Thursday, September 28, 2006


Brendan Davies(my costar) and Me

Damien Cross and Diesel Washington call us the Two Stars of Hitch

Darius Falke and Me
Francois Sagat and Me
Patrick O' Connor and Me
Tober Brandt and Me
Derek Da Silva and Me
Alex Baresi and Me (my co star)

Well Well KIds,
] I wanted to let ya know about the trip and everything that is going on. First off Hitch my debut movie is online for viewing at I think this a really great movie and its a good debut for me. Now after that plug, its time to plug Folsom Filth. Without a doubt, this is my finest movie to date. All u pigs that were hungry to see me as I am, A BLACK MUSCLE GOD this is the movie for ya. I fuck, spit, talk shit, fist, water sports, and dominate the models that I was working with Alex Baresi(Titan Exclusive) Lee Hayford. Paired with Stud Top Brendan Davies, okay I sound selfish talking only about my scene in the movie(which is so fucking hot) Back to Folsom Filth, not to give the story away. Brief description: Deep within the bowels of the Folsom Street underworld, abductees earning their place in the Master's Lair are whipped, pissed on, toyed with and tortured in ways you've never seen nor imagined. That itself explains the movie to the core. I really cant say any more. I highly respect the film and to tell ya about it doesnt give it justice at all. Its a must see movie. Im glad Titan gave me the opportunity to shine, for that I owe them a big thanks. The cast includes Alex Baresi, Brendan Davies, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Derek Da Silva, Diesel Washington, Francois Sagat, Joe G., Lee Hayford, Patrick O'Connor, RJ, Steve Trevor, Tober Brandt, Vin Nolan I think this film will stand the test of time and go down in history of Leather fetish play as one if not thee best ever made or produced. U maybe saying bold words and Im full of shit. Fuck u guys(girls) this movie has my stamp on it, I was there, I was the one filmed and I know my scene and the others in this movie. The entire cast, put their heart and soul into this movie. We bled for ya, got beat up for ya, and pushed our limits as far as they can go(in that moment of time) To those, who dont know me and tired of all the claims I made that I was this Power Top, This is ur chance to rub it in my face. Go to download the movie(its not free) but I swear to ya. This movie never looked so good, And this movie is Diesel Washington in his prime, doing what he does best. If ur looking for hardcore action pics here ya go cause they have already been released Suck on that Bitch

