND ABOUT I have a few people I want to meet face to face.HaHa. Im so intense
SHIT TALKER..... check
DEMANDING ...... check
A BEAST........... check
Now after reading this, ur like hes a bit of an asshole. Ding Ding damn right. Who does he think he is???? Folks when Ur On Ur On and there is no turn off switch when the camera and press are around. Is Diesel Washington a Prick? NOOOOO!!!! He fucks with a huge prick though, in and out in and out(hahahaa). I have said before, Diesel is his own person. Diesel is on stage, Online Im Diesel, Clubs Im Diesel, Events Diesel. Although my friends call me one name, and my mother calls me by another name. My slaves call me Sir. And at work they call by my title. So right now, u know me as Diesel, hate me, dont like me, I could give a shit. When u know me by another name then U might get a different reaction. But for now, suck my dick really. Cause u just know me as a Stage Name and Screenname. Show me some Love and I will show ya some Love back. Come at me with hate, u get it right back at ya but alot harder, alot meaner. Hmmm I started to write this as a Sorry note but reading it over, I dont have much to say sorry about. SORRY U CANT HANDLE THE CHASE CAUSE IM TOO INTENSE FOR YA.!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Hello to all the new fuckers in outerspace. Hello there how are ya??? Thats good thats good, Whats up with me???? NOT A DAMN THING!!!LOL I want to start out by saying this picture is for all the haters, stalkers and people that are nuts!!! I thought I would start off by saying a big fuck ya!!! Now down to business, I plan to do some appearances in New York at some locations. But I havent ironed out some of the details as of yet. Its weird, if u guys havent noticed most of the appearances that porn stars make is at clubs, bars, and special events. I have one rule of thumb, I dont dance on little boxes(I danced on some boxes for very short period)and have no plans on doing that at this point.(FUTURE FUTURE)Probably makes me sound like Im too good to dance on boxes. That is not the case at all, Figure Im 6'6 245lbs size 15 shoe, me standing on that box is a balancing act, I wouldnt be able to move or dance, without thinking Im gonna fall off the box. And that is the only reason besides, I just dont want to do it now(LOL). Stages!!, now that is another ball park I love the stage, plenty of room, I can move around and a big guy loves some room.MORE ON APPEARANCES LATER.
Oh Oh the posting body body, I really have killed myself lately and I thought It was a good idea to start a before and after shot. These are pics taken before my heavy training begins for Las Vegas. Yeah its decent now. Arms are getting there and the stomach can be tighter and the shoulders can widen a bit. Yeah it sucks, Im not a gym rat at all or some chelsea steriod queen, or gym bunny. I take out my pain and emotion in the weights(no seriously) This was a tough year for me alot of highs and some major lows.(NO THIS ISNT THE LAST BLOG OF THE YEAR) So when u see me happy with my life and the way Im living it. I will probably be a fat slob(think about it). Im unhappy with life, my life and everything in general. Im only human, the world could be perfect!!And I would still look for the flaw!! "This is too perfect, no crime, no sin, nothing!" BORING BORING BORING Bad shit happens in this world for a Reason!!!. U can either crawl under a bed and hide and be the coward u are. Or u can fight back!!! Dust urself off, Stand up And go right back at it!! Preachy Preachy(is this a word???)Okay Ranting Ranting about nothing now. I guess, what Im trying to say is that Im attacking Life right now. I made changes to diet, mental state, and my well being. Im pushing myself to be more approachable but this is a hard thing. Who to talk to and who not to talk to??? I could play the asshole and have the ugly look face on(I call it the look of death) or I can be nice. For me again I will say it, the way u approach me will determine the reaction u will get. For Fans of my work, 1. Remember my Name 2. Introduce urself first before even going into anything else(It breaks the ice that I at least know ur name since u already seen me naked and watched my work).3. If u have nothing to say at least give me a headnod(sounds strange but its even stranger when someone stares at ya, follows ya and doesnt have anything to say so this is easier)4. I dont pull out my penis for nobody in public 5. When I dont have a shirt on, I dont mind being touched above the waist, for a short period of time, as long as ur hands are warm/clean, and no pulling, biting, twisting my nipples(I WILL BE HONEST HERE MY NIPPLES HAVE NO FEELING AT ALL!!)anything below waist(U MIGHT GET PUNCHED IN FACE OR SLAMMED)not a good idea.
Oh here is an interesting topic that I wanted to touch: Most of u people out there that read this thing always ask " What about Religion???" " What are ya Views on Politics" "Are ya Spiritual ??" PEOPLE PEOPLE Who the fuck cares!!!!!! This is a limited space of mine where I dont need to talk about anything that I dont want to talk about. Okay Okay, truth beknown these are all very private subjects that I dont see the need for them to be brought to this stage. U guys just came here to hear some interesting news, jerk off to whatever pics I put up. And either read it and laugh or just take it in stride and be like "DAMN HOMEY DO UR THING". No Lie, but this blog gets harder and harder to write cause Im repeating myself. But to u guys that read this all the time, Sorry people but I get new readers weekly and they dont bother to look through previous posts. While its annoying, I have to be fair(I wouldnt want to go through each post and read and read, Im beening honest)so I have to reintroduce myself everytime. Changing the pace now. I wanted to add some funny things in this blog so lets start here.

