Sunday, December 10, 2006


This is sunday and Im so worn out. I have been hitting the gym and shit and my shoulders are starting to hurt(warning sign)so i took today off. So that leaves me with some time to talk now. To answer some questions yes Im still working my side job, I just didnt go pay the bill yet. I have been running around and shit(I dont pay over computer, I pay in cash and yes I have the money the office is closed on weekends) people dont let ya breathe on this online thing. I get these emails like hey "Diesel just wanted to tell ya that ur ad is off. What happened did u retire??? bah bah bah. Im here and Im fine This is the crazy time of year!!!. I dont like Christmas yes I said it. Its not that I hate the holidays, I just hate what they stand for now.(NO RELIGION TALK one of my rules) Granted I liked my toys like no other, when growing up. But at least I believed in Santa Claus until I was like 5or 6 (such Great Times) Nowadays its like the mere thought about being in NYC during the shopping rush and the out of towners, fucking makes me sick. The streets are super packed and the trains kill me. Not to bitch and moan, but any true New Yorker can tell ya 42St is not the place to be during christmas rush. But since all my business is mainly midtown area, I have to make the trek. Yeah its worth it(DAMN STR8).
Im getting off the subject, the Real reason why I need to make this post. INTENSE!!!!!!
I have been called that word lately, and YES PEOPLE I HAVE A SOFT SIDE TO ME, I WANT TO SAY A FORMAL SORRY TO THE PEOPLE I HAVE OFFENDED(you know who u are!!!)
Now in some ways, this is a good thing, in others down right wrong!!! Im intense, there I said it. Im very aggressive when it comes to things, and have an attitude like Im going after the prize without mercy. Clearly I have issues. We all do. When it comes to sexuality, Im very strong willed and My Mind Carries my Body(not the other way around). How to explain it???,Some get horny and then let their dick do the talking. For me its different, I know I have the body, dick, and the look(meaning U would think my dick is my driving force, its not). The excitement comes from the chase!!!. Quick to the point. Lately I have guys hating me cause I talk trash(and back up every word of it)about wanting to bang them out, use as trash, spit down their throat. Some really foul shit, Is It Wrong it that I was honest with Them???? MIND YA THIS IS ALL CHAT!!! I have never met the person in real life and these conversations are happening online!! Sounds crazy yes, but I have tons of people who dont like me(nothing to do with porn industry or anything that is business related) Based on online conversations.ONLY HHHHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA I think its funny as shit. I have escorts, porn stars, go go boys, massage people, coat check people(lol) hating me. I love it. Sounds alittle twisted yes, but bear with me. I will be totally honest with my fans(or whoever reads this crap). If u have a screenname, blog, chatname, etc etc, ur on the web!! people talk to ya. So when Im rude, or pissed off, and nasty online, then Im nasty, pissed off, rude online!!! Words are evil, yes they are!!! In heated Online battles, words are going to be exchanged. Now u can take the words as Ur watching two people battling it out YA MAMMA style(love that show) Or u can take the words to heart. And all u guys take it to heart, well I had time to think about it. Im 6'6 245lbs I hit hard, can take a hit to give a hit, I have stepped in the ring a few times, Took Karate for some years, military training, I have been a bouncer, Personal Sercurity, Pick up man(long story) and been in my share of fights. U have a right to be scared and Im going to kill everybody HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. No seriously, Im intense and I noticed people reacting to me kind of different lately. And INTENSE
Intense are the common words I hear ONLINE. More like "Dude Ur So Intense Relax" or whoa "That Shit was Intense". Did I mention that I was sorry LOLOLOL. So I will only say sorry for being intense. Anything else u can Suck My Dick!! Fuck ya!!! I wouldnt piss on ya, if ur ass was on fire!!! Im big, mean looking and down right scary. But why, would I fight with ya so much????? Why would we be going back and forth online????? I dont care u have a wife, or a kid, or bf, or husband, they have nothing to do with me!!! I JUST WANT UR ASS After Im done with it, go back home to the person whom u have a emotional bond with(CORNY SOUNDING SHIT I KNOW!!) I will keep telling ya to get fucked. U keep chatting with me. I say "Get Fucked!!! U put up a hot pic and I want to fuck ur ass". U get mad cause Im talking to ya online about Fucking ur Ass. U dont hit ignore button(mind ya some of them contacted me thats key here I have chatted up people before)U say respect that im in a relationship (umm who puts naked cock pics and butt pics online in their profile, when they are in relationship??? lol)and thats it bad that Im trying to fuck them when they have someone. Eat a dick, bullshit, Thats garbage talk. Then comes the N word, or comments that Im not educated, or a hooker, or even nastier shit(yes it gets worse than N word). Now the world is small, very small. And I will see these individuals face to face, some sooner than others. Now I can kill ya or I can just smack ya around or I can beat ya down or I can give ya a Big Hug which u prefer????
Everybody talks a big game online cause they believe that they will never see the person in real life. Wrong WrongWrong. SO THE WORD IS OUT DIESEL IS OUT AND ABOUT I have a few people I want to meet face to face.HaHa. Im so intense
SHIT TALKER..... check
DEMANDING ...... check
A BEAST........... check
Now after reading this, ur like hes a bit of an asshole. Ding Ding damn right. Who does he think he is???? Folks when Ur On Ur On and there is no turn off switch when the camera and press are around. Is Diesel Washington a Prick? NOOOOO!!!! He fucks with a huge prick though, in and out in and out(hahahaa). I have said before, Diesel is his own person. Diesel is on stage, Online Im Diesel, Clubs Im Diesel, Events Diesel. Although my friends call me one name, and my mother calls me by another name. My slaves call me Sir. And at work they call by my title. So right now, u know me as Diesel, hate me, dont like me, I could give a shit. When u know me by another name then U might get a different reaction. But for now, suck my dick really. Cause u just know me as a Stage Name and Screenname. Show me some Love and I will show ya some Love back. Come at me with hate, u get it right back at ya but alot harder, alot meaner. Hmmm I started to write this as a Sorry note but reading it over, I dont have much to say sorry about. SORRY U CANT HANDLE THE CHASE CAUSE IM TOO INTENSE FOR YA.!!!

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