Thursday, September 21, 2006


What up?
This is the last time that I will be able to write something for a while. I will be in San Fran, acting a crazy fool, and just soaking up the attention at the Events. THIS IS FOR MY FIRST TIME VIEWERS IN SAN !!! Im coming to ur town to kick ur ass!! All the other times I have been in San I went out for a drink and then had work the next morning. This time around, I have scheduled appointments for Titan that I will be appearing at. and then I will be at
For all my homies that read my blog weekly I will finally release some Pics of Hitch. I thought this Banner was hot
I really like some of the pics that they took of me(thanks to Teddy Bear) this one is hot Okay so I gave ya a sneak peak at stuff. Hitch wont be released until Late Oct so check out for that, And I guess thats it. Short and sweet. Now I have a plan to catch, Maybe I will grab some bitch throw them in the little stall on the plane to cali. And yeah U guessed it IM GOING TO MAKE THEM SUCK ON IT!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Where to start so many things going on lately. Folsom Filth is picking up speed left and right and u guys really need to check out this one. Now I hate when a fucking guy goes on and on about a movie and the shit really sucks!! But.. I have to be real this time and say this film will shock the shit out of the whole community!!!!! I like darker films and I can see the influences from real life and movies like Silence of the Lambs, 8mm, Beastmaster, American Psycho, Hellraiser. We were styled by the guys at so the gear was real right down to the spikes on my wrist(read down and u will see what im talking about)
I know I put in a great performance but so did the rest of the cast whom I havent seen. This is it guys(girls) I excited!! Im ready for war and will be ready to beat the shit out of the boys down there. Okay check out its crazy man!! The production and the hype is fucking crazy. Folsom Filth has been covered by many sites. If u dont know what the hell Im talking about. And this is ur first time reading this blog. Its a Very Very Dark Leather Movie. Check out more coverage on The Page is hardcore but there is a very good pic of me there For Those Dieing for a Closeup check me out. PAUSE for a moment of Silence.........
If u really read my blog then u know I went from a footnote at Hustlaball(I had my shine) To this New Product of Diesel Washington. But Lets go back in time(just for a second):
MY NAME USED TO BE GIANT. Giant was more street edged. I ran with a few circles. And made alot of money doing so. I was like 6'6 220 lean and ripped, never focused on Porn(although Im a big fan of porn). I chose Giant cause it was easy a no brainer type of name. Simple and easy to remember. Sexuality is a crazy thing sometimes. As a rule of thumb, Money is really important to me. Lets be real, sex at this point of my life is easy. I dont have the hangups I did about sexuality. Nowadays if ur hot then ur hot no matter gay or striaght or bisexual. Porn has become mainstream. it has its faults, but its a business. Back to Giant(I talk like hes some sort of a character, which he was) Giant didnt care, had anger issues, wasnt a nice guy to be around. He lived very secure(spoiled) had the car, apartment, job, relationship and things were good. As all stories goes there has to be hard point in ur life which u use and grow from it. Bottomline, I lost everything......... NO SOB STORIES HERE!!!!(the moods picks up) I went back to schoool got my degree(at same time Giant was created for the sole purpose of making money) Then came Diesel Washington,(Me)I was toying with the idea of doing porn. Why Porn???(U assholes have to go back to when I started this blog)Diesel differs from Giant in many ways, sexuality, availability, exposure and just drive. So I will get deep for 1sec. My grandmothers passing was a heavy blow for me. She held the family together, with her passing, things changed. To get a better insight she passed away three weeks before doing my first Porno ever with Titan. To me... she was the only thing that kept my family(on my fathers side)together. I grew up with this family, and now........
I LOVE MY MOTHER, at this point of my life. All I care about is my mother and myself. Im in no relationships, not married, not sick, healthy and strong. Im at the biggest size in my life and embarking on this adventure. Im happy, getting attention, and enjoying it cause it wont last forever. So to others in this business HELLO NICE TO MEET YA!!!! MY NAME IS DIESEL WASHINGTON AND IM GOING TO KICK(FUCK, FIST) UR ASS!!!!
Suck on it!!! till it coats ur stomach!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Okay lets go more in depth now. The verdict is in!!! And so far it looks promising everybody says it was hot!!. Saying its a good debut, and look forward to seeing some more from me. Let me put up the link to Box Cover
Now the buzz is going around about the film and saying that Titan did a good job on the movie. Breaking the news is and they give a blow by blow account of the movie.