We all have done it at one point, either u have met someone online for lunch, or a meeting, or sealing the deal(fucking). Guy or Girl, either u have tried online dating, or service or just talked to in a chat room. We all in one way or another met someone online. Bah Bah Bah The sex junkies are reading this and saying"LETS GET TO IT ALREADY!!! I WANT TO KNOW MYSELF!!" Simple rules, I WISH EVERYBODY WOULD FOLLOW.

ONLINE HOOKUP ETIQUETTE: Simple rules for the 'HOOKUP"(my opinion)
1. Have a Current pic, now this annoys me, everybody uses their best shots of themselves. Thats not the problem, but why are the pics 3years old???? They dont have the same hairstyle, waistline, complexion, body parts bah bah bah. Fucking annoying its 2006(soon 2007) u dont have to own a digital camera I will give ya that one. But everybody knows a person that has a camera, or webcam or even taking ur hard film and changing it to digital at every Walmart, Riteaid, D&R. Kinkos, I can go on and on. Everything is online nowadays u just have to move into gear get it done.
2.Be UpFront, I think this so easy but I dont understand why some people lie and lie for no reason when its just sex or a meeting??? If ur going to ur hookup's house I think its a good idea that the person let ya know that they have roomates(and Vice versa) U expect to walk in, throw the guy on the floor and choke him with ur dick. But when u walk through the door, the guys has 3 female roomates, all infront of Tv, drinking soda and eating popcorn watching a movie. And he wants to walk ya by his roomates and go into his room(the bathroom is three doors down from his room, and u have to walk past the living room which is where the tv is to get to bathroom!!) Not a good look. Or ur at the hookup's house and the roomates walk in right in the middle of the action. Worse case is finishing ur business with the hookup and their parents come home. Why cant ya be upfront and say"My roomates/parents are gone and I dont know when they will be back "at least??? Yeah I know what about boyfriends/husbands/wives they should have been upfront about that as well. But this case is funny to me, all the times when a bf or husband walked in on "us" I always stayed calm cause I knew nobody was touching me(brave thinking yes), although when I see them running for a stash spot in the house I quickly make an exit. This is being upfront on lodging only.
3. Be Creative(meetings only) If u are planning to meet in a public spot, at least make it easy to get to. No small hole in the wall places that only the super spy can find. Eating spots are nice and comfortable and allows ya to talk and really get to know each other.
4. Be Realistic Ur online talking to some guy, and they are like yeah u can cum in my mouth and ass, shove a warning cone in my hole, and they want to be fisted and pissed on and have 10 huge black men hold them down and take turns on thier hole, and then he wants to be kept like a slave. Chances are he is a pussy in real life and talks a big game. All these elaborate scenarios, as soon as I stick my dick in they cant take it?? Now is it my fault??? That they made all these claims and cant back a word of it. If I say"IM GOING TO FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA YA!!" Chances are when I pull out, there is going to be some shit on the condom thats the way I live. I dont know how anybody else carries themself, but I mean every word I say. So know ur limits.
5. Be a Host Is it only me??? Or is this simple? If u have guests over, dont u offer things to drink or eat(Yeah paranoids u dont want to eat anything cause it might be laced with something but ur willing to have sex with some stranger LOL)I think its rude not to offer at least! If ur over at some guys house fucking and fucking at least they can offer ya some water(Instead of commanding them to) u can get dehydrated after a while. And no I shouldnt have to ask for water its not my house(I dont know where the glasses are LOL) At the very least, u can be a good host and have a clean shit towel(u know that towel u use to clean off ur dick and wipe the cum off) next to the bed. Bad taste to hand someone a towel that is hard and crusty(yuck) and has a odor to it.
6. Be UpFront(Looks) Tricky subject here folks whoa. I talked about having old pics... but we are talking about looks this time. Dont send me ur model shot if u dont look like anything in ur pic(okay model pics are always tricky)but Im talkng about u dont have that body anymore and gained 40lbs of fat since. Ur fuckng lying to urself and need help. I can talk and talk about looks but I only want to touch on a few things. If ur clean shaven and smooth in ur pics and in reality u have grown a beard and chest hair and back hair since then. U really need to be upfront. If u have a hot face/body and great ass and dont have any pics of ya smiling. Cause u know u have yuck mouth(missing teeth, discolored(badly), or looks like someone put a firecracker in ur mouth). U have two choices, either keep ur mouth shut the whole time and get fucked only(cause I aint putting my dick in ur mouth or kissing ya) or be upfront!!Some cases are more extreme then others. Women are alot harder to deal with. They can have a pretty face, great body, and hot ass and when they get naked, seem to forget when they gave birth it was by C section(minor to some, major to others) Its just being upfront is all, all these problems can be handled very easy being upfront. "Hey those model pics are kinda old I put on some wieght since then but Im still cute" "Hey I forgot to tell ya I havent shaved in a while so I have some hair on my body now" "I dont like to smile alot cause Im having my teeth worked on so until I have the perfect smile I wont be smiling in too many pics LOL" And for the woman with the C section she doesnt have to say anything online. All she has to do is say she prefers the lights off when she "Makes Love" LOL
7. Be Clear this is very general so I will explain. Cleary state what u can do sexually and what u can not do. Surprises at bed can be fun, and they can be a nightmares as well. Stranger sex is fun cause its the unknown and u have feel each other out. But clearly discuss online what ur limits are in bed and it helps the stranger to at least have something to go by when engaging in sex with ya. Clearly state what ur looking for, a long hard deep wet fuck or a Quickie. Bad taste to say looking for a long fuck and u cum within in 10mins of play(either party)not a good thing. Size is always something to be clear about. U may ask what about size??? Lets be real, when i say Im 9+inches I mean Im nine plus inches. Penis size will always be lied about, its just natural part of the game but at least stay with 1 -1 1/2 inches of true size if u have to lie(Im not too concerned about penis size cause I love fucking, but that was for all ya bottoms out there) For the Tops, we know all the bottoms in world think they have the best ass of all but we know better. Dont say u can take 13inches and when a 10in is fucking ya ur crying or running around scared to take it. Clearly state ur limits.
8. Partying or PNP(Im only 420 friendly) Im not opposed to partiers....... but its good to know beforehand that ur partying. Some sexual encounters are ruined by excessive partying, the focus should be more on the sex rather then the drugs. Lets be real, Im not supporting someone elses habit so if u got it then use it(if it helps ya get fucked longer Im all for it)if u start getting sketchy, paranoid, or just a lost cause, thats a messy situation I will have no part of. In all respect, being around partiers, is kind of boring. I dont know the turnon of getting high and higher and nobody cums(cause they cant, they cant even get hard)and messing around stopping for drugs breaks for hours on end. Stop and Go Stop and Go.My notion of a PNP session is some guys sitting around getting high and messing around for hours maybe even days, not getting off, and getting drugged up and fucked up and just trashing their body and mind till the body shuts down and u dont have any control over ur own body. Funny case, my friend tells me how he PNP, he takes E, K, G to get high and tweaked out, then needs to take viagra to get hard. After PNP session he needs 420 to calm down. And then muscle relaxers/sleeping pills to be able to sleep. At the same time he takes steriods, drinks coffee, and smokes cigarettes. Amazingly enough I dont know why he does this to his body, all the drugs is going to kill him. But Im ranting now, its his life.
9.Ur Name This might sound weird, but people a hookup is a hookup. Its animal sex at its best so dont expect people to remember ur name from a hookup. Introductions are quick and usually hooking up is done without the strings of remembering someones name. So I wouldnt get offended if the person u hooked up with doesnt remember ur name. Lets be grown up here, the sex/interaction was hot, I think they will remember ur body and cock more than remember ur name. If Im out of line, by saying remembering someones name is not that important sue me. Everyday people are hookin up without knowing the persons name its just part of the game. To me its a added plus when someone remembers ur name. Fake names Nicknames and just plain lieing come to expect that just the way the hook up game is played.
10. The Awkward Departure This is the most difficult part of the hook up, when the action or deed is done. What is the best course of action when it comes to leaving??? Depending on the person, I have fucked a guy or girl and as soon as I came on them, without a pause I stood up ran to bathroom cleaned up and made a quick exit. I want to make a rule and have at least a 1-2min rest period after the nut has been busted. Running to bathroom afterwards, may seem cold, cruel and shows that the the only connection between u and that person was a sexual one. This may vary depending on the chemistry between the people. U might end up sleeping over, cuddling, or just hanging out.
Now this list may be off alittle/lot or dead on. But the important things, to remember about hookingup. Play safe(god knows how many people this person fucked or got fucked by). Hooking up is exactly what it is hooking up. Dont expect to marry the person or settle down with the person. Hooking up is basically no strings fun, without the hassle of calling each other like lovers. Having to go through the emotions of having a relationship when u want to be free and enjoy life. Hooking up is not for everybody, some people want that emotional connection with a lover. Call it what u want, some people say hooking up is wrong, Some dont do at all and prefer to hang out at bars or clubs picking up people. The Online hookup is just what it is just a hookup. In closing, the bottomline is u two are strangers and met online. Dont have expectations when u both know it was a hookup. Geez this was a long blog I wanted to come up with something interesting in this blog. So SUCK ON THAT U DIRTY BITCH