Fan email has been postive and thank u guys for all ur support. Now as u guys all know I write this blog as a tool, so u guys can see somethings through my eyes. But pricks!!!! This is my blog I can write about anything I want Geez, U guys send me some amazing emails, studying my blogs and came up with character traits U guys think I have. Thats the mystery fellas,!! there is so much to learn about me which I will share soon enough. But let me get this off my chest first of all!!! Cumsuckers I dont bitch!!! I use this Blog to vent. Vent everything that Im feeling(certain things I cant reveal) I just put it on my little space online(thats very public). Now I could just sit here and go on and on about this project and that project(which I will)but I like to put in some humor every once and a while. Well business is business.
I dig around online all the time and u find out some interesting stuff. Surfing around I see my costars profile online this is Damien's myspace profile. And I see the box cover for Folsom Filth,
Well well Folks looks like I got on the Box cover of that movie as well(I SWEAR THIS WAS NEWS TO ME!!) I guess the pics were leaked out to Damien cause he just got back from Czech Republic he was filming another Titan movie filmed by Bruce Cam called Breathless. The Cover looks amazing and Im glad that Im a part of that Movie. Leather themed movies seems very fitting on me(although I hope I dont get typecasted for only those type roles). Cop Shack was another movie that I did(wearing a cop uniform I know my fans will enjoy that)that showcases my skills as well. Things are moving faster nowadays, but again my hunger is getting the best of me. I have filmed three movies and all the energy is bulding. Maybe Im selfish but I have so many ideas that I want to try for the next movie and the next movie.
DieselWashington is a 6'6 245lbs 10in cut Dominate Aggressive Top into Fisting, Kink, Hard plowing. But where do I fit in this industry????. At first I thought alot of people are open to seeing a Man of Color, standing tall, fucking ass and taking no prisoners. And they are!!!! But.....the wheels are moving slow in Porn. I see the change happening and maybe Im pushing the issue and will be the first to put in a Shock wave to the industry. Titan took a chance on me, they only saw pics of me online. They didnt know how I performed, what I would look like in person etc etc etc. And I went from a unknown prospect to a Exclusive Model for a great company. They have been pushing me in advertising, and even put me on their site. All this started in April working with Titan and its happening so fast(yeah I have said this process is long in the past but it seems to be moving faster nowadays). Whats my next challenge???HINT HINT to the Big Bosses at Titan......Lets see if Diesel Washington can Get His Hands even Dirtier for the future.
Folsom Street Fair!! This is my coming out party and I will see first hand the amount of coverage and fanfair that happens. This is all so new to me but strangely enough it feels just right. Now all u Bitches, Cum Sluts, SubPigs, and all the rest of ya. 1.......2.........3 Drop Down on ur knees!! Open Wide!! Close ur Eyes Wet Ur Lips ......................
................And Suck on it u Dirty Whore.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Its offical the Movie 'HITCH' is released online viewing at
Yeah I know I like self promoting. If people are going to take ya seriously in this business u need to put urself out there and give the people what they want(to a degree!!) Now where to start??? I guess lets talk about the movie:
HITCH is like a short film about the travels of rail riders(dirt sounding huh?). Difters and travelers. Just image ur hitching ur way through Europe or up to Cali. U have stories and wild goings on at each port of entry(Ihave tons of them jokes I mean lol). I watched it like 20times and Titan put together a tight movie. The movie is starring Damien Cross, Jake Deckard,Brett Mathews, Tomas Eszterhazy, Sergio Anthony, Nick Horn, Jessie Balboa, Dean Tucker and myself. The real stars are Damien Cross and Jake Deckard. I think they had great scenes, the shower scenes, one on ones, and a hot three way and a equally hot SUV Fuck really stands out. Now im a perfectionist when it comes to my performance. And watchin myself for the first time, I was good but not great. My costars were great to work with. I myself was not impressed by my performance. Who do I blame it on???? I take my performances serious. I need to Focus more on my face expressions etc etc. Well all I can say this was my First movie, First time on a set, First location shoot, First time meeting my costars, My First time ever in San Fran. Did give I good performance??? Damn Right!!! Could I have been better??? Most Def!!! Double edged sword. My body was tight and ripped and the chemistry on the set was fun. And I enjoyed my costars Nick Horn, Jessie Balboa we had fun. Just mad, that I was still feeling out the camera angles and body language. Love to hear what u guys think about the movie hit me up at NOTE: I HAVE TO PUT THIS DISCLAMIER!!!! HITCH IS A GOOD MOVIE, My character owns a farm and comes out to seeing his co worker getting a blowjob from a handsome stranger which leads to three way(u can image the rest or buy the dvd or view online at Titan) This is not a Leather Fetish scene. Speaking of Leather, I will be in San Fran for Folsom Fair 2006 debuting my Leather Movie Folsom Filth.

FOLSOM FILTH will hands down be the Best Leather Movie of the Year. Possible of all time. I worked very hard on this project. This Movie is DIESELWASHINGTON unleashed to my fans as I really am. HARD CORE !! Im my scenes Im aggressive nasty foul talking and a Beast. Thanks again for the guys at Titan for letting me work with them. Thanks to for Titan putting me on their TitanMen page, all the advertising and the opportunity to shine.
Now back to u bitches, I have been having fun lately and going out. Some of u guys have sent me emails seeiing me out and about thanks for the love. And fuck u to some of the guys that have nothing better to do but stare and stare and have nothing to say. And to the assholes that follow, stalk me, next time I see ya. Im going to kick ur ass!!! I blog and blog about this all the time. The proper way to approach me as a fan. 1. Know my Stage Name(dont tell me u saw me online)2. Introduce urself 3. Do not touch cock or grab at it 4. Do not punch or grab at my arms 5. Im glad u like my work but I do not need to hear in detail(how u wished that instead of the model i was working with, it was you instead blah blah blah)6. Im 420 friendly only!!!!All u partiers thats tweaking, carrying on, slurring ur words, drunk I will greet ya and keep it moving rather quickly(cause i cant understand a word ur saying). Follow these rules and its cool, I wont bite off ur head, but I wont welcome ya with open arms esp when I dont know ya. Now Im Tired of this shit. U know the phrase: Suck on that!!! Get Fucked by that!! And Take that Shit